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Given all the effort put in to find this fic and review it, I thought that I should see if I could get something out.  The part I was stuck on was the first third, so if the style between that and the other two parts are inconsistent in some way, that's why.  The second two have been written for much longer.

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A Digi-Nights DreamA Wood Near Athens

Matt smiled, unable to stop the satisfied smile curling onto his lips.  He had played the part perfectly, feigning all the appropriate emotions as he willed her towards him with so very little effort.

His smile broadened as he surveyed his handywork: the naked figure curled into his chest; the pile of clothing thrown recklessly into the corner; the Egyptian cotton sheets tangled around them; and the look of contentment she wore in her sleep.

If nothing else, Mimi Tachikawa was beautiful, and that alone made her a veritable conquest.  But then, there was something more he wanted that only Mimi could give him.

He shook her lightly form her slumber, deciding it was time to get down to business.  Her lids fluttered, before opening slowly to reveal two beautiful brown orbs that made his breath catch in his throat despite himself.  They really were the two most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

For an instant, Matt was transported back to the moment in the height of passion when he had looked deeply into those honey coloured eyes and spoken the three words he knew she longed to hear.  He congratulated himself on his performance – for a moment Matt had almost believed them himself.  Looking into those eyes, it had almost seemed real.

But of course, Sora was the only woman he loved.  She was the only one who looked beyond his looks, celebrity, and wealth, and treated him as a friend.  And in spite of her insistence, he knew with time she would come to love him – all he had to do was get her away from Tai and then things would work themselves out.

First, though, he needed something from Mimi.  She would do anything for him, he knew that more than ever now.  All he had to do was whisper her name and she would fall to her knees, ready and willing to do whatever he desired.  And all it took was a soft caress and three little words.

"Mimi," he said gently, trailing his right hand gently up and down her side as he spoke.  He smiled when a shudder of pleasure racked through her body.  The way she responded to him was even better than he had anticipated and that sent a thrill through his own body.

"As much as I have enjoyed your company," he continued a low voice, alluding to their recent activities and causing Mimi's cheeks to pinken sweetly.  "I must admit that the real reason I'm here is to do with Sora."

Mimi scowled, her eyes turning downward so that Matt wouldn't see the jealousy that darkened them.  She doubted he would lover her nearly as much as he said he did if he knew how much she resented her best friend.  Jealousy was one of her least attractive features.

"I have to stop her and Tai from making the biggest mistake of their lives," he said dramatically, feigning genuine concern.  "And I think you are the only one who can help me."

"Ok," Mimi said gently, her voice heavy with emotion as she closed her eyes to withhold tears.  Despite popular belief, Mimi wasn't stupid.  She always knew where she stood with Matt, but it was nice to pretend sometimes and he did it so well that it made it easy to believe him.

"I'll tell you where they are."

Ken knew there was something wrong from the minute he entered the Izumi household that afternoon.  There was something ominously quiet about the house and the few noises that reached his ears seemed to be emanating from Izzy's room.

Izzy's mother smiled at Ken as he headed upstairs.  She always liked it when Izzy had friends over, especially when he was in one of his moods.  It seemed to help some of the time.

A cry of success accompanied him as he entered the room.  Izzy lay hunched over his desk, playing with his chemicals and mixing potions.  Ken was right to be worried.

"I've done it!" Izzy exclaimed as he became aware of Ken's presecence.  "I've really done it."

"And what exactly is it you have done?" Ken asked cautiously as he took a seat on the edge of the bed on the other side of the room, as far away from Izzy as possible for safety's sake. "I know those killer Sodoku's can be tough, but it's nothing to sing and dance about."

"Everything and anything," Izzy replied almost absentmindedly seeming to ignore Ken's comment.  "But this," he added, getting excited once again.  "This is special."

"But what is it?" Ken asked blandly, keeping the intrigue out of his voice.  He still remembered what happened the last time he got caught up in one of Izzy's schemes.

"Go she," he continued to himself.  "I shall torment thee for this injury."

"Izzy," Ken called cautiously.  "Izzy? It's me Ken.  Are you ok?"

"My gentle Puck, come hither," Izzy called in a trance like manner, calling Ken to his side.  "Come see what I have done.  What I shall do.

"I call it love-in-idleness," he continued in the same dreamy tone, like he wasn't even aware of the world happening around him.  "The juice of it on sleeping eye-lids laid will make or man or woman madly dote upon the next live creature that it sees."

