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Dangerous Chapter Two

Kim pulled into the parking lot of the hospital. She grimaced when she saw all of the news media vans. There was no way she was going to be able to get in the hospital without being recognized and mobbed. Then she remembered that she was not in her mission clothes. Maybe, just maybe this just might work. She tucked her blouse in and straightened her skirt. She then gathered her hair into a bun and clipped it up. She then reached into the backseat and pulled her jacket that went with the skirt. She slipped it on and smoothed it down. She pulled out the dress hat and pulled it down over her hair. Looking in the mirror she was satisfied that the illusion might work. The media was expecting Kim Possible in her mission gear. Not a dressed up young lady, but still, one of them might get a good enough look at her so reaching out for the Kimmunicator she remembered that it lay in hundreds of pieces on the highway behind her. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed a seldom used number.

"Wade, this is Kim." She said quietly into the phone.

"Kim, what happened I lost all signal from the Kimmunicator, then I heard of the police reports about Drakken and Shego. They don't know where you are and they are worried."

"I am okay Wade, the Kimmunicator is destroyed, long story, no time for answers, but I'll tell you this. Team Possible is off line for awhile; if not permanently." Kim told Wade.

"Ah, Kim are you sure?" asked Wades voice.

"Wade, I nearly lost him, I still may have. Right now there are no more important things in my life other than Ron. Do you have any news of his condition?" Kim asked.

"No, I've been busy trying to locate you, are you at the hospital?" Wade asked.

"Yes, and for now I need one last favor from you. Came you come up with some way to get the media from the emergency door? I need to get in and I don't care to deal with them at the moment." Kim said quietly.

"No problem, Kim, as for favors, you need one you call. All of us owe you two that, and Kim, both of you are in my thoughts."

"Thanks Wade, you can get me on my phone for now." Kim said.

"Okay, Kim, get ready for those guys to move. I am spreading a rumor that your car has been spotted pulling up to the front." Mentioned Wade.

Kim closed her phone and waited soon with a great amount of running and shouting the camera men and reporters took off on a dead run around the side of the hospital. Kim jumped out of her car and walked quickly in the emergency room door and into the lobby and straight through the doors.

"Hey, you! You are not allowed back here." yelled a nurse.

Kim turned and took off her hat and her hair fell out in it's normal place.

"OH, God, Kim" the nurse said. "We heard you were out front,"

"Just a diversion Jan, so I could get in. Where is Ron?" Kim asked.

"Your mom is with him on fifth floor ICU." Jan said quietly.

Kim's heart sank to the pits of her stomach. She was familiar with that unit. Only the worst cases were sent there. A very slim percentage ever left that unit alive and those who did rarely were ever the same. Tears started anew and her stomach started to churn again. She collapsed against the wall weeping. "I thought I heard he was okay." She moaned.

"The police just heard that he was alive, not his full condition." Jan said. "Do you need help getting up there?" she asked.

Kim shook her head. "No, I can make it. But call my mom, let her know that I am coming." Jan nodded and headed back to her station to call.

Kim turned and entered the elevator and headed for the fifth floor. When the door opened she was greeted with the sight of her mother in surgical scrubs. Kim fell sobbing into her mothers arms. Mrs. Possible gently cradled her daughter and lead her to some nearby chairs.

"Are the Stoppables here." Kim asked.

"Yes, they have been waiting for you, to thank you." Her mother murmured.

"Thank me? I nearly get their son killed and they want to thank me?" Kim asked.

"You saved his life Kim; you treated him till the medics got there. It made all the difference. He is alive because of you." Her mother said.

"How…how is he?" Kim asked. "Why is he on this floor?"

"Well, he is in bad shape. But we put him here because of the better security." Her mother told her.

"Will he live?" Kim asked looking up at her mother.

Her mother nodded. "He'll live." Kim's heart soared. "But…" Kim's heart stopped at the "but."

"But, what?" Kim asked.

Kim's mother reached out and grabbed her daughter's hands. "Kim, Ron may be blind."

"BLIND?" Kim whimpered.

"Yes, sweetie, we think there was some brain damage and nerve damage. But we aren't sure." Her mother said quietly.

Kim broke down. It was too much. He had saved her again. He always risked all to help her and she always got all the credit. Now he may be blind because of her. She held her mother and sobbed as if her soul was breaking.

"Kimberly?" a voice said. "Kimberly?"

Kim raised her head and wiped her tears away. Ron's parents were standing there. "God bless you child." Ron's mother said as she took Kim into her arms. "You saved our boy. He will live, the rest we can deal with." Kim started crying anew and sobbed as Ron's mother held her.

"Ron needs you." His mother said.

