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Okay, I've totally changed this fanfic. It takes place after season 3 (not including So the Drama). I just couldn't get it to work the other way.

"Target, Nakasumi-san! Found...locked!"

"Well done, Shego," the blue-skinned man said, "Remember: I need him alive!"

"Have I ever let you down before, Drakken?" Shego said, "Don't you dare answer that!"

Drakken glared at the green-eyed beauty, while she piloted the saucer towards Nakasumi. She was so incompetent at times. He missed that time he'd used mind control on her. That was so fun. He'd tell Shego to do something, and she'd do it without question. But then he remembered how mad she was when Kim's brothers deactivated the mind control chip. Part of him wished that he'd used it to take advantage of her, but, if he had, she would have surely killed him. He was so deep in thought that he didn't notice the grappling hook that attacked to the saucer.

"Stoppable?" Shego shouted.

"Booyah!" Stoppable shouted while messing with the controls, "You're goin' down."

He jumped off as the saucer rammed into the fence surrounding the landing strip that their target was in. Drakken and Shego both screamed.

"Kim Possible?" Drakken said angrily, climbing out of the saucer, "Why do you always have to spoil my fun?"

"News flash, Dr. D," Stoppable said, "You're a super villain, and she's a teen hero. Do the math."

"I...know...that, but we haven't even–oh, just get on with it."

"How about you get on with it?" Shego said, which earned weird looks from Kim and her sidekick.

"She-go," Drakken answered, feeling very annoyed, "this is not the time to question the nature of our relationship."

"Fine," Shego said, "but I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing this for me."

She fired plasma at Kim, who dodged it with little effort. Shego then began "sparing" with Kim; that left Drakken to execute his plan.

"You're coming with me, Nakasumi," he said.

"Not now. Not ever, Dr. Dolt," Stoppable said while standing between Drakken and his prey.

"It's "DRAKKEN", buffoon!"

"And my name is RON STOPPABLE, not "buffoon"!"

"Whatever," Drakken said while reaching into his blue lab coat for his trump card. A gun.

"Watch out, KP!" Ron shouted.

"Pity on you, Kim Possible!" Drakken said, and pulled the trigger.


Kim turned in the direction the sound came from, and she saw Ron with his back to her.

"What happened, Ron?" she asked, "What was that sound?"

"A...gun...shot," he said weakly, and he turned so that Kim could see the bullet hole in his right shoulder.

He feel forward and Kim caught him. His blood went everywhere. It was all over her hands and black mission outfit.

"RON!" Kim screamed, "DRAKKEN! I'll kill you!"

"Don't worry, Kimmie," Drakken said, training the gun on her, "The two of you will soon be reunited."

Kim grabbed Shego and threw her at Drakken. The gun, the one that the mad man used to kill Ron, flew out of his hand. Kim tackled the doctor, her eyes flashing with murder. But Shego kicked her off of him. She slammed into the fence.

"Let's jet, Shego," the murderer said, "Nakasumi is obviously suffering from stage fright."

"You're...not...going...anywhere...MURDERER!" Kim shouted, biting out every word.

"Now, Kimberly," he staited, "I hate it when you lie. I haven't murdered your sidekick...yet. However, he will die if he doesn't receive medical attention within...say half-an-hour."

"So, what'll it be, Kimmie?" Shego said, charging up the saucer, "Catch the bad guys, or save your little boyfriend?"

That was no choice at all. Kim ran to Ron.

"I thought so," the would-be killer said, while they left.

Kim didn't have anything to stop the bleeding, except her shirt. She took it off, unwittingly giving Ron an eyeful. She propped his head on her lap and placed her shirt on the wound, putting plenty of pressure on it. She held him tightly and waited for a sign, any sign that he was alive.

"K...P," he said, almost too quietly for her to hear, "Are...you...all right?"

Kim blushed when she noticed that Ron saw her in just a bra (not including her mission pants) and said, "Yes. I am, thanks to you."

Ron smiled and closed him eyes. Kim couldn't tell whether he was sleeping, unconscious, or d-de-no, she couldn't allow herself to think that. She pulled out the kimmunicator, making sure that Wade wouldn't get a glimpse at her half naked body.

"Wade?" she said with tears in her eyes.

"What up, K..." Wade trailed off at seeing Kim Possible, The Kim Possible, cry.

"Ron's been shot. He just said something, but I'm not sure if he's still alive."

"I-I'll get paramedics there immediately," Wade stammered.

"Hurry, Wade," Kim said through the tears, "If anything happened to Ron I'd...I don't know what I'd do."

"Done and done. They'll be there in eight minutes."

Eight minutes? Kim thought, That means that Ron'll be at the hospital in sixteen minutes, and Drakken said that he'd die in thirty. Why do we have to cut these things so close?

–Sometime later–

Ron was having that dream again. The one with Kim fighting Monkey Fist. Monkey Fist shouldn't have been fighting Kim; Ron was his arch foe, not Kim. Ron tried to help Kim, but the faster he tried to run, the slower his body moved. He tried to yell for Fist to attack him so that Kim could escape, but his voice stopped in his throat.

Kim struck with her left leg, then her right arm. Fist blocked each attack effortlessly. Kim blocked left, then up. Each block coming closer and closer to her body. Kim had anger in her eyes. Whether it was from something Fist said or the fact that she was losing, Ron didn't know. She jumped over a sweeping kick Fist had executed and gave him a hard roundhouse kick in the head. A smile creased her lips, for she thought she won. But Ron knew it wasn't over. Tears entered his eyes as Monkey Fist took the strike like it was nothing. Kim looked at the man in surprise and horror: 'cause he shouldn't even be standing after that attack. With a flash of red light the Lotus Blade appeared in Fist's hands and he drove it into Kim's chest. She let out a bloodcurdling scream as he killed her.

