This is the second in a series. If you would like to check out book one (I recomend it), here's the link: http: park had long since calmed down for the night, except for the few adult scragglers coming home from the various almost week-end parties. Thursday night seemed to hold the anticipation of Friday in tow, but now Friday morning had come, and few lights could be seen throughout the city.

Daniel Fenton looked through sleepy eyes out of the kitchen window, although he couldn't really see much past the cup he was currently filling with.

"Man," he yawned, "I've got to get some sleep or that test tomorrow is going to kill me," he complained to himself. "This is great. I don't have any ghosts to fight for over a week, I finally get time for rest, and now I can't sleep. Just my luck."

Daniel Fenton was not your typical 14-year-old. His parents were inventors obsessed with ghosts, ectoplasmic energy, and anything related. Unknowingly, they had set up a lab experiment that Danny found interesting. When they couldn't get it to work, Danny had decided to explore, and when he did so, he had accidently triggered a chain reaction. While the machine they had been working on now ran beautifully because of his meddling, it had (without their knowledge) changed their son forever.

Now Danny, half ghost, half human, was the only thing that stood between Amnity Park and total disaster...that is, when he didn't start the problem himself.

He yawned again, and put the water to his lips, when a blue haze came out of his mouth. His eyes went wide immediately.

"Aw man!" he growled and set the glass down in the sink, no water removed. "Whoever you are, you really don't want to mess with me tonight!" He shook his fist at thin air. Then he looked around, and concentrated. Two bluish rings of light appeared at his waist and separated. His hair, usually black, had turned stark white, and he wore a black lab suit with white gloves, boots and belt. His eyes changed from a cool blue to neon green, and his whole body glowed.

Muttering to himself, he flew through the ceiling, and into his room, where he stashed his only constant mechanical weapon...the Fenton Thermos. His father had created it to trap ghosts, and as far as he could tell, it worked just fine.

He grabbed the thermos, and flipped the strap over his head and one arm. He then flew through the roof of his house, and hovered there, looking for the disturbance. It didn't take him long to find it, seeing as the large, green ghost now sneaking through the town had to be at least four stories high. Danny gulped.

"I hope he'll fit in the thermos," Danny whispered to himself, and flew off to confront the giant.

"Um, excuse me..." Danny said, floating in front of the giant's face. "I-"

"Dang it!" The ghost interrupted, looking extremely disappointed.

"Is something wrong" Danny asked, not knowing what else to say.

"Well, yeah," the ghost sulked...which had about the same effect as a whale sulking. It just didn't work very well. "I was told that there was no one that claimed to haunt around here except the Box Ghost." Danny shook his head at the mention of the clumsy, silly ghost that he captured on a regular basis. Somehow, he kept returning, and Danny couldn't for the life (or afterlife) of him figure out why.

"Of course," the giant went on, "there is rumor of a half ghost kid public enemy guy around..." he faded off as he took a better look at Danny, who could only put on a fake smile in return. "You're him, aren't you?"

"Uh...yeah that would be me," Danny gulped and nodded. He could not see this turning out with a peaceful end. His suspicions were confirmed as green, transparent fire flared up around the ghost giant.

"I WILL GET YOU, GHOST BOY!" He thundered.

"Shhhh!" Danny looked around at the houses, wondering why no one had come to see what all the ruckus was about. "Look, I don't want any trouble!" He looked back up in time to see the giant interlace his fingers, and bring them smashing towards him.

"Too bad," the ghost grinned, even though he missed Danny by a good several feet. Danny wasted no time, but put on all the speed he could muster, and threw himself at the Ghost. He felt his wrist connect with the giant jaw, and surprisingly, it felt almost like there was no spirit there. The ghost flew back several yards, and landed out of site behind some larger apartment buildings. Danny opened the thermos and heard it warm up as he followed.

"Okay, time too..." he cut off when he rounded the side of the apartments. The ghost had disappeared completely. Danny looked around for a few minutes, seeing if the ghost was going to try a sneak attack, but nothing happened.

"Great, Danny," he growled at himself. "Now I'll fail that stupid test tomorrow all because I lost a Giant Ghost. Who could loose something-or someone-that big besides me?" He put the thermos away, and flew towards his house in a huff. He didn't notice the slight, glowing figure watching him from behind some dumpsters a few blocks down. She held up a thick, round, transparent plate with the miniature form of the Giant inside it.

"Hmm" she said to herself"this may prove harder than I thought." She clipped the plate to the large, wrap-around belt at her waist, where it dangled next to many similar disks of various sizes. She watched the black-and-white figure disappear, and a smile came to her lips. "Then again, I've always enjoyed a challenge."

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