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Chrno frowned to himself as he trudged along the sidewalks, hands shoved into the pockets of his long red coat he had surely become famous for. However, it did get annoying when people would turn and stare at him from the back; swearing to all Rightful God he was wearing a dress. But it wasn't a damn dress. It just kind of…flared out like one in the back. BUT WHATEVER.

Chrno's eyes flickered from the clear blue sky back down to the chalk covered sidewalks as he passed through a more residential area of town. The works of arts included games of hangman, bunnies, smiley faces, ponies, and stick figures running around. He smiled to himself—thinking back to the time when he used to simply adore drawing with chalk. Like the bundles of children who accompanied this block surely did.

Glancing back towards the sunny sky he couldn't help but frown again; upset and angry with himself. He almost blew it. Landing in her tree…how weak was he? It was a great thing she had believed him—or, just decided to ask no more questions—or he'd have a hell of a time attempting to explain he could transform into a full fledged demon and fly around ((Which he did, frequently. Quite enjoyable, you see)) but since his damn "brother" Aion had ripped his horns off him he was desperately in need of astral and could no longer uphold his strength and on the way of flying to her house he got tired out, and fell. Into that damn tree.

Wow. That was one fucking long ass thought.

He shook the disturbing thoughts from his head and carried on towards his home. Maybe he would ditch school, too, seeing as he was already late. Besides—school wore him out even more so. He may as well just fake a cold and get out of having to go. It'd benefit him in the long run, afterall.

Yes, he decided; tossing his purple braid over his shoulder. That was what he would do. No school today. Heh…

Rosette—hair still damp from the shower in which she'd prior emerged—sat herself down at the kitchen table and gazed longingly towards the fridge and stove. She hadn't had a good meal since the ordeal started on Friday—and she was desperately hungry. But, she knew; she was no where as good as a chef as Joshua. Hell—she was horrible. Couldn't even get a waffle to come out without having to scrap off the burned sections. And it was damn annoying, too, because every time her brother was to sick to move she'd have to blow her money on a pack of doughnuts.

Her stomach growled with hunger and the swelling pain grew immensely. She knew she'd have to feed herself soon—or it felt as though her stomach would digest itself.


Giving up, the bath robed teenager stood up and sauntered over to the fridge, whipping it open. She tasseled through it's containments; before re-emerging with a quart of milk in one hand and two eggs in the other..

Attempt number one at making pancakes. For the sake of all those within a two mile range of Rosette's house; we pray it be successful.

"Master, it is a lovely day, no?" A young black haired maiden inquired politely in a monotone voice, standing beside the once bubbly cheerful blonde headed Joshua. "Yes, Fiore, it is gorgeous." The male agreed, smiling almost devilishly as he peered out at the bay. The gentle waves lapped against the shore, leaving a trail of sparkling foam after it.

The girl beside him nodded. She was garbed in a full maid's outfit, little top white hat and all. Around her neck was a collar of some sort—almost like a dog collar of some sort. She stood with great posture, shoulders straight and hands interlocking over her apron. Her dark eyes, however; were rather blank, no hint of emotion gleaming within them.

"Is there anything you need, master?" Fiore questioned as she turned, eyes locking with the Joshua's hazy blue ones. "Yes, my dear, some coffee would be delightful." He answered gently, watching as she bowed slightly at the waist. "Yes sir." She replied turning and walking towards the large blue and white beach house on the San Francisco bay.

Azmaria grimaced as the lunch bell rang, drearily making her way over towards her and Rosette's designated "spot." She missed her dearly, her best friend. She hadn't been at school Friday, and now it was Monday, and the little angel was sick with worry. And very lonely.

Azmaria was generally a shy girl, and didn't speak much. Which she was sometimes teased for. But Rosette had understood her, and had taken the time to get to know her. Rosette was certainly older—but that didn't seem to matter. Azmaria wanted to be just like her when she was her age.

The silver haired girl sighed and sat down on the lunch table, fishing through her lunchbox for something edible. She re-emerged her hair with a shiny red apple. She took a few bites, before placing it down on the table. She really, really missed Rosette…


After about three tries, but that was beside the point.

Rosette—beyond herself with joy—jumped for excitement. She'd done it, she'd made pancakes! Without completely destroying the damn oven!

"Heh, heh.." Chuckling evilly to herself, she flipped one onto the awaiting porcelain plate with the spatula; her tummy rumbling in reply. She turned off the flame of the stove and moved to the kitchen table—breakfast in tow—and plopped down at the table. She squirted a blob amount of maple syrup onto the pancakes, before attempting to take one bite…


She blinked stupidly and dropped the fork, staring down at the pancakes on the plate. She rewinded, and replayed every thing in her mind to see what'd she'd done to make them crunchy. Pancakes were not supposed to crunch, they were supposed to be light and fluffy…

"…The eggshells," She groaned inwardly, shoving the plate far away from her. "I got the damn eggshells in there…"

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