Chapter 10

"That was pretty heavy, Doc," Marty remarked. "I figure you got back to the right time and place without any more trouble."

"Actually, we arrived in quite another location and had to find our way back to Hill Valley. That was an adventure in itself. I believe the shift in location was due to the unusual circumstances of being caught in transition for more than an instant, if it is correct to use such terminology. Actually, it was that event that sparked my interest in developing technology to alter the destination location in a controlled fashion," Emmett explained, leaning against his lab bench.

"Wow, that's quite some story. What did your kids think?" Marty asked as he fiddled with a short piece of wire he'd picked up from somewhere.

"They were certainly uncomfortable around rain for a while, but rainbows seemed to fix that problem. Verne wrote a rather long string of comics about his adventures."

"He's a pretty artistic kid, isn't he? Quite different to Jules, who tends to be more... uh, technical."

"Good observation. My, look at the time! We've been talking for the whole afternoon!"

"Sorry, Doc, you had a lot of work to get done, didn't you? I've distracted you and now you're behind your schedule!"

"No, Marty, don't blame yourself. It was a story that had to be told. And besides, looking through my plans while talking, I've decided to take the train to the future and do the work there - or then, I mean. It will be much easier and faster, and will take up no time at home."

"That's a smart way to work. Do you want me to come?"

"I'm afraid not. I can do the work myself, and I would prefer to keep the number of people displaced from the present to a minimum. We don't need mire trouble along the lines of what happened last time you..."

"No need to explain, Doc. I get the idea. Actually, I'd better get going before my folks start to worry. It's been good to talk."

"Thankyou for listening, Marty. It's been a pleasure."

"I'll see you next time, whenever that occurs. And I hope everything keeps going will with Clara... and the twins."

"Thankyou for your concern. I'll pass that message on to her soon."

"Thanks, Doc. Say, I wonder how much other stuff I heard back at Sunday School actually happened?" Marty asked with a wry grin.

"More than you might expect, Marty. More than you might expect. And there's one sure way of finding out," the inventor added with a twinkle in his eye.

The End.