Title: Symbolism

Author: Anaphalis

Summary: In the end, what is the best path- holding on or letting go? 100 word drabble.

Disclaimer: Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Shonen Jump.




Strength. Courage. Dignity. Encouragement to one who struggles.

Cherry blossoms.

Loyalty. Filial Love. Like the samurai who spends his life preparing for the battle in which he is killed.




Strength. Vitality. Boldness. Power.

Kagome rises quietly, staring at the flowers laid separately, neatly on the ground before resting her head against the ancient tree trunk.

Slowly she rights herself, back straight, head high. She takes the remaining flower and ties it into her hair.

"Lotus. Life."

A faint breeze ruffles her skirt as she walks away.

Unseen, the wind mixes the petals over the graves.

-The End-

Updated 02-03-05