A Destiny To Fulfill

Summary: Set after "It's a bad bad world". Chris died, but he is sent back to fulfill his destiny to save Wyatt (Gideon wasn't the one who turned him in my story). Will he be able to make everything alright?

Chapter 1: Am I dead?

The pain was too much. Chris wasn't able to bear it any longer. Next to him he heard his dad, telling him to hold on but he just couldn't. Everything went dark around him and the pain slowly vanished from his stomach. His head was spinning and just as he thought that it would never end, he could see bright light through his closed eyes. He opened them carefully and looked around.

Chris was confused to find himself standing on the Golden Gate Bridge. How was this possible? He had thought he was dead but the bridge didn't seem like heaven even it was pretty high. He became even more confused as he realized that he still had a body. Ghosts doesn't have bodies, so what the hell was going on here?

Suddenly a soft voice came from behind Chris and made him nearly fell off from the bridge in surprise. "Don't be scared."

Chris turned around and saw a man standing there, dressed in white. He remembered Chris of the Cleaners but he was sure that this man wasn't one of them. "Who are you? What's going on here?" he asked still confused.

"I'm an Angel of destiny. And I'm here to let you make a choice" the man explained.

Chris frowned. "What choice?"

"If you want to continue with fulfilling your destiny."

"Great" Chris laughed cheerless. "But you missed one thing: I'm dead, so…" he trailed off remembering that he still had a body. "Wait. Am I dead?"

The Angel of the destiny smiled. "You can decide."

Chris was getting really annoyed by this cryptical speech. "What's that supposed to mean? How can I decide if I'm dead or not? Come on, this is ridiculous."

"No it's not. You have the chance to choose between die and enjoy the afterlife or to go back to life and fulfill your destiny."

"And what is my destiny?" Chris asked, trying not to chuckle at the phrase enjoy the afterlife. How can someone enjoy the fact that he's dead?

The Angel of the destiny raised his eyebrows. "I thought it was obvious." As Chris didn't respond he said "To save your brother. And in the result of this the whole world."

At this Chris let go of his sarcasm about the craziness of all that happened. "What? That means Gideon wasn't the one who turned him? He's not save? I died for nothing?"

"You didn't die Chris. You have a second chance if you want."

Chris didn't know if he would have the strange to fight further but he knew that he had no other choice. In the end, saving his brother was the only reason he came to the past. It was his destiny. Suddely he could hear someone calling his name. Soon he realized that it was Leo. Chris' heart broke almost as he heard the pain from his fathers voice.

"He loves you" the Angel of the destiny said. "He always had. Even in the time you came from."

"No" Chris responded bitterly. "The Leo from my time was completely different."

"But still, he'd love you."

Chris remained silent for a while and looked down from the bridge. It still hurts him that his dad hadn't been there for him in his life. "Then why did he pretend like I don't excist?" he asked finally, his voice barely above a whisper.

"Because he was afraid of loosing you… again."

Confused he looked up. "What? Why again?"

"That's the hardest part of all" the Angel said. He sighed and Chris thought he could see sorrow in his eyes. "You not remember this but when you were two years old you've been attacked from a demon. You didn't survive it."

Chris looked at the man shocked. "That can't be. I mean I'm still here."

"That's exactly the point. You're here because you can't die – not again. You are already dead. Since that day this demon attacked."

Again Chris' head began to spin around. That just couldn't be. "But I have a body. Ghosts doesn't have bodies" he tried to talk some sense in the man in front of him.

The Angel nodded in agreement. "You're right. But you're not a ghost."

"Then what am I?" Chris yelled frustrated.

"You are the one which destiny has to be fulfilled. That's the reason why we let you come back. So that you can save your brother."

"So I'm a zombie or what?" Chris asked sarcastically. "Not dead, but not alive."

The Angel of destiny decided to ignore this comment. He knew that this wasn't easy for the young man. "Because you were just two you couldn't decide on your own if you will continue with your fate. So we made the choice for you. We had to explain to your parents that it is your destiny that you'll once have to go back to the past and may not return. Your father couldn't handle the thought of loosing you again. It has been to painful for him seeing you die as a baby. I think he put up some kind of selfprotectness around him, that after a while, made him really believe you died."

Chris blinked hard to prevent the tears falling down his face. "So they have known all the time?"

The Angel nodded. Chris couldn't believe it. But it made sense. His entire life he had asked himself why his dad had abandon him or why his mother had sometimes behaved herself so strange. She had always been a bit overprotective towards him but sometimes he had seen her in her room crying for what seems like no reason. Now he knew better. She had cried because she knew that he was actually dead and someday he had to leave her, to go to the past without knowing if he'd ever return. And still she'd been strong for him. She had protected and cared about him. She had loved him.

"So, have you decided?" the Angel of the destiny asked softly, already knowing what choice the young man would make.

Chris swallowed but then he looked him straight in the eyes and answered with a strong voice "Yes. I go back. I have to save my family."

Again the Angel nodded. "Good luck" he said and waved his hand in front of Chris. He disappeared and the Angel stared sadly at the spot he had been standing. He felt sorry for this young man who had to make so much sacrifices to save the world. But the Angel knew that this was his destiny. A destiny to fulfill.

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