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Authors note: I read so many fictions based on Wyatt this last week that it got me inspired to write one about him too. No I'm not trying to copy one of my dudes if that's what you may think. She's one of the main reasonswho got me inspired on writing a Wyatt fic of my own.

Standing under the dark blue sky covered with stars Wyatt sighed. "I thought I told you to leave me?" He looked over his shoulder giving the blonde woman an angry look. He turned back, standing on his favorite spot made him usually relax but this time it made him only angrier. "Wyatt please let me explain." The blonde woman stepped forward.

"Don't come closer Leeann. I'm not interested in hearing your lies." He turned around his blue eyes filled with hate. He looked at her she didn't listen to him and now she was only inches away from him.

Placing a hand on his arm she tried to convince him to listen. "Wyatt…" He grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand of his arm. "I told you I'm not interested in hearing your lies." She looked in his eyes, they turned from hate to cold. Not showing any emotions anymore. "You're hurting me." Leeann felt the grip on her wrist getting tighter.

"I'm hurting you?" He laughed a little. "Don't forget that you hurt me first Leeann." He pushed her away letting go of her wrist. "Now go before I'm really going to hurt you." She looked at him she could tell that he meant it. She had seen it before so she shimmered out. "I'm sorry." She whispered.

"Not as sorry as I am." He mumbled. He was mad at her. She had used him in every kind of way possible.

He heard somebody shimmer back in hoping it was not Leeann he turned around. "What?" He snapped at the demon in front of him. "We found your brother." Wyatt turned back a little evil smile curling on his lips. "You're going to pay for this little brother."

A few weeks earlier…
"It's a perfect plan Chris. You know it." Leeann was all excited. "I don't know…It's to dangerous to get involved with Wyatt." He sat down on the couch. Rubbing his forehead he looked up. "Come on Chris it's brilliant and she has us to look after her." Bianca sat down next to him.

He looked at the two phoenix witches and he knew he wouldn't win this. "Ok, ok. I give in. You have to be careful Leeann. If he finds out who you really are and what your plans are could piss him off and then he never leaves us alone." Leeann nodded. "I know, I know but I can handle myself I'll make sure he doesn't suspect me."

Chris sighed he looked at the newspaper that Leeann had brought with her and looked at the ad. "He's getting cockier with the day. Asking through an ad for a personal assassin. We really need to stop him." He tossed the paper back on the table.

"You're right I don't know how long we can hide from him. He's getting closer and closer every day and I'm running out of hiding places where we can go." Bianca said folding her arms. "Damn him how are we supposed to safe the world if he keeps hunting us like animals."

"Well luckily for you guys I found that ad. Now we can stop him from inside. He doesn't know that I know you guys and that makes it perfect. He never knows what's going to hit him." Leeann grinned.

"This is serious Leeann. Don't mess with him just stick to the plan." Bianca said serious. "I worked for him I know how he can get especially when you turn on him. So don't do anything stupid." Bianca saw Leeann's reaction. "Hey I mean it I don't want to see my best friend ending up dead." Bianca said softly. "I know and I will be careful. So I better go now otherwise I will be to late for my new job." Leeann hugged Bianca. "See you soon ok?" "You better." Leeann shimmered out leaving Bianca and Chris in their hide out.

"I hope this will work otherwise I don't know what else we can do to stop him." Chris said sitting back rubbing his forehead again. He started to get a headache. "Oh it will work knowing Leeann she will get the job." She looked at Chris. "You should get some rest. I'll guard the place." Chris nodded he was tired they had to change hide outs for several days now which left him with no sleep. He fell back on the couch closing his eyes. It didn't take him that long to fall asleep.

Bianca looked around. It wasn't the best spot to stay but it kept him safe for now. "Damn you Wyatt." She sat down in one of the old chairs and listened carefully for strange noises.

