A few months later…
Wyatt walked through the park. The last few months were pretty hectic. Chris hadn't only changed him but he had changed the future pretty good. They have been fighting evil off just to restore the balance between good and evil. Stopping at a bench he sat down. Closing his eyes he listened to the wind.

"Move over." Wyatt looked up when he heard a voice so familiar but he hadn't heard in a long time. His vision blurry because of the tears he couldn't see clearly. Not willing to let go of Leeann he looked back at her beautiful face. Hoping she would open up her eyes. "Wyatt move over, NOW!" He got shoved aside. Wiping the tears from his eyes he saw the figure of the man he thought was dead. "Dad?"

Suddenly his dad was there. It was so strange. It was like he had never died. He couldn't understand how it was possible but for some reason only Chris and he knew what had happened before Chris left to the past. Hearing the wind blow and the first signs of spring coming through he sighed. First he was pissed at Chris for changing the future. Let him lose the power he needed the most at that point but when he saw his dad he knew everything would be ok.

Leo's hands started to glow as he slowly healed Leeann. Wyatt confused of what was happening looked at Chris and Bianca they seemed as confused as he was. Leeann started to stir, slowly opening her eyes she searched for Wyatt. Leo stood tall again making room for Wyatt. "Leeann…" Wyatt took her in his arms and he kissed her. Staring in her dark green eyes he sighed. "Don't you ever do that to me again." And he kissed her again.

He and Chris had discussed it many times now but it seemed that Bianca and Leeann had no clue what they were talking about. Finally they gave it up and only talked about the events when the girls weren't around. It only seemed like a dream to them. Looking at his watch he stood up again from the bench. Walking down the path he started to smile.

"I know you're there Leeann I can feel you remember?" Wyatt turned around and stared in those dark green eyes.

"It's no fun surprising you." She pouted.

Wyatt laughed as he pulled her in close. "I'm sorry babe for ruining your surprise. I can pretend?" He offered grinning.

"No it's ok I'll find a way to surprise you. We have to hurry you know. It's not that Bianca and your brother get married all the time." She gave him a kiss and pulled back from him.

Still holding his hand she dragged him along the path. "What were you doing here anyway?" She asked curious.

"I was thinking." He answered smiling as he looked at her back. He stopped and he turned her around. "Do you know you look extremely beautiful today."

"Only today?" She tried to say serious.

Wyatt groaned. "You know what I meant." He kissed her.

"So what were you thinking about?" She asked grinning.

He pulled her a bit closer. "About us, what has happened the last few months." The wind played with her hair. He brushed her hair out of her face.

"Yes the very hectic months." Leeann sighed. She had felt weird when Leo had healed and she woke up again. It felt like there were some pieces missing in her memory but when she felt Wyatt embrace her it didn't matter anymore. The events that happened after that and the weird stories Chris and Wyatt tried to explain to her and Bianca didn't made any sense but for some reason she believed that those stories were the missing parts in her memory.

"We should get ready for the wedding then. You know how mom can get." Wyatt said grimacing thinking about how his mother scolded at him this morning for leaving the house.

"We should." She gave him a smile and shimmered to her apartment.

Wyatt laughed as he saw where she had brought him. "Leeann my clothes aren't here."

"Yes they are." She pointed at the suit hanging at her closet door.

"How did you manage that? Mom already freaked out when I moved it from one door to another one."

"Wyatt hun, I tell you that when you grow up." She said teasingly.

"Can you two hurry up?" A frustrating voice shouted through the door.

Leeann grinned. "To bad they found us."

Wyatt pulled her closer. "Yes to bad indeed." Giving her a kiss he pulled back afterwards. "You're making this very hard." He pulled his shirt of and walked into the bathroom.

Leeann followed him. Staring at him as he stepped underneath the shower. "Are you going to stand there watch or are you going to help me?" He asked with a mischievous look.

She smiled as she pulled her clothes off. Stepping underneath the shower next to Wyatt she moved her hand over the scar on his chest. "Why didn't you let your father heal that?"

He took her hand kissing the palm. "Because…" He said smiling at her.

"Fine then don't tell." She stuck her tongue out.

"Very charming." Pulling her closer he kissed her.

"Could you guys please hurry up?" Somebody yelled from behind the door.

Wyatt groaned. "Fine. We get the message." He grumbled. Turning off the shower he handed Leeann a towel. They dried off and after that they putted there underwear on. "Ok let's see what the yelling is about."

Wyatt opened the door and saw Chris pacing up and down the room. Wyatt handed Leeann her dress. "What's wrong?" Wyatt asked concerned.

"I don't know. I think I'm nervous." Chris said stopping and raising his head to look at Wyatt.

Wyatt tried not to laugh. "A case of stage fried huh? Chris buddy, there's nothing to be nervous about."

"I know, I know but still…" Chris started to pace up and down the room again.

"We took care of that Chris. Now lighten up you're going to get married today." He patted his brother on the shoulder. Giving Leeann a look he saw that she was trying not to laugh. He guided Chris out of the room.

"Now go on and get yourself ready we will get you when we're done." Wyatt gave him one last pat on the shoulder and closed the door behind him.

"Poor Chris. I heard him walking through the apartment the whole night." She walked towards Wyatt. "Could you zip me up? And what did you take care off?"

Wyatt zipped the dress. "We took care of that guy who almost killed you." Wyatt said softly.

Leeann turned around. "Why?"

"He became a threat for us. We didn't want him to come and ruin the wedding." Wyatt explained. Gently pushing her a bit back he looked her up and down.

"Are you done looking?" She stared at him.

Wyatt smiled "Yep done. You look very uhm what's the right phrase?" He started to walk slowly towards his suit.

"You can say it. I can take almost everything today." She said grinning.

"Well you look darn hot." Putting his suit on he sighed deeply as he started to fight with the tie. "I'm so not good at this."

Leeann pushed him on the bed. "Sit still."

He waited patiently for her to finish with his tie. "Leeann?"

"Hmm…" She stared at him. "Loose the tie." She took it of him. "Much better."

He pulled her next to him. "Leeann..."

Leeann frowned he looked very serious. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Really nothing." He pulled a little jewelry box out of his pocket. Slowly opening it he heard her gasp.

"Wyatt it's beautiful." She looked at a beautiful golden necklace. There was a little golden phoenix hanging on it.

Taking it out of the box he turned her around so he could hang it around her neck. She turned back and hugged him. "Thank you." She whispered.

"Leeann I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." He whispered back.

She pulled back staring in his blue eyes she smiled. "Did you just ask…?" She started.

Nodding he stared back in her dark green eyes. Waiting for her answer he started to get nervous. Her smile started to get bigger.

"I love you too Wyatt and I would kill you if you ever leave me."

Wyatt laughed. "So that's a yes?" Leeann nodded. He pulled her in close and they kissed as passionate as ever. The kiss taking up all their attention they didn't notice Chris standing in the doorway. He smiled closing the door behind him again.

"It will work out just fine with those two." He said grinning.

The end.

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