The first thing Danny became conscious of was the throbbing in his head, that seemed to mock him, telling him that he couldn't continue to sleep while the thrumming continued. Then, he vaguely became aware of the fact that he felt warm, and comfortable. Fuzzy voices began to reach him next.

"Tell me when he wakes up," he heard his mother say, as if she were talking from a great distance.

"Right, Mrs. Fenton," he heard Tucker...they were slowly getting closer and louder. For a few minutes, he sat there, struggling between consciousness and the relaxing sleep that still called to him through the headache. Finally, he groaned.

"Hey," Tucker said, "He's waking up." Danny slowly opened his eyes to see his three friends staring down at him.

"Oh," he groaned again, and put his hand to his forehead. "What happened?" His friends exchanged glances, and Jazz began to explain.

"The weapon Mom used magnifies sound waves at a certain frequency on the spectral plane," Danny and his friends now stared at her in confusion. She sighed. "In other words it can only be heard by ghosts, and it knocks them out."

"Oh," Danny dropped his hand to his side. "It hurt." He looked back at them, "But then they..." he faded of.

"Your mom just thought the ghost had knocked you out," Sam supplied.

"So don't worry," Tucker shrugged. "They still don't know."

"That's a relief," Danny relaxed back into his pillow. "I really wouldn't want them finding out like that," he closed his eyes to try and help the throbbing subside, "What happened to the other ghosts?"

"Well," Sam smiled, "Jazz noticed that the jewel on her forehead glowed whenever her belt did, and figured there was some sort of tie there. The minute Jazz took it off of her, the belt stopped glowing. A few seconds later, after you passed out, a bunch of ghosts appeared and scattered." She looked down and shook her head. "In the confusion, Hortensia got away."

"Aw man," Danny groaned. He was doing that a lot lately.

"Also Mom and Dad are having a field day tracking down all the ghosts. Dad was furious that she escaped. They hadn't been prepared for so many ghosts at once, and they didn't catch any." She shook her head. "It's kind of funny actually," she chuckled.

"Where are Mom and Dad now?" Danny sat up, ignoring the throbbing in his head that cried out in protest.

"They're using their tracker to hunt the ghosts," Tucker said. "Most of them got back here and through the porthole though." Danny's eyes suddenly went wide.

"Wait," he said. "They're tracking!" He looked around frantically. "I've gotta get outta here!"

"Don't worry," Jazz pushed him back. "They're already concluded that this room should show up on whatever meter they're using because of," she put a finger to her lips thoughtfully, "to quote mom: 'A residual effect due to our recent encounter with the Ectoplasmic energy'." She grinned, "So you're fine." Once again, Danny sat back on the bed.

"Thanks guys," he said. He looked down, several thoughts racing through his mind, and his face suddenly fell.

"Er...Danny," Sam glanced at Jazz and Tucker, "What's wrong?" Danny shrugged.

"Come on, man," Tucker punched his arm lightly.

"Ow," Danny glared at him for a moment, rubbing his arm, and then shrugged again. "Alright. It's just that...well, you were right, Sam. The minute I used all of my energy, I changed back." He put his head in his hands. "So the theory of energy was true. I always thought that if I didn't use my powers, I could pretend to be least for a little while, and still have them around when I needed to protect people." He sighed and continued, "Now I know, that if I ever wanted to lead a normal life again, I'd have to completely get rid of my Ghost powers. I can't do that as long as the ghosts keep coming." His voice became quiet and he chuckled mirthlessly. "I guess I just realized how much of a freak I really am." Sam shook her head and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Danny, your powers are apart of you now...more so then ever, actually. People change," she shrugged. "That's life. They have experiences that affect them, for good or bad." She looked down, her face brightening to red. "I, for one, am glad you got your powers." Danny looked up slowly and stared at her, hard.

"Why?" he asked, his voice incredulous. Jazz decided to put her two cents in.

"Haven't you noticed that you're stronger now? You're more confident, you stand up for yourself, and more importantly, you stand up for others who can't. You're a better person because of your experiences, as are we all. Besides," her smile turned sarcastic, "when was our life ever normal?" Danny stared at her for a second before Tucker piped up.

"And as much as I hate all this mushy stuff, you'll always have us, Danny. We're your friends and family, and we'll always be here to back you up." He stood up and walked to a clear part of the room. "Besides," he lifted a leg in the air, and stiffened his hands, "how else are we supposed to learn cool ghost butt-kicking stuff?" He shoved his leg into the air in front of him. "Hi Ya–Woah!" The others, watching him with varying degrees of embarrassment, winced as he fell into a pile of Danny's school supplies. "I'm okay," he called and picked himself up just as Maddie came back in the room.

"Your father is...Danny," she grinned, "You're awake! Good."

"Yeah, thanks mom," he waved as the instrument in her hands started to go wild.

"According to this detector, Danny still has a lot of Ectoplasmic energy,"she might have noticed everyone flinching at her words had she not been so focused on the instrument. "But it should go down again with rest and exercise," she glanced back at them, "Although it might take a while." She shook her head. "They must have hit you with a lot." Danny gulped and nodded. Maddie growled. "Don't worry, Danny, we'll get those ghosts!" She turned to go, but stopped again and looked back at them. "You may want to take an exercise program to help work the ectoplasm out of your system, and I'm going to excuse you from school tomorrow." Danny's face lifted in a smile.


"Of course," Maddie grinned back at him. "After what you've been through, you deserve it." 'Well, that's a first,' Danny thought.

"Alright," he sent her a thumbs up. "I'll work out every night from now on, to keep my energy balanced." He winked at Sam and Jazz, Tucker was still brushing himself off. Maddie nodded.

"You guys had better leave so he can get some more sleep," she nodded at Danny and shut the door.

"So you're going to exercise every night?" Sam asked, raising an eyebrow at him. He shrugged.

"Yeah...but not the way she thinks. I need to be able to get rid of energy if I don't fight ghosts that day." He looked around at his friends, and his face relaxed into a smile. "Thanks for your help, guys," he looked down. "I needed it."

"Needed what?" Tucker asked. Sam, exasperated pushed him out the door after Jazz.

"Go ahead and sleep, Danny," she said to him from the door. "Or don't, and catch up on it in detention."

"Huh?" he asked.

"Remember Lancer?" she asked. "You didn't show up today." Danny slapped his forehead.

"Aw Man!" he growled.

"Yep," Sam smiled. "Have fun. 'Night Danny." She shut the door, leaving a sour looking Danny sitting on his bed, glaring at the door with green eyes.

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