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A Digi-Nights DreamAct One

Sora Tekonuchi let out a strangled cry of distress as she finally sunk to the ground into a crumpled heap, almost a shadow of her former self.

She just couldn't take it anymore. It was like everything in her life was simply falling apart at the same time and now they were planning on taking away the one thing in life she thought would always be there; the one thing that had always seemed to just hold it together when things were going wrong.

She didn't understand it, why was it happening to her?

What had she done to deserve such hardship? Who had she scorned to call such demons as these upon herself? What terrible crime had she committed which required such an dire punishment as this to hang above her head?

How had things gotten so awful?

She could think back to maybe a couple of weeks ago to a time in her life when she had been perfectly contented with everything in her existence. A time when she had thought nothing could go wrong in her life just as long as they were together.

A time when she had thought she would never have to shed another tear again, that he would never be reason for her to cry simply because happiness like that could only ever be meant to last forever.

How wrong could she be?

Sora held her head in her hands trying to dispense the fresh tears that sprung from her ruby eyes like never ending streams. It wasn't working; she didn't think she'd ever be able to stop crying. I mean, it's not like she had a reason to dry her tears anyway, fate seemed to make sure of that, and surely they would be replaced within seconds by more of these infinite tears.

It was as if some one up there had suddenly decide that she was merely destined for misery. As if they had flipped a coin, and hers had come up tails.

So she cried harder, harder than she had ever cried before in her life because she had never had a better reason to cry before then.

She was so afraid that she'd have to say goodbye to that one light of happiness in her life, to just let him go never to be seen by her again, and it scared her to think of what she'd be like if she had no option but to face that cruel reality.

She wasn't sure if she could honestly live her life without him. If it was even considered her own life anymore, if perhaps it belonged to him too along with her heart.

For now she didn't even want to find out how she would survive.

He was her reason to live, the reason she got up in the morning and what she fell asleep to at night. He was the reason for every breath she took and I guess she just wasn't ready to face such a hopeless eternity.

Sora took a deep breath trying to calm her self down, but it all just seemed futile.

The more she thought about what she had to give up, what she was to be denied through no fault of her own, the more reason she had to cry. She didn't think she had ever cried even nearly as incessantly or so profusely in her life.

When else had she ever had such reason to?

Sora jumped noticeably, almost forgetting her pain for a few seconds, as she felt two powerful arms wrap themselves around her slender waist. She immediately relaxed into his touch as she recognized the familiar aura she had known her whole life.

"Don't cry my darling," he whispered softly in her ear pulling him close to him in a loving grasp. "As long as I am near, you will never have reason to cry."

"But I do Tai," she sobbed turning her body slightly to face him.

Her boyfriend, Taichi Kamiya, looked down at her vulnerable figure with warm and sincere brown eyes filled with love as he gently wiped the tears that poured from her eyes with a gentle touch. He never had been able to stand to see Sora in any kind of pain; he made a vow a long, long time ago that no matter what happened in their lives he would never cause her any pain.

"Whatever it is Sora," Tai told her sincerely, "We'll get through it together."

"I don't think we can," she sobbed into his shoulder. "It's worse than anything we've gone through before."

"What could be worse than Miodismon?" Tai chuckled trying to lighten the mood but it didn't seem to work. Sora's tears continued to soak through his shirt with the same intensity.

"No matter what happens Sora," he told her comfortingly his tone becoming serious, "I will never let anything come between us. I love you Sora, and nothing could change that."

"Tai, Shigeru has betrothed me to Matt," she told him quickly looking up into his face.

Shock flashed through his chocolate brown eyes for a mere second before they returned to their usual gentleness and a definite sense of determination.

"Well I guess that defeats the purpose of why I asked you here," he chuckled as he carefully reached into his pocket.

Sora stared at him quizzically trying to understand him words. Sometimes Tai confused her so immensely that she wondered if perhaps her mind would simply explode from all the questions swimming around in her head.

Tai's smile only broadened as he brought out a small velvet box and Sora's eyes widened with shock.

"I was going to save this for dinner, but I guess there's no time like the present," he chuckled.

"Sora Tekonuchi," he said softly as he pulled himself into the typical stance, "will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

"But Tai . . ." she began thinking of what her cruel stepfather was doing to her, but Tai cut her off.

"Just yes or no."

