A Destiny To Fulfill

Summary: Set after "It's a bad bad world". Chris died, but he is sent back to fulfill his destiny to save Wyatt (Gideon wasn't the one who turned him in my story). Will he be able to make everything alright?

Authors Note: IMPORTANT! A few characters are added in this chapter:

Rick (22): He's Piper's and Leo's third son. Together with Chris and Wyatt they are the new Charmed Ones.

Prue (18): She's Phoebe's and Cole's daughter.

Colin (16): He's Paige's and Richard's son (In my story Paige and Richard came back together after Richard dealt with his problems with magic).

Alexandra (16): She's Colin's twin sister and everyone calls her Alex.

Chapter 18: Good bye's and a new life

Chris sighed heavily. It was in the middle of the night and he was sitting on the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. The cold air rushed over him but he didn't even notice. He couldn't stop thinking about the past three years. So much had changed in his life and tomorrow he and his brother would have to go back to the future. He was happy that everything had turned out well and he knew that he should be excited about going back but somehow he was also scared and a bit sad about it.

"Shouldn't you be sleeping a bit?" suddenly a voice asked behind him and caused him to jump slightly.

Chris turned around and saw his father standing there. He couldn't help but smiled. The time he had spent here in the past made one thing very clear to him that he had never been sure about in his entire life, his dad loved him. "I really tried dad, but I couldn't stop thinking" he replied and turned back to look down on the water.

Leo sat beside him and followed Chris' gaze over the water. "Care to share?" he asked gently.

"It's stupid, forget it" Chris answered quickly.

Leo looked at him and said firmly "Whatever it is, you can talk with me about it. I'm here for you if you need anything."

Chris smiled at him. "I know dad. But, well I just thought about the future." Leo said nothing and waited for Chris to continue. "You know, I have all these memories about the new future but I didn't live this life. What if I mess everything up? I mean, my life is pretty good there but I don't really belong there, do I?"

Leo remained quiet for a while before he answered "Chris, all my life I believed that everything happens for a reason. After you came here though, I started to change my mind. I was so mean to you in the beginning and apparently I was a really bad father to you in the old future. And then of course the fact that Wyatt was evil there, well lets say that I really didn't think that it had a good reason that all of this happened. But after the events in the last days everything started to make sense to me again. There was a reason why all of that happened, even if it wasn't a good one."

Chris had listened to his dad carefully and waited for more to come, but Leo remained silent. Finally he decided to speak. "And this should help me how?" he asked with a bit sarcasm in his voice.

Leo smiled. "What I wanted to say with that is that there is a reason why you have this memories, a reason why you'll have the chance to live this life you remember now. You deserve this life Chris. More than anyone else. And I'm sure you don't have this chance only to mess everything up. I don't even think that you could mess anything up because you're a good person who does everything when it comes to family. Just look at what you did for all of us in the last years."

Chris looked away, embarassed. "It wasn't just me who saved the future. You and..."

Leo cut him off before Chris could badmouth his actions further. "That's maybe true but it was you who gave up everything to come back here and try to change it. You risked so much and I couldn't be more proud of you."

Chris looked back at him and a smile spread across his face when he noticed his father's serious and honest expression. "Thanks dad. For everything" he whispered.

Leo put an arm around his shoulder. "There's nothing I wouldn't do for you Chris. I love you so much. And don't worry, everything will be completely fine in the future. And if I ever start to act like the jerk I was in your original future then just kick my ass and get me back on earth, okay?"

Chris laughed before he said "I somehow really don't think that's gonna be necessary."

On the next day everyone was gathered in the attic to send Chris and Wyatt back to the future. Even Cole was there though no one except from Phoebe and Chris was looking at him all too friendly. Piper had already tears in her eyes. She knew that it was a bit riddiculous because she still had her baby boys but she would miss their adult versions deeply. She had gotten so used to them being around that it felt really weird to think about them gone. Piper blinked away her tears and watched amused how her sons said good bye to their younger selves.