Kim blinked. "Can I see him?"

"We want you, we need you to. We think right now that your voice is what he needs." His mother said. "Come on sweetie, come with me." Ron's mother took Kim by the hand and led her down the hall and turned into a room. She gently led Kim into the room then turned to leave. "I'll leave the two of you alone for awhile. I'll be right out here." Kim nodded and turned to face her lifelong friend.

The sight before her nearly made her heart stop. Ron lay covered in bandages, wires, and tubes. His head and eyes were swathed in bandages. She heard the gentle sound of his breathing and the constant slow beep of his heart monitor. She walked over to his bed and just stared for a moment. Tears welling anew in her eyes. She reached down and took his hand. It appeared to be the only part of his body that was not bandaged or have a tube or wire attached. She took his hand and pressed it against his cheek. His skin was dry but warm. Her tears fell onto his skin to be sucked up like a sponge. The heart monitor appeared to skip a beat then returned to the normal rhythm. She glanced at the monitor and with all the hope she had in her soul spoke his name. "Ron?"

The result of her voice was instantaneous. Ron's hand gripped hers. The heart rate monitor showed a rapid increase in Ron's heart rate. His breaths started to come more rapidly. A number of alarms went off and the nurse and Kim's mom came running into the room and started checking the equipment. Ron's mother's eyes grew wide as she saw that Ron's hand had closed around Kim's.

"He moved?" his mother asked. Kim nodded. "As soon as I said his name, he grabbed my hand and all this stuff went crazy."

"He's breathing better now, his oxygen count is better, BP is up, heart rate better." Kim's mom said. "Kim!" Ron spoke. The word was light and barely audible, Ron raised his head slightly, smiled, then he settled back in the bed and his vital signs settled back down though stronger than before. Ron's mother came to Kim's side and placed her arm around her. "Stay as long as you like, we'll go back outside."

Kim pulled a chair up to Ron's bedside and reached to take his hand again. He seemed to be resting well, but no one knew how he would be when he woke up. Kim pulled his hand against her cheek and help it there feeling the softness of his skin. She took a breath and began to speak as she watched her friend breathe. "Lord, I know that I haven't spoken to you lately, seems that I have been a little wrapped up with myself. Lord, please if you can, give me back Ron. All of him Lord, the goofiness, the bad jokes, his dumb mistakes, his smiles, the look in his eyes when he looks at me. I miss all of him. Lord, when you were on the earth, you had a guy with you who was always there when you needed him. He was always speaking out of turn, messing up, making dumb mistakes. He even ran one time when he was scared. But of all of them, he was the one who always came through for you. You called him your rock; I remember that he was called Peter. Well Lord, Ron is my rock. He is my Peter. I know he messes up and I get angry at him, but no matter what Lord, I know as long as he is there things will be right in the end. I know that if there were a power on earth to let him, he would be at my side. That's where he always has been, and more than anything on this earth, that is where I hope he will be in the future. All of him Lord, if it is possible. Lord, forgive me for the way that I have treated him, I hope in time that he will forgive me." Tears had started to come from her eyes as she spoke. Her breaths uneven, at times gasping. "Lord, please, help me and help Ron. He is the best friend I have ever had, and Lord, I love him Lord. I really do." Kim placed her head on his bed and cried.

Kim awoke with a start. She was sitting in a lounge chair they had brought in for her. She had not left the room for days except to eat and get a little sun. Her mom had brought some of her stuff from home. She used Ron's bath. He would call for her at times seemly needing to know that she was there. He had regained consciousness the morning after that horrible night. She was there to help feed him and help him with his clothes. He had been moved to a regular room as he improved over the past few days. Today they were supposed to take the bandages off of his eyes. They would know then if he had his sight. Ron was sitting in a wheelchair at the side of the bed. They had pulled down the blinds to darken the room and had turned the lights down low. The doctor had rolled her chair in front of Ron as close as possible and started to remove his bandages. Kim stood to the side with more fear in her heart than she had ever felt. The doctor had gotten down to the final bandages. "OK, Ron. I am going to remove the last of the bandages and the pads. When I do I want you to look straight ahead at me, okay."

"Okay" said Ron quietly.

The doctor got up quietly and took Kim by the arms and set her down in her seat in front of Ron. The assembled parents held each other's hand. The doctor nodded to Kim and Kim reached forward and unwrapped the last of the bandages from around Ron's head. She then with trembling hands took each of the pads from over his eyes. Ron sat there a moment then slowly opened his eyes. Kim stared into those deep brown eyes that she was so familiar with and loved so dearly. Ron blinked his eyes and continued to stare forward. There was a shape in front of him in the darkened room, the shape was fuzzy and as he blinked his eyes the image became clearer. The shape in front of him cleared to become his auburn haired companion of so many years. Her green eyes so full of love and concern all he could do is stare. "KP?"

