I'm SO sorry to timydamonkey, I kind of used the title of one of your fanfictions, but this thing can't be called anything but "Lust."

This is kind of the opposite to my other poem, "Sin."

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Love Lolly.

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Your name escapes my wayward lips,

A name I've often cussed.

How CAN a girl not feel this way?

It's probably just lust.

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You turn to face me, with a smirk.

Sexy, hot, robust.

A flush conquers my pale face,

I hope that it's just lust.

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We're in your room, you and I,

As our lessons were discussed.

It's late, but I don't want to go.

It's just a little lust.

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I have a guy, already though.

His body's ash and dust.

He's long dead. You're alive.

Can I HELP but feel this lust?

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Jesse is the guy for me.

He's honest, good and just.

But my body yearns for something more.

I'm dying from this lust.

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You sit beside me on your bed.

With a smile I do not trust.

I'm overpowered by your darkness

And this terrifying lust.

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You lean closer into me.

I'm not exactly fussed.

Our lips collide, and I succumb

To my deadly, sinful lust.

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I'm pushed back against the mattress

My heart is stained with rust.

I kiss you harder, harder still,

I'm blinded by this lust.

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A fire sears beneath my skin,

I feel like I'll combust.

There's more to this desire, though.

This goes deeper than lust.

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Your lips trail icily down my neck,

And I've betrayed his trust.

I'm feeling...damn, I'm feeling, now.

It's gone way beyond lust.

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Lost in the heat of the moment,

My breath is but a gust.

I murmur words I now regret,

For you it was just lust.

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Your kisses cease, your eyes go cold,

You recoil in disgust.

At the moment that I realize,

It's love I feel, not lust.

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My heart just stops; I can't get air,

All this is so unjust.

You tell me that it's time I go,

You no longer feel your lust.

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I'm sent away, broken hearted,

Tearful and nonplussed.

I had no idea that love could be

So much worse than lust...

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