Chapter 19

Something was wrong. Brooke could feel it inside her. A gnawing feeling grew in her stomach after each minute. She stood watching the clock, just hoping that it was wrong. They should have been back by now. She went into the living room to check the clock in there, hoping that the clock in the kitchen was running fast. The clock in the living room displayed the same time. Brooke began pacing with wild scenarios running through her mind. The kids, hurt in a ditch somewhere, lost at the zoo, being held against their will. Each scenario made her want to vomit.

As to the court appointed order Lisa got to take Francis every other Saturday for supervised visits. Jason didn't usually go with them but wanted to because this Saturday they were going to the zoo. But now it was well past the time they were supposed to be home and Brooke began to worry. She picked up the phone to try calling Lisa again to see where they were. She hung up frustrated when she got no answer. Not knowing what else to do she called Haley.


"Hales, they're not home yet. They were supposed to be back 45 minutes ago. I've tried calling and have gotten no answer. I'm worried. Haley what am I supposed to do?" Haley could hear the panic in her friend's voice. She wasn't quite sure what she was talking about but knew she had to calm her down.

"Brooke, slow down. Who is not back yet?"

"Lisa with the kids." When Haley heard this a sinking feeling grew in her stomach as well. She had never met Lisa but had never heard good things about her. Haley could not understand Brooke's panic.

"Alright, get off the phone with me and call the social worker. If they don't know anything call Lucas and then your lawyer."

"I can't call Luke. It's their first playoff game tonight and he needs to be focused." Haley could not believe what her friend was saying.

"Brooke! I think his kids are a little more important to him than a stupid basketball game."

"Yeah, well you tell that to his coach. I'm going to call the social worker now and see what's going on." Brooke hung up the phone and began ransacking the kitchen looking for the number of the social worker who was assigned to supervise Lisa's visit.

"Hello, Mark Evans."

"Mr. Evans? Hi this is Brooke Scott. My stepchildren went with Lisa Sawyer today on a supervised visit with you and they have not yet returned. I would like to know where they are." Mr. Evans stomach dropped. Lisa had been making such good progress. He could see nothing wrong with letting her have the daughter to herself. So when she asked if she could take Francis unsupervised today he had obliged. He was overloaded with work and a free afternoon would give him a chance to catch up. "Hello, Mr. Evans. Do you know where my children are?"

Mr. Evans mouth was dry and he had trouble answering. "I let her take the child alone today." He quietly answered. Brooke's blood began to boil when she heard this.

"Excuse me? You let that psycho take my children unsupervised. If they turn up missing I'll have your job, that I promise you. No your job is over regardless. The newspapers are going to LOVE this; inept social worker loses Mavericks superstar's children. I hope you've wanted a career change Mr. Evans because this is your luck day." Brooke slammed the phone down and yelled. With each passing moment things were looking worse and worse. She tried calling Lisa again but got no answer. Not knowing what else to do she called Luke's lawyer.


"Hi, Mr. Wentworth, this is Brooke Scott. A situation has come up concerning the custody of Lisa." Brooke started pacing again; she couldn't sit still for the life of her.

"Hello, Ms. Scott. Now what do you mean a situation?" As Brooke told him everything he listened attentively and did not like what he was hearing. Over the years he had become particularly fond of the Scott children. He had come to see them as almost part of his family as well. "Ms. Scott, first thing is to calm down. I'll be over to the house at once. Next call the police. It might take some convincing to start them looking into it though because it is a custody matter."

"Not Jason. He is just an innocent bystander."

"Good point, that'll help with this considerably. I'm going to make a few calls and see if we can get a team to figure out whom exactly Lisa is. Find out what she's been doing these past few months. That might give us insight into where she is taking them. You need to call Lucas as well. I know you're reluctant because of the game, but he needs to know."

The two hung up and Brooke quickly dialed 911. After explaining to the officer what had happened and who she was, she was told a pair of officers would be over to the house shortly. They seemed reluctant to help and it made Brooke's blood boil. She could care less if it was s custody matter or not, all she knew as that her kids were missing.

Brooke stared at the phone scared to make the next call. She knew she had to call Lucas, but she was worried what he would say. She should have noticed something was wrong, or said no to Lisa taking Jason. What if Luke blamed her? Brooke was starting to blame herself right now and didn't need someone to confirm her fears.

She picked up the phone and dialed the familiar number. She nervously twirled the cord in her fingers waiting for Luke to pick up. He never did and it went to voicemail. "Hey you, look there's something really important I have to tell you. Call me back as soon as you get this." Brooke hung up and wished that she had another way to get a hold of him. There had to be some emergency number for players. She went into Luke's study to see if she could find something.

While in there the phone rang. On the caller id Lisa's name and number flashed, a wave of relief passed over Brooke's body.

"Look you better have a good reason for not having Jason and Francis home on time."

"Brooke?" The small voice asked.

"Jason, baby, what's wrong?"

"We never went to the zoo. We've been driving since Lisa picked us up. I just asked her when we were going home and she wouldn't tell me. Brooke I'm scared, can you come and get me?" Brooke was ready to throw up again; this was Lisa's plan all along.

"Where are you?"

"She stopped to get gas. Francis is asleep."

"Can you see anything outside?"

"I'm hiding on the floor."

"Ok. I called the police and they're going to help us. I can't come get you right now, but you watch Francis. Take care of your sister. And if you ever get a chance tell someone. Tell them Lisa is not your mom and she took you. Or if you can and Francis can both run away do it. Do not leave Francis alone. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Brooke could hear tears forming in Jason's voice. She could hear the fear in his voice. She then heard a door open and Lisa ask Jason what he was doing. After that the line went dead. Brooke grabbed the phone and ran into the bathroom. She placed herself over the toilet and the contents of her lunch came up. Her worst fears had been confirmed. Lisa had kidnapped the children and who knew what she was going to do with them.

The police and Mr. Wentworth arrived at the house at the same time. They found Brooke curled up on the couch crying. "Brooke, are you okay?"

Brooke looked up at Mr. Wentworth with her tear stained face. "She took them. That bitch took them." Mr. Wentworth tried to calm her down and explain what she meant. "Jason just called. He said that they never went to the zoo and they'd been driving since she picked them up. When he asked when they were going home Lisa didn't say anything." Mr. Wentworth looked up at the two police officers. They nodded and went to go place a call to see if they could have the cell signal traced.

"Honey, it'll be okay. Have you gotten a hold of Lucas?" Brooke shook her head trying to hold back the tears that wanted to start running again.

"They must be warming up. It went straight to voicemail. He's going to hate me. I should have stopped them. I tried to find an emergency number to call but that's when Jason called." Brooke started crying once again. Mr. Wentworth stood up to leave her alone. Outside in the hallway he talked to the officers who said they were working on tracing the call right then. He thanked them and then walked off to make a call he was dreading.

"Hey Mark, this is Mark Wentworth. I have some upsetting information for one of your players…"