Chapter 41


"Buffy," Dawn said slowly. "You're scaring me."

"Sorry,'s just," Buffy struggled to stop laughing. "Oh, let's just say my love life is running true to form."

"Because Daniel pulled a Xander?"

"No...yes. Kind of?"


Buffy raised her index finger. "Dawn, hold on to that thought for a moment. General O'Neill, I think you might know my boyfriend. Does the name Jason Simpson ring a bell?"

The general had gotten to his feet while the sisters had been talking. At the words Jason Simpson, he sat down heavily in the closest chair.

"Oh for crying out loud," he shook his head in disbelief. "Daniel? Why'd you hit me?"

"Do you really need to ask?" Daniel shot back. "You know, I'm beginning to have a lot more respect for Jacob's tolerance."

"Ah, mind filling the kid in? 'Cause this? Way too cryptic," Dawn said as she plopped back down on her chair. "I've dealt with easier to decipher prophecies."

"It's classified," was the reply. In surround sound.

"I seem to remember signing some non-disclosure papers last night, or was it early this morning?" Dawn sighed. "Whatever. Given time, I'm pretty sure I can connect the dots even if I need some help from our favorite witch."

"Dawnie, don't." Buffy shook her head as she finally managed to stop laughing.

"But..." her sister whined.

"It really is need to know and you don't need to know," Buffy said.

"But you do." It was a statement, not a question.

"Yes, but it doesn't go any further."

"Does it involve world endage?"

"No. All bets are off in case of apocalypse. You know that. It's just a matter of Jason's safety. I don't know the whole story. I won't ask and neither will you. Understand?"

"How much do you know?" O'Neill cut in.

"Jay told me just enough to explain why Dad was freaking out," Buffy assured him. "He didn't go into much detail, just gave me the um, the general outline."

"I think he said too much," O'Neill said.

"Hey, it was Dad who just filled in the some of the blanks. Jay just gave me the bare the minimum."

"Which from my point of view, wasn't all that impressive," Dawn snickered. "His chest looked smoother than Buffy's legs."

"What the hell was he doing without his shirt?"

"Well I think Buffy was wearing it and it was pretty late at night," Dawn said. "Gee, what do you think he was doing?"

Daniel choked. He wasn't sure if he should laugh or hit Jack again. Considering how sore his hand was, and the fact that even though he wasn't military hitting a general, even if the general was Jack, was not good career move, he decided to settle for letting Dawn get in some verbal blows.

O'Neill thought about banging his head on the table. "Daniel, is there a chance of anyone else 'connecting the dots'?"

"Probably not Mitchell or Vala but Grogan..."

"Will Grogan? When did he enter into the picture?"

"Oh, he's dating Dawn. He brought her home last night."

"But he's nearly ten," O'Neill stopped mid-sentence when he realized where his mouth was taking him.

Daniel smirked.

Buffy started laughing again.

Dawn connected the dots and started giggling. "Okay, somebody has got to tell me how the general ended up with a mini-me."

Colorado Springs

If the lights had been turned on in the guest bedroom of the Summers home, they would have flickered with the surge of magic. As it was, Willow's entrance was without incident. She dropped bonelessly onto the bed in exhaustion, both mental and mystical. To say that the coven was unhappy with was an understatement. However, once apprised of the identity of one of the intruders, they gave her a qualified passed. Even they agreed that killing the father of the alpha slayer was not a good idea and should be avoided if possible. She and Buffy were going to have to have a little chat with Dr. Jackson about his little adventure and, for that matter, his friends. Thinking of which, she concentrated, reaching out with her senses and couldn't detect that anyone was home.

"Hmm, wonder where they are?" She thought as she rolled off the bed. "Goddess, I hope everything is okay."

She left the room and headed downstairs. Once in the living room, she saw the damage. Broken furniture, fragments that may have been a vase or a lamp, and bullet holes in the wall. A lot of bullet holes. Her hair began to darken.

"They are so dead," she growled just before the doorbell rang.

Air Force Academy

Jay was stretched out on his bed when when his roommate Roberts and his friend Eddings poked their heads into the room.

"Back so soon," Eddings said as he leaned against Jay's desk. "We figured you were going to hang with Buffy until it was time to head back. What happened, she finally checked your ID?"

"Cute, real cute. If you don't make the cut as an officer you can always try the comedy circuit. But no, Buffy got an emergency call this morning and had to go into work."

Roberts pulled a chair over from his desk and straddled it. "So, you didn't screw things up?"

"No, I did not screw things up."

"So, did you meet her family?"

"Is the sister cute and do I have a chance?"

"Yes, Roberts, I met her family and, no, Eddings, you do not have a chance with her sister."

"You sure, you're not just being a dick about it?"

"Trust me, I met Buffy's dad. He'd probably shoot you."

"But he'll put up with you?" Eddings asked in disbelief.

"I'm pretty sure he was considering shooting me, might still be."

Colorado Springs

Pete Shanahan stood at the front door of the Summers house. He had done a little research on the address and its residents as soon he had gone off-duty. He needed to know what was going on in his adoptive city and how and why two college students had gotten caught up in goings on at the SGC.

He rang the door bell again.