He seemed to stop suddenly, almost to reflect upon his thoughts.  He began to laugh manically, rubbing his hands together as he stared blankly into the distance with a crazy glint in his eye.

"Looks like somebody's been practicing their evil genius persona again," Ken muttered sardonically as he watched Izzy who barely even registered his presence.

"Is it that obvious?" Izzy asked, snapping suddenly – and briefly – back to reality.  "What do you think?  I mean, do you think the hand thing is a little too much, cause I've been thinking about adding a catchphrase and maybe like a signature gesture of some sort if it's not too much?"

"Well I think maybe . . ." Ken quickly caught himself before he went on, reminding himself of the point he was trying to make.  "Izzy, what are you doing?"

Izzy nodded, perhaps more to himself than Ken, as he walked suavely up to a sleek black computer screen and gestured graciously to unspoiled landscape generated on the screen.  "When she is here . . . when she is asleep, you shall drop the liquor on her eyes.  And thus, the next thing she sees – be it man, or beast or whatever – she shall pursue it with the soul of love.  And then she'll know what it feels like to be humiliated, to be lower than dirt.  I'll have my revenge."

"R-i-i-i-g-h-t," Ken drew out slowly as he looked Izzy up and down cautiously.  He knew Izzy tended to go a little crazy sometimes, but this was beyond it.  "you know Izzy, maybe we should just hold off on the revenge thing until maybe you've had a bit more time to think about things, you know, when you're feeling a tad more sane . . ."

"Silence!" Izzy cried, making Ken jump.  "The time is upon us."

"The time for what . . ."

Ken trailed off.  His words caught in his throat as something very strange happened.

In the room, the computer purred away softly as Yolei appeared on screen looking terribly disoriented.  But something was wrong.

It suddenly occurred to Izzy how wrong, as six of his closest friends appeared on screen, four of which who weren't supposed to be there.

"That wasn't supposed to happen."

"Fuck Mimi!" Matt cried loudly as looked around him.  "you told me she'd be in the park.  No one is here.

"I mean, here we are," he continued, complaining loudly and profusely.  "At least, I think we are.  Now I don't even have a clue where we are, let alone Tai and Sora.  Thanks a lot Meems."

"I'm sorry," Mimi said quietly.  "I didn't mean to."

Matt looked at her for a moment with hard glare.  He couldn't make up his mind about what to do with her, but with a surge of pride he made up his mind.

"Just . . . go away Mimi," he growled.  "I don't need you slowing me down."

"Please Matt," she begged as she trailed behind him as fast as her Louis Vuitons would take her through the strange and uneven landscape.  "I can help.  Don't be mad at me."

He turned suddenly, forcefully taking her hands in his.  "I don't love you Mimi," he told her coolly.  "Now stop following me."

"But you said . . ." she trailed off, silenced by the hard look in his eyes.

"I said what I could to get what I wanted."

She stopped, her eyes full of hurt as she stared into the face that had seemed to be so full of love only moments earlier.

"Mimi . . ." he started, his voice suddenly softer.  He hadn't meant to be so hard on her.  He grimaced at the look on her face, and how small she looked.

"Don't worry, I get it Matt," she said, putting on a brave face.  "I'm not her, and that's something I'm just going to have to live with.  But that doesn't change how I feel.  The more you hate me, the more I love you.  I am sick when I do not see your face, when I am not near you.

"So you can beat me, and chide me, and tell me to go away, and I'll still follow you because when I'm not near you, it's like I'm lost.    What choice do I have but to follow thee and make a heaven of hell?"

Matt sighed as he watched her.  There was something so deceiving about Mimi that he could never quite put his finger on.  She was puzzle to him, in the worst possible way.

"Fine," he sighed, turning his back on her once again, "follow me if you must, but don't expect me to be all heroic or anything."

She smiled a grim smile as she straightened her skirt and followed him out of the grove.  "I never do."

"Oh fuck this shit! He didn't tell me I was going to be fairy!"

~ to be continued ~

Looking at this now, I realize that Tai and Sora probably won't be the main characters in this story.  Most of their love story predates the story, but Matt and Mimi seem intriguing.  That and Izzy and Yolei's crazy vengeance should make for some good side parts.

It's Shakespeare so it's a tad confusing.  The couples get all mixed up.  People change genders.  People change species.  All kinds of craziness ensues.

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