Kim saw his eyes try to focus. Then they appeared to sharpen in on her. A smile crossed his lips. "KP? oh, God you look beautiful."

Kim's composure broke at that point and she fell forward into his open arms sobbing as all the pressure, hopes, and pains of the past few days fell away. Ron pulled her close as he could despite the pain of his injuries. "I'm sorry Ron, I'm sorry." She cried.

"Kim, what do you mean?" asked Ron as he pulled her face up so he could look into her eyes. "I am not mad at you. I love you."

"It's me, Ron." Kim sobbed. "All this time, I've been charging around the world, dragging you with me and when it came time for the awards and interviews, everyone only wanted to talk to me and I let them. Ron, most of those folks don't even know your name. And…Ron…I started to like it. The acclaims, the interviews. I've wondered recently why was I really doing all of this. Was it because I really liked helping people or did I like being in the spotlight. I thought I could do anything and my way was the best way. I dumped you when it was convenient, blamed you when it wasn't your fault. And now you were nearly blinded because of me, me Ron, I jumped in where I didn't need to be. You stood by and took care of me as you always do and you nearly lost your sight, all because of me Ron." Kim paused for a moment. "Ron, I told Wade to take the site down. I want to disband Team Possible." Kim told him. "I don't want you to get hurt anymore."

Ron silenced her by covering her mouth with his hand. "Kim, stop. Don't beat yourself up like this. We made a mistake. We didn't really look at the situation and we charged it and something went wrong. No big, I'm alive, I can move around and now I can see and what I see is the most beautiful girl in the world in my arms. A girl I love more than my own life."


"Kim, don't disband, at least permanently. There are people out there counting on us. We can't let them down. Sure, I know there is a good chance one of us is going to get hurt sometime, but that's just part of it. Just let me get a rest and get back on my feet. Then, it's back at it. Team Possible will come out stronger than before. K?"

Ron guided her up so that she was sitting in his lap. She clung to him and nodded quietly. "Ok, Ron."

The doctor came up to Ron. "Ron, we need to do some tests on your eyes. Are you up to it?"

"Sure, Doc. Can Kim come along?" Ron asked.

"Most definitely." The doctor said.

Kim stood and brushed the tears from her eyes as everyone celebrated Ron's sight. Soon they were gathering to go down the hall for the tests. Kim smiling brightly was pushing Ron down the hall to the room where the tests were to be given.

"Kim, could you sneak something from Beuno Nacho in here?" Ron whispered. "This hospital food is about to kill me."

"We will see Naco boy, we will see. You behave, do as the doctors' ask and I just might bring you a surprise." Kim said with a smile.

Later that day,

A news reporter was giving a remote report from the front of the hospital. "It was confirmed today that the rumors that Team Possible was permanently offline were false. That confirmation came from the members of Team Possible themselves. Ron Stoppable, the other half of the team spoke during a brief news conference in the hospital auditorium. Mr. Stoppable long seeming to be in the shadows of Miss Possible did all of the speaking on behalf of the pair of teens. Mr. Stoppable speaking from his wheelchair told the assembled newsroom that Team Possible was down but not out. Mr. Stoppable was brought to the hospital after the teams' last mission in very serious condition and at one time thought to have been blinded in the incident. He told the assembled room that his recovery was proceeding well and that the Team website would be back online soon. Miss Possible long the spokesperson for the Team directed all the questions to her partner. Miss Possible went missing for a number of hours after young Stoppable was admitted to the hospital. But was found in the halls of the hospital where apparently she had been waiting for the chance to check on her partner. The two teens left the news conference hand in hand leading some to speculate that the two teens have become quite close due to this incident."

"There are also unconfirmed reports from various law enforcement agencies that the persons known as Dr. Drakken and Shego were violently assaulted in their hideout in a nearby county. There are no suspects at this time and police are continuing to look for the assailant or assailants. Dr. Drakken and Shego were admitted to the Global Justice prison hospital with injuries from the beatings that were given them. Shego is being treated for a broken back and other injuries. Dr. Drakken suffered many broken bones and some internal injuries. The prison doctors have asked the authorities to look for several suspects. "This could not have been the work of one person. With the extent of the injuries to the two prisoners there had to be more than one person. But I will say this. If it turns out to have been one person, I gotta tell you. That was one ticked off person."

"This is Eyewitness news signing off, and saying Thanks Team Possible, we will be glad to see you back in action where you belong, both of you. Ron, Kim, thanks and good luck."