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"I'm late!"

A panicked cry sounded desperately through the near deserted school grounds. In fact, she was very late-having only a minute left before the late bell would scream in her ears, and, once again; she'd have to face the school's principal, Miss. Kate, for again being tardy to class.

Cursing about her shitty luck beneath her breath, she bolted towards her first period class, softly pleading she'd make it in time..

Her prayers appeared to be answered as she skidded to a stop before her classroom, a triumphant smirk taking over her lips. However, she made one mistake that would cost her dearly. She paused for a moment to catch her breath after the quick workout, before coiling her fingers around the silver door handle, beginning to push the door open with her hip…

BRIIIIING. The loud noise blared in her ears and caused her to yelp and stumble; falling on her face into the classroom, onto the floor.

Groaning inwardly, she lifted her defeated gaze upwards, her azure eyes connecting with sharp, angry icy blue ones. "ROSETTE!" The woman barked, seizing her wrist before violently pulling the teenager to her feet.

Rosette chewed her bottom lip nervously, knowing she would have quite a time trying to talk her way out of this one, judging by the obdurate expression on her teacher's face.

The woman was rather stout with a pudgy stomach. A mop of deep black hair rested atop her head, short and curled at the top like the swirl-y top of an ice cream sundae.

She pushed her little round glasses onto the bridge of her nose and snorted, irritably shaking her head. "You are so irresponsible, Rosette! This is the third time this week! You leave me with no choice but to assign you detention," The teacher huffed, walking curtly towards her desk. There, she whipped out a pink pad of paper and a black pen, scribbling down her detention slip, no doubt.

Rosette groaned inwardly as she accepted the slip, not really paying attention to the "get to work!" order being barked at her. She nestled herself down into her sit, absent mindedly ignoring the snickers directed at her from the other girls in class.

They were just jealous, she'd convinced herself of that a long time ago.


Break wasn't coming as much of a relief to Rosette that day.

The girl ran a hand through her shoulder length blonde hair and frowned slightly, wondering if she should ever do anything fancy with it..

But she cut the thought from her mind and shook her head. She'd never have time. Not with taking care of Joshua and all..

These thoughts drifted through her mind as she passed a crowd of people on her way to detention. However, the shrieking of her name caused her to turn.

Her gaze landed upon a small-framed girl, pushing her way through the crowd in an attempt to reach her best friend. She had beautiful moon-beam hair that sparkled when the sunlight caught it just right. Her eyes were such a deep shade of brown they were red, but nothing less then beautiful. Their was just something serine about this angelic little girl-something that could calm any restless soul.

Rosette reached out and grasped her wrist, wrenching the girl out of the shovey crowd. "Azmaria, you alright?" Rosette asked gently, but this question was meant by Azmaria grasping her shoulders. "Rosette I found him!" Azmaria gushed excitedly. "I found him! He's in my homeroom!"

Confusion was clear on Rosette's face as she struggled to steady the girl. "..Who?"

"CHRNO!" Azmaria cried. "The guy who gave you your first kiss when you were little! Him! I found him! He's waiting!"

"H-how did you…?" Rosette stuttered as her cheeks flushed a deep shade of red.

However, her question remained unanswered as Azmaria lead Rosette towards the School snack bar.

There, leaning silently up against the brick wall was an apathetic looking figure, deep blood red eyes casted towards the ground almost sheepishly. Deep violet hair was spiked out in the front, but was drawn down his back in a long braid.

However, when his gaze met Azmaria's, he flushed and darted away without a word.

Azmaria huffed in annoyance and chased after him, screaming his name.

Rosette blinked in confusion, before seizing this opportunity to run. "DETENTIONGOTTOGOBYE!" She cried in one breath, darting away without another word.


Once in the safety of the detention room Rosette allowed herself a few moments to think. Memories of Chrno and her flared up in her mind-playing with him when he was little, getting run over by a bike, his lips gently pressing against her cheek…

She flushed again. She may have been only five, give or take a year; at the time, but he was the only boy that had ever kissed her.

Aside from Joshua.

But he was her brother-so he didn't count.

Time flew without her even noticing and before she knew, her detention was up and she was home free to lunch.

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