"You're going to be good this time, okay?" Chris said sweetly to Baby Wyatt.

"I'm always good" Baby Wyatt said and looked at him innocently.

Chris laughed. "You stole my cookie this morning, that wasn't really good" he playfully scolded.

"Hey, leave him alone" Wyatt said before he turned to Baby Chris. "Your older self is always picking on me, you're a lot cuter than him, you know that buddy?"

Baby Chris giggled happily. "I know Wy. Love you" he exclaimed and tried to put his small arms around his adult older brother.

"Hey mini me, you'll have to learn how to pick on your brother, okay?" Chris asked his younger self.

"I'll never pick on Wy" Baby Chris answered sincerly.

"Whatever" Chris said grining, knowing all too well that he'll learn to pick on his brother very soon – and very good.

Wyatt now turned to his younger self too. "You'll look out for your little brother, right?"

Baby Wyatt nodded firmly. "Sure."

"You'll protect him and..."

"Wyatt I can take care of my self" Chris interrupted him and tried to sound annoyed but he couldn't suppress a smile.

Wyatt nodded and handed Baby Chris over to his mother.

"Hey Chris, do you want..." Piper began to ask but Baby Chris quickly cut her off. "My name's mini me."

Piper sighed and shot a glare at Chris who obviously tried hard not to laugh like all the others in the room except from his mom. "Why are you looking at me like this?" Chris asked innocently.

"Well, who called him mini me for the last two years?" Piper asked back

"How was I supposed to call him?" Chris tried to defend himself.

"Okay back in your corners" Phoebe said, still laughing. She then walked over to Chris and hugged him. "And this time you're really going back to that beautiful world you helped to create, okay?"

"And you're really gonna miss me" Chris continued while he hugged her back.

Phoebe just nodded before she walked over to Wyatt and put her arms around him. "And I'm gonna miss you too."

Paige followed her sister and also said her goodbye's to her nephews before she took Baby Chris from Piper who immediately embraced her youngest adult son. "I love you Chris" she whispered into his ear while the tears came back into her eyes. "I'm gonna miss you so much."

"Hey, you'll still have mini me" Chris tried to comfort her.

"It's not the same" Piper sobbed.

Chris looked a little helplessly over to his older brother when Piper started to hug him a bit too tight. Wyatt quickly put a hand on his mother's shoulder and asked "Do I get a hug too?"

Piper let go of Chris and embraced her other child. "Thanks for coming here Wyatt. I love you so much. I'm really proud of you" she said before she pulled away from him to look at her sons. "Of both of you" she added and squeezed their hands.

Chris quickly hugged her again and whispered "I love you mom."

Leo joined them and turned to Wyatt. "I meant what I said on Chris' birthday. You're a great brother. I'm proud of you son" he said and embraced him.

"Thanks dad" Wyatt said before he pulled away so that his father could also hug his little brother.

Cole watched them the whole time but decided to stay in the background. He knew that they were all still a bit mad at him, especially Wyatt and Piper. And he could certainly understand them. It surprised him that except from Phoebe the only one who didn't seem to be mad at him at all was Chris. What surprised him even more was that the boy now walked over to him and hesitantly started to speak.

"I don't really know what to say, except from thanks" Chris said honestly.

"Thanks?" Cole repeated disbelievingly.

Chris smiled a bit. "Yeah, well after all without you I wouldn't have been able to save my family."

"Err... well I – " Cole was lost for words.

Phoebe quickly walked over to them and put a reassuring hand on Cole's chest. "Don't say anything" she said. "Just go with it."

Cole nodded while Chris took a vial from the table next to them and walked over to the wall where a triquetra was already there. He threw the vial against it and turned back to his mom and aunts who were side by side looking on a piece of paper. Together they recited:

"In this place and in this hour,

we call upon the ancient power,

open the door through time and space,

create a path to another place."

Immediately the triquetra started to shine brightly. Chris and Wyatt looked once again back at their family who were all smiling at them, before they turned around and walked through the portal.