Ron's eyes shot open. After having that dream so many times (he lost count of how many times) he'd learned to stop jumping at it. That didn't make it any less impacting. The thought of Kim dying sent horror throughout Ron's body. He shivered as he tried to remember where he was. His vision was a bit blurry, so he tried to remember what happened before he blacked out.

He remembered Drakken pulling out a gun and pointing it at Kim. Ron didn't even have to think, he took a bullet for Kim without thought. What did his biology teacher say about actions like that? She said it was protective instinct: the instance to protect ones young without thought, or sometimes a mate.

Oh my God, Ron thought, I just thought of Kim as my mate

That was just too weird. Kim was his best friend, nothing more. However, Kim's dad told Ron that his wife was his best friend; and he did say that the best marriages were between friends. What was he thinking? The thought of marrying Kim, having sex with her, or even dating her was totally unusual to him. Well…not totally. Part of him was obsessing over it.

As his vision cleared, he saw Kim sitting next to his bed, sleeping. She must have taken him to the hospital. She wasn't warring her mission clothes. Suddenly, Ron remembered why: she'd taken off her mission shirt to stop his gun shot wound from bleeding. He suddenly found himself imagining Kim sharing an intermit moment with him.

Stop it! Kim's your best friend. Even if you're interested in her, she's not a sex toy. So…stop…thinking…about it!

But he couldn't. It was just to intoxicating. He had noticed on many occasions, what a beautiful woman Kim had become. "Beautiful" was an understatement. "Gorgeous" was more accurate. But that was just icing on the cake, underneath that sexy body was a wonderful person. She was supportive, creative, thoughtful, and determined. But what Ron loved most about Kim was the fact that she liked him for who he was.

WHAT! I just thought that I loved Kim! Thought? I do love her. Don't I?

Ron took another look at Kim. Was this love a friendly kind of love or something more? Would he have taken a bullet for anyone, or just Kim? He had to admit: he didn't know. Oddly, the reason he was obsessing over having sex the Kim wasn't because of her looks (mostly); it was because he saw it as a sign of unity, not just love. It'd be a sign of how much they trusted each other. He much they felt they needed each other. How much they meant to each other.

"Penny for your thoughts," a sweat voice rang, "or would you prefer a naco?"

Ron turned to look into those shimmering green eyes and said with a smile, "You."

"Oh, Ron, that's so sweet," she said while grabbing Ron's left hand (he noticed his right arm was in a sling).

Kim then, pulled him close to her and hugged him. "Don't you ever scare me like that again," she said.

Ron felt his heart race at the sudden physical contact between him and Kim. He got caught up in the warmth of her body, the smell of her hair, her skin, and the look in her eyes when she realized he was okay. Did Kim love him? Did he love her? Ron swore that he'd figure it out.

—One week later, on the way to school—

"I am furiously psyched!" Ron shouted, "We finally get to sit at the senior table. Only one more year of high school! Only two words can describe how I feel: BOO-YAH!"

"Amp down, Ron," Kim asked, "It's no big."

"No big?" Ron said, "Kim, have you failed to grasp the concept of what's about to go down? In one year we'll be collage bound, baby! We'll be able to move out of our parent's homes and live on our own! Felix and I already plan to get an apartment together. It's definitely 'booyah' worthy."

"Still, it's not that big a deal, Ron," Felix said.

"So?" Kim said, "No big. How's this different from the closing of any other school year?"

"Okay," Ron said, "In a few months there will be no more older guys pushing me around. My best friend is captain of the cheer squad, and my main man, Felix, is helping me with science. Life is good."

"No more of that "turkey pudding" and junk," Felix added, "It won't be long now."

"You two are such weirdoes," Kim said, "Hey, Monique."

Felix noticed that, as Kim ran towards her other best friend, Ron was giving her a loving look. They talked about stuff he and Ron didn't care about.

"You like her, don't you?" Felix said to Ron.

"What? Who?"

"Kim Possible," Felix said slowly, "Ya know: teen hero, saves the world, your best friend."

"Wha-no. Me and Kim…that's just, um…I mean…we're just friends and…I…"

"You are so crushing on her."

"Am not."

"Are so."

"Am not!"

"Are so!"

"What are you two talking about?" Kim asked.

"Nothing," Ron said before Felix could answer, "It's just guy talk."

—meanwhile at Drakken's lair—

"Kim Possible always foils my schemes, but not this one," Drakken said.

"Uh huh. Sure," Shego said.

He knew the black haired woman wasn't listening to him, so he decided to stop ranting.

"We, that is I, have to select a new target to kidnap," Drakken said, "We will then ransom our hostage for the money we need to—Shego are you listening?"

"I'm sorry. Did you say something?"

"Fine. You may leave."

"Thank you," Shego said while exiting.

Drakken turned on his computer and saw that he had an IM waiting for him. He opened it. It read:

to bluman1:

i have gathered together my half of the deal, now it is your turn.

signed, ultamatemonkeyruler.

"Perfect," Drakken said, then laughed manically.

I've based this on what I've heard about the Kim Possible finally, So the Drama. Please note: I do not have a copy of the script or anything like that. I don't know when the update will be (sorry). But until then R R.