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Chapter 1

12:03 pm
November 30 1985
Hill Valley California

"Nice colour" Marty commented as he watched the painters at work.

"Indeed, but don't lean against that wall: it's covered in plaster dust" Emmett warned.

"Oops." Marty quickly brushed the white powder off his shoulder. "Can we head back to the lab now, or is there anything else you need to organise"

"Everything seems to be running smoothly for the time being. I must say I am glad I did not choose to paint the house myself."

"Yeah Doc, it's a big job. Can we get back to the lab"

"Of course, of course. I was about to say so myself."

"Great, let's go." Marty turned and walked as quickly as was safe, heading towards the makeshift lab that his friend had set up in the old barn. Emmett followed close behind.

"Now, I was just showing you what I planned to do to the circuitry, correct" the scientist asked his younger friend after the pair was settled into the lab.

"That's right Doc. You said you wanted to put in digital displays, or some hi-tech screen, so you could show locations in space as well as time. And you said you needed to put in a whole ton of circuits to figure out how to regulate the whatever-it-is to send the machine to another part of the earth. And you said something about upgrading the flux capacitor" Marty reeled off.

"That's about it; just remember that the circuits regulate the flux dispersal, particularly the harmonics of..."

"Doc, I understand harmonics when it comes to guitars, but 'flux dispersal' is a little out of my depth. All I remember is that stainless steel is good for it."

"That's right. Gold is good, and most conductors are..."

"You obviously don't mean a dude waving a baton around, right Doc"

"No, I don't mean that; certainly not. Is there anything you actually would like to know, Marty"

"Yeah, there is. Why don't you extend the time circuit display to more year digits, and make it go negative so you can visit the earth millions of years ago and stuff? That would be cool, seeing things we only know about from digging up old bones and other rubbish."

"Ah, that's an interesting question, Future Boy. You can't say I haven't thought about that before."

"I can't? I mean, you have"

"Yes." His eyes began to twinkle. "In fact, you could say I've already tried it."

"I co... you have? When? What happened"

Emmett smiled broadly. "It all started back in early 1895. Jules and Verne had managed to pick up a dinosaur craze while in the future, and..."

To be continued…