23years in the future

Chris and Wyatt stepped out of the portal and looked around. The attic was almost in the same state as it was in the time they just came from. They looked at each, both a bit nervous, before Chris finally decided to break the silence. "It's a good sign that it's not a museum" he joked.

"Ha ha" Wyatt said. "I don't think that this is funny. You know how I feel everytime I think back to the other timeline."

Chris looked at him guiltily. "Sorry Wy. I didn't mean it like this. I just wanted to..."

He was interrupted from voices and footsteps coming upstairs. A second later a young man with brown hair and brown eyes walked into the attic, followed by a girl who looked like a younger version from Phoebe. They stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Wyatt and Chris standing there. After a short silence the man yelled loudly "Mom, Dad! They're here!"

Then he stepped quickly forward and hugged them both. "It's good to see you guys again" he said happily.

Wyatt and Chris grinned at each other. "We missed you too Rick" Wyatt then said.

Rick pulled away from them and turned back to the girl. "Don't you want to say hello too?" he asked with a smile.

The girl nodded and walked over to Chris and Wyatt. They wanted to hug her but before they got the chance the girl slapped them on their arms. "Ouch!" they both exclaimed. "What was that for?" Chris added.

"You two were gone for two months!" the girl said with a loud voice. "Aunt Piper and Uncle Leo freaked out in the beginning before they realized what was going on."

"They told you about it?" Wyatt asked, slightly panicked. He really didn't want his cousin or brother to know about the other future.

"No we didn't" Piper said when she and Leo entered the room. She quickly walked over to her sons and pulled them into a tight hug. "I missed you two so much" she said with tears in her eyes.

The girl looked at them sternly once Piper had released them again. "They just said that you two travelled to the past to stop something bad from happening. And I want to know what that was."

"You don't need to know about this sweetie" Piper said firmly.


"She's right Prue" Chris cut her off. "Everything's fine now, that's all that matters." He turned to his older brother and smiled.

Just then Phoebe walked into the room and sqealed loudly when she saw her nephews. "You're back!" She quickly went over to them and hugged them impetuous. "Oh it's so good to see you again!"

Chris and Wyatt grinned at each other. Phoebe would never change. "Phoebe we..."

"Hey you have to call me Aunt here again mister" Phoebe interrupted Wyatt and pulled away from them.

"Mom could you please tell why they were in the past?" Prue asked her, not ready to give up yet.

"No sweetie, I'm sorry but we all decided that it's better this way" Phoebe answered and smiled at her daughter.

Prue groaned. "Oh okay, fine. I'll go and get Aunt Paige, Colin and Alex" she said and walked down the stairs to go to magic school.

"And I get Uncle Cole and Uncle Richard" Rick added and orbed away.

Piper and Leo smiled brightly at their sons. "I'm so happy that you're here again" Leo said after a while. "It was really weird without you in the last two months."

"Why just two months?" Chris asked. "We were actually gone for three years, right?"

Leo nodded. "Yeah but time travel don't work like this. You see..."

"Oh Leo, they just got home" Piper interrupted him and sighed. "Let's go downstairs and I'll make us some dinner. The others will be back soon and after Prue, Alex and Colin are gone again you'll have a lot to explain to Rick."

Wyatt frowned confused. "Why? What do you mean?"

"He kinda knows a little about the other future" Piper answered. "I refused to tell him more but I bet he's gonna ask you and I also know that you two can't deny your little brother anything. So if he's gonna ask you then you'll answer him."

Chris and Wyatt looked at each other and immediately realized that their mother was right. They had a soft spot when it came to Rick. Whatever he asked of them, they always gave it to him. He was really one spoiled little brat. With a sigh they finally followed their parents downstairs to the dining room where the rest of the family was already waiting for them.

The End

The spell was from "It's a bad, bad, bad, bad world". I know that it sent Leo and Chris to the evil world, but since Gideon wasn't alive anymore I thought they could use it.

I want to thank everyone who has wrote me a review! I'm so happy about them. THANKS!