Miss Penny Lane, Please

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Warmth swept over her body as she moved in the tangle of white sheets. The sun was

shinning brightly now. Making her blond curls come alive. Penny shook her head slowly

not believing where she was. As she took a tentative step to get out of bed she wondered

if it was all really happening. Was she in bed with this rock god? Panic started to fill her

though, she promised she'd quit the game. But the whole gang had been in town, and

when that voice had said "Please Miss Penny Lane", how could she say no?

She was remembering last night, it was all coming back to her……

The Night Before

Penny danced slowly backstage at the show, somehow by a miracle of god they'd

managed to get Sabbath, Zeppelin, and the Stones to play on one lovely stage. She

listened to the sound of the crowds screaming for these men who would soon come back

stage and make her do some very naughty things. She had tried to stop playing this part,

but when she had gotten that call from Sapphire and heard the lineup how could she

refuse the ticket. So here she was moving a little bit faster, wearing a sparkly slip dress,

barefoot, swaying to the sound. She had to say she truly loved the music. Each note hit

her inside a way nothing else could.

The boys were finishing up now and soon the chaos would ensue. She was ready

for it however; years of groupie dome hadn't been wasted. She could hear them all filing

in, she didn't stop dancing though. That was always the trick, pretend like you don't care,

treat them like the milkman and then suddenly snap and remember your place just as they

were about to through in the towel.

Slowly she felt a hand on her back. Someone placing a drink in her hand, a coke

with ice and lemon.

"For old times sake, darling" he whispered as she took a sip.

She seductively turned around, never stopping the dance, and took another drink.

"Don't you think I'm old enough to have a real drink, yet?" She drawled into his


"You, sweetheart, are old enough to have whatever you want"

"Well in that case…." She leaned in and new there was no hope, the game would


That's all she remembered from the night before once you add the mad dash to the hotel

room and the cold sheets.

Penny snuck into the shower, hoping to get out before it was to late. She wanted

to be gone before he woke up. Luckily for her the man always slept in late. Just as she

finished getting dressed and was about to make a dash for the door a hand grabbed hers.

"You aren't planning on leaving so fast are you? Miss Penny Lane, please, please

don't leave yet we've just began?" The dark voice told her in his commanding tone.

She was once again pulled into the hotel room where she would spend the next week until

she finally disappeared once and for all, or so everyone thought including her self. She

had spent a week of bliss with the boy who brought her into the world that had been her

life for so many years. Now at sixteen she quit.

12 months later

Penny walked gradually along the park trail pushing the stroller. She had gone,

that was true, but she now had a part of her old life to keep with her forever. A living

memento of days gone by, whether for good or bad. She hoped no one would ever find

out about her little secret or she would be in a world of trouble, once again.

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