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Do Over

By: 24

Jarod sits in his lair thinking about the game that he's playing with his hunters. They are always after him and he hates that he can't stay in one spot long enough, or find his family. He gets up from the chair that he's sitting in and walks out the door. He has to get all this negative energy that he has inside him out and he goes out to find something that will cheer him up.

Miss Parker narrows her eyes as the pretender comes out of his lair. She wonders where he's going and follows him to wherever he's going. She makes sure that she's not noticed, but is close enough to see where he's going. She has a sweeper team with her and they are in the car with her. She watches as he parks in the parking lot and she too parks there. She watches him as he gets out of the car and head towards the shops that line the street. She gets out and follows him and sees him as he goes into a candy shop. She sees that he has a bag in his hand as he exits the store and walks a little ways. He then turns into another street and it's less crowded. She sees him go towards an alleyway and they start towards him. He looks behind him and she sees his face as panic and fear starts to settle into his features. He takes off running and so do they.

He had gone to the candy shop to find a candy that he's never had before. He then keeps on walking and window shops and then walks on. He walks some more and there are less people there. He then feels that there's someone watching him, or following him. He looks behind him and sees Miss Parker and her team of sweepers. Fear and panic settle in his features. He can't go back. He won't go back. He would rather die than go back. He takes off running with the team running after him.

"Stop Jarod, or I'll shoot."

"I would rather die than go back Miss Parker. You know that." He throws over his shoulder not even stopping.

Sam raises his gun towards the fleeing pretender and fires a shot and suddenly the pretender is down. They walk towards Jarod and Miss Parker turns him around. She can see the exit wound and knows there's not much time. She knows that he's going to die and that troubles her.

"I'm sorry for the game that I played with you Miss Parker. If you find my family please don't capture them and tell them that I love them and I'm sorry that I never got the chance to know them. Too bad there's not a do over in our game."

"Me too Jarod, me too." She said as a tear slid down her face as she watched him die.

The End