The Blood of Sokar
Part 4
Author: Mac
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Daniel felt the breathing tube before he was fully conscious. He really hated those things. Blinking, he groggily looked around the infirmary. Dr. Frasier was checking his vitals.

"Daniel. Welcome back." He certainly would have loved to reply back. "Let's get that tube out," she suggested. "On the count of three, I want you to blow out. If you're ready, blink twice. Okay. One, two, three!"

Daniel began coughing as soon as the tube was removed. He knew his chest was going to be sore for a while. "Thank you," he choked out as she graciously offered him ice chips.

"You're welcome."

"What happened to me this time? The last thing I remember is escaping from Netu."

Janet took a deep breath. "Daniel, you've been back on Earth for a week. You had an allergic reaction to the Blood of Sokar."

Oh yeah, he thought to himself. That liquid that tasted like vomit and was meant to cause hallucinations. Daniel was going to be sick just thinking about it!

"Daniel?" Janet asked, noticing his distress. "Are you all right?"

"Fine," he muttered, taking a few deep breaths. "Everyone else?"

She nodded. "Although I have to admit, we almost lost you. The only way I could counter the effects of that stuff was to cause another allergic reaction."


"Would you like me to call Colonel O'Neill? I know everyone was worried about you. Even the Tok'ra."

"Now THAT I don't believe."

"Well, believe it," she replied. "They gave me a sample to work with."

He shook his head. "I'm having a Jack moment."

Janet laughed. "Well, while you're doing that, I'll get the rest of your team. They were worried sick."

"Janet!" He called as she headed for the door. "Thanks."

"Just doing my job, Daniel."

The rest of Daniel's team was difficult to locate so Janet sent an airman up to find them. The three were sitting on the top of Cheyanne Mountain, looking up at the stars. Sam was about to say something when she glanced over at her CO and noticed that he was laughing.


"I was just thinking of Abydos when Daniel was trying to explain to everyone what a chicken was." Her eyebrows raised, waiting for him to continue. "They served some... creature for dinner and Feretti pretty much dared Daniel to eat it. He did and said it tasted like chicken. He then proceeded to cluck like one and flap his imaginary wings."

Sam giggled. "They must have thought he was crazy."

"I know I did," Jack replied.

"DanielJackson has felt very alone since Sha're's death."


"While I was in the state of Kel-no-Reem, I experienced nothing I have ever experienced before. I spoke with DanielJackson. He told me that he's felt alone since Sha're's death. I explained to him that he would never be alone. He had friends who cared for him. DanielJackson also mentioned a space in his heart where Sha're used to be. I was able to convince him to cross the bridge over that space."

Sam had tears in her eyes as she listened to Teal'c. "Are you saying you think he would have died if you hadn't convinced him?"

"Of that I am certain."

"Wow," was all Jack could say.

"Colonel, Dr. Frasier is requesting you and your team."

Jack shook himself from his thoughts. "We'll be right down, Airman. Hopefully Daniel is awake."

Jack was the first to enter the infirmary. He saw no sign of Dr. Frasier, though. He did, however, see Daniel sitting up in bed and reading a book. He looked up and grinned. "Hey, Jack!"

"Daniel, I'm pretty sure the Doc wants you resting."

"He wouldn't until I gave him that book," Dr. Frasier said as she walked over to the group. "This man is more stubborn than Cassie."

"This man is sitting right here."

Janet smiled. "Sorry, I didn't see you there."

Sam chuckled and kissed her friend on his cheek. "It's good to see you awake, Daniel. You had us worried for the past week."

"You seem to excell in that, DanielJackson."

The four looked over at Teal'c. "That was a joke!" Jack exclaimed. "Nice!"

"Okay, our patient needs his rest," Janet finally said.

Teal'c nodded and left the room, followed by a quick hug by Sam. Soon, Jack was the only one remaining. "You really gotta stop giving me a heart attack like that, Danny Boy."

Daniel smiled sheepishly. "Sorry. You know I try to avoid these things as much as I can. They just don't try to avoid me."

"I know," Jack replied with a laugh. "When you're out of here, I've got some really strong coffee at my place. You could stay there for a couple of days while you get back on your feet."

"Sounds like plan, Jack. Thanks. For everything."

"Anytime, Danny. After all, that's what friends are for."