Leeann shimmered to the location where the try outs were held. It was completely empty. "That's weird. Nobody's here." She walked around a bit when she heard a soft crack behind her. She conjured her athame and with one quick move with her hand she stabbed the demon behind her. He exploded. "Didn't you learn to not sneak up on a lady."

Shaking her head she wanted to walk further but she got grabbed from behind. "Oh you weren't alone." She joked. Her athame disappeared and she planted her elbow in the stomach from the person behind her.

He flinched and released her. Turning quickly on her feet she kicked him in the chest and he stumbled back a bit. Conjuring an energy ball she threw it at him. The demon exploded with a loud scream and Leeann smiled pleasingly. "Well this is fun. I wonder if there are more."

She heard a low humming sound coming her way and she ducked. She heard an explosion, turning around again she saw an upper level warlock.

"I have something different for you in mind." She whispered. Standing tall she shimmered out.

"To bad she left. I thought she would have made it." Wyatt appeared from a dark corner. Walking up to the warlock he stopped when he suddenly saw the guy turning into flames and then to ashes.

Wyatt was surprised he stared in the dark green eyes of Leeann who had a big smile on her face. "So are there more or are you the last one?" She knew it was Wyatt but she couldn't help then challenge him a bit.

Wyatt started to laugh. "You think you can win from me?" Leeann let her athame disappear once again and with her hand she brushed her blonde hair behind her ear. "I don't think it, I know so."

"O really? Well maybe you should give it a try then." Wyatt moved slowly towards her conjuring his own energy ball. "Maybe I will." Leeann replied she shimmered out again reappearing behind Wyatt trying to kick him in the back. Wyatt had expected that and he turned around quickly and grabbed her foot. "Now what?" He said grinning. "I use my other foot." Sliding it under his leg he fell backwards.

"Didn't see that coming." He mumbled. She sat on top of him enjoying the view for a moment when she suddenly got send backwards. She fell against the wall. Looking up she didn't see Wyatt anymore 'shit where did he go?' she thought. Standing up tossing her hair behind her shoulders she thought she heard a noise from her right.

Moving slowly that way she conjured an energy ball ready to throw it. "Coward!" she said softly. Suddenly she felt her legs fall underneath her and she was lying on her back. "Change of view." Wyatt said pinning her arms down while sitting on top of her.

"So did you call me a coward?" Leeann smiled. "Yeah I did any problems with that?" Wyatt was surprised with her way of talking towards him. "I see you're a phoenix witch. The last one I hired ran of with my kid brother and betrayed me."

"I'm sorry to hear that…" with one swift move she got loose and shimmered out, appearing behind Wyatt holding her athame against his neck. "…So what can I do to make you trust us phoenixes again?" Wyatt felt the cold blade of the athame pressed against his neck. She was quick he could use that. "You know you're quick but not as quick as me." He grabbed her arm and threw her over his shoulder on the floor again.

"Consider yourself hired." Wyatt stood up and reached out his hand to help Leeann up. She took his hand. Standing again she straightened her clothes, brushing her fingers through her hair.

Wyatt gave her a good look. Noticing the dark green eyes again. She was good looking but for some reason he believed all phoenix witches were that. "Finished looking?" She looked in a pair of blue eyes. "Yeah I'm done. So what's your name?" Wyatt said folding his arms.

"I'm Leeann and to make things clear between us, I only take orders from you and not from some low level demon or any demon for that matter." She folder her arms too. "We can talk about payment later on."

Wyatt grinned "No we're going to talk about that now." He grabbed her arm and orbed out, appearing in the upstairs hallway of his home. "Because you're my new assassin I need you close by so welcome to your new home." He opened one of the doors leading to a huge room.

Leeann walked in slowly it was a beautiful room. It looked like those fairytale rooms. "I think I can handle the fact that I have to live here." She said trying to show him that she wasn't please with the fact she had to move to this room. "I know you like it Leeann I can sense it." He walked out of the room closing the door behind him. "yeah of course I like it. Which girl wouldn't?" She mumbled falling on the bed.