Chapter Three: The Cover

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Madison Square Garden, New York City

He walks into the dressing room, hair a mess, clothes floating on thin frame, cigarette jutting along his lips. He grabs the nearest comfort, a knocked over bottle of whiskey and starts to drink. Pre-show jitters he tells himself, he needs it, the fire it provides. He remembers when it didn't take the drugs to start the fire, but that's all dead now. The old ways gone and he's only left with memories. Then he pauses, the bottle still glued to his lips, and stares at the magazine lying on the dresser. Picking it up, he wonders, what if?

Los Angeles, California

"You put me on the cover!" Penny yells in the phone, as she twists a curl angrily around her finger. "What where you thinking William, I told you not anything to flashy, I'm done with that stuff, I don't want it immortalized forever in Rolling Stone"

"I thought you'd like it, you were always the prettiest out of the girls. We needed something that would grab the reader's attention. Come on Penny, you never failed to get musicians interest why not that of the reader too."

"I really would have appreciated you telling me first. You promised you'd check everything with me. Plus I don't want any unwanted attention and you know why. What do you think will happen if the press get leak of James. It would just rip open the past again, and start a whole mess of problems."

"I'm sorry, I dint think it would be that big of an issues. Hey Penny sorry to cut this short but I was just leaving for an interview, I should be down in LA Saturday though, care if I stop by with my sordid self?"

"Yah come on over well duke it out then"

"I'm looking forward to it"

And with that Penny hung up the phone.

She moved toward the living room. Her hair was flowingly loosely about her head, creating a hallow as she moved. She turned on the music now, dancing slowly around the room, she grabbed the nearest flower and sprinkled its petals along the floor. Remembering times that where, she thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad, if they knew the truth….

And then door bell rang.