Sora didn't even have to think about it. She loved Tai more than anything else in the world, she had from the very first moment she met him over thirteen years ago.


They kissed for a few minutes before parting so that Tai could place a delicate diamond ring upon her finger.

"Perhaps," he suggested, "if Shigeru sees that we are already engaged he will take back the betrothal."

"I hope so Tai, I really do."

"Koushiro Izumi, you are unbelievable!" she cried at the top of her lungs causing the entire restaurant to turn to look at the feuding couple.

It seemed so difficult to enjoy a pleasant meal with the two hissing insults at each other but the other patrons had seemed to manage it some how. The problem, however, was that now the couples argument had become – how do you say it – more vocal?

"What do you mean?" the auburn haired boy she was sitting with asked in reply trying unsuccessfully to keep his tone even. "I didn't do a fucking thing."

"Maybe that's my fucking point Koushi!" she yelled maddened, her voice slightly calmer as she glared down on her boyfriend as if trying to psychically project exactly why she was mad at him, as if this simple act of glaring at him incessantly would send the complicated message of why she wanted to kill him so badly right now.

"Sometimes I just don't get you Yolei," he sighed exasperatedly cringing slightly at the sound of the name that was usually spoken with much affection now spoken with so little. "I don't know what you're making such a fucking big deal about."

She cried out angrily in frustration. "What I'm making such a big deal about!" she asked rhetorically her eyes burning into his. "That waitress was shamelessly flirting with you while your GIRLFRIEND was sitting across from you looking gorgeous as ever and you did NOTHING!"

She just didn't get it how a self-proclaimed genius like Izzy could just be so completely and utterly CLUELESS sometimes.

"What is it that is so wrong about that?" he asked her. "It's not like I kissed her, or flirted back. Tell me Yolei because I really am stumped here."

"If you don't know why I'm angry at you then I'm certainly not going to tell you Izzy," she hissed back at him with her hands poised gracefully on her hips. "I mean, you're always going on about how much smarter you are than the rest of us mere mortals, surely you can figure out something so simple on your own. Let's all just bow down to the intellectual brilliance of the great Izzy Izumi!" she added sarcastically.

"You say I think I'm better than everyone else, but looks who's acting so god damn superior. God Yolei, you can be such a bloody hypocrite sometimes," he told her.

"You want to see hypocritical?" she asked snidely. "Fuck you Izumi. You haven't seen anything yet. I'll really show you 'hypocritical'."

And with that Yolei Inoue stormed away from the table she had been sharing with her semi-steady boyfriend as they celebrated the fact that the two of them had gone one whole month without breaking up. As far as I can tell they spoke too soon.

Yolei's eyes searched the room for a second before she spotted exactly what she was looking for standing at one of the tables nearby. She closed the distance between her self and busboy in a few quick steps before grabbing him by his tie and pressing her lips against her own while she glared at her sorry excuse for a boyfriend from the corner of her eye.

She had considered kissing the flirty little whore of a waitress from before, but then again she didn't really want either of them to enjoy it – especially not him.

So she picked the busboy instead. He was really the only thing that came to mind at that moment that tended to be considered a lower life form than he was. At this stage in their 'relationship' there were very few things at that seemed to fit that criteria, but the dorky, sleazy looking busboy with the Barney socks showing under the way-too-high dress pants was one that would never excel him.

After a few seconds she pushed the busboy away and tossed Izzy a look she would be forever proud of before exiting the restaurant. Now that was what she called payback.

Izzy tried not to look . . . well . . . anything at all as his girlfriend (and believe me, I use this term very loosely) walked out of the restaurant with a smug smile on her face. He tried to remain neutral and nonchalant until he was sure she wouldn't look back, he couldn't let her know how much she affected him; that had always been his number one priority.

Only one thing seemed to make sense in his mind, only one word stood out among the many struggling thoughts in his head.


to be continued

Just to clear something up here, Sora is just under 18 and Tai is only just 18. For future reference I'm presuming that Japan has a similar law where you can only get married under the age of 18 with your parents permission and they have to sign some forms or something. As I'm not planning on getting married any time soon I'm not an expert on it but it goes something like that.

Anyway, I hope you all like that. If it isn't obvious enough (and you didn't read my disclaimer), this is based on 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' by William Shakespeare and if you all feel that it's completely necessary I will post a list of characters (the roles the Digimon characters are filling) to clear things up a little bit especially for those who already know the play.

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