Doc Turnal, Lady Dusk, Samantha Sullivan, and Dom are the only characters in this fanfic that are mine.

"Looks like we'll have to split up," Kim said as she assessed the situation.

"Yeah," Ron agreed, "Look at all those guards."

"Dom," Kim said, "You go in through the back. That disguise Wade gave you is the uniforms for the waiters in the Bermuda Triangle Club. You should be able to pass off as a waiter for a while."

"I don't know," Dom said, "I'd much rather cook. It pays better."

"Just do it, Dom," Kim said, trying to keep her voice down.

After Dom left, Kim turned to Ron and said, "A lot of people have trouble recognizing you, so I think you can make it through the entrance with the alias Wade gave you."

Ron looked at her and said, "I still think "Gordon Gnot" is a lame alias. It sounds like someone made it up off the top of his head."


"I know. I know. I'm going. How you getting in?"

"Through the air vents."


"There she is," Dusk said.

"Where?" her husband asked.

"Third table from the left of the stage," Dusk answered.

Doc Turnal turned. He was a well-built middle-aged man with brown hair that almost reached to his shoulders. He had noticed that, to his displeasure, some of it was graying slightly. It didn't really matter if his hair had no grey in it, his age was betrayed by his wrinkled face. He fixed his grey eyes on the correct table and saw…a kid.

He blinked. Yes. She was a kid all right. No older than Kim Possible. In fact, this girl in front of him looked a bit younger. She had blond hair only a little longer than his own hair and a very rounded face. She fit the description of Sullivan, but the woman he was looking for had to be older.

"Are you mad, woman?" Doc said, turning so that no one could tell who he was talking about, "That can't be her! Sullivan must be older than that."

"That's her, love," his blond-haired wife said, "I can sense it. We can't delay any longer; Kimberly and Ronald will be here soon."

Kim Possible. Ron Stoppable. Doc hated those two. Ron Stoppable most of all. If he hadn't—

"You're right, wife," the British man said, "I'll trust your judgment."

They walked up to the girl. She turned her eyes to them. Oddly, her eyes were two different colors. Her left eye was a forest green, while her right was stony blue. They seemed to bore into Doc's soul, but he held her gaze without flinching.

"You must be Doc Turnal," the girl said standing up (she had to be no more than five feet tall), "My name is Sullivan."

"A pleasure to meet you," Doc said, taking her hand and kissing it, "My wife, Lady Dusk."

Dusk nodded to Sullivan but glared at her. Dusk was the jealous type. She had shoulder-length blond hair and sea green eyes. Those eyes could be gentle and soft at time, but cold and penetrating at others.

Five years ago, she was part of an experiment that went horribly wrong. Doc Turnal hired the Knights of Rhodighan to hunt down the other survivors of the accident. He never told his wife that he was responsible for it. The knights, however, missed one. Since Sullivan never revealed herself, Doc considered himself safe. She must have been only ten when the experiments were put on her. Rumors implied that she had greater powers than Dusk. Doc wasn't sure if he was ready to believe that.

"I guess you're looking for "the boss"," Sullivan said.

"Indeed," Doc answered.

Sullivan leaned in whispered and whispered so that only Doc could hear her, "In the back there is a door labeled "broom closet". That's his office. It's locked with the best of locks. Knock three times to get an answer."

"Perfect," Doc said, "We'll need you to keep an eye out. If Global Justice or Team Possible arrives, keep them busy until we leave."

"I'm not done," Sullivan said, "I will keep watch for you, but you can't just see "the boss". You have to give the password."

"What password?" Doc asked.

Sullivan looked about again and leaned even closer (her lips were almost touching Doc's ear) and whispered it into his ear.

"You have to be joking," Doc said, backing off.

"That's the password, Turnal," she said, "Hurry. It'll change in twenty minutes."

"Come on, Dusk," Doc said, walking away with his wife.


The Bermuda Triangle Club was big. That didn't even describe it. Dom wondered what kind of millionaire owned the establishment. He saw seven chandeliers hanging on the twenty-foot high ceiling. He tried to focus on looking for Doc and Dusk (catchy). He thought he saw them, but they seemed to be able to disappear at will.

Something caught his attention. A young lady about his age. Maybe she was even younger. Why would she be in a club. He wasn't liking this. Something caught the girl's attention. She walked at a quick pace. Dom turned his head to look at what she was walking towards. Not what. Who.


Ron felt like he had gotten in without a problem. In fact, a beautiful blond was walking towards him.

"'Ello," he said, faking an accent, "Gordon Gnot. And who might you be."

"You can't fool me with that fake accent, Stoppable," the lady said, "It was a good one, but I have ways of seeing through disguises."

"Oh," Ron said as the woman leapt up for a roundhouse kick, "n—"

She hit him hard in the face, but Ron took it. He backed off. It was then that he recognized his assailant.

"Sammie?" Ron exclaimed, "What are you doing?"

"Getting even," Sam answered.

"What did I ever do to you?"

"Not you, stupid," she said, looking annoyed, "I'm getting back at—"

"Don't worry, Ron," Dom shouted, "I got her."

Dom punched Sam. At least, he tried to. Sam stepped back out of his way, and Dom crashed onto the floor.

"I meant to do that," Dom said.

"Sure you did," Sam said sarcastically, "Friend of yours?"

"He's new," Ron explained, "Now why did you kick me?"

"Sorry," Sam said, standing into a combat stance (how'd she get so curvy?), "Can't tell you."

Sam sent a jump-kick Ron's way. Ron grabbed her foot and threw her to the side on the floor. Sam landed on the floor and didn't miss a beat. She sweep kicked him, and he joined her on the floor. She straddled him, pinning him to the ground.

"I never thought you would have gotten so sexy," she said, leaning closer.

"Get off me," Ron shouted, kicking her off.

—Doc Turnal—

After Doc knocked three times, he said, "Neener."

"That's the password?" Dusk asked.

"Yes," Doc said as the door opened, "And wipe that smile off your face!"

"Doc, you shouldn't have come here," Doc's friend said, "We don't want to be found out."

"I know, Phillip," Doc said, "But this is worth the risk."

"Ronald is fighting Sullivan," Dusk said.

Doc turned on a communicator and spoke into it, "I need an airlift for my sickly business partner."

"Don't worry about me," Phillip said, "They won't hurt me while I'm in this condition. I'm sure of it. You don't fight Kim Possible as long as I have without understanding her."

"I know, Phillip," Doc said, "Just a precaution."

Phillip had gotten worse. He was barely recognizable. Doc had promised him a cure if he aided in Doc's scheme. Actually, he promised to fund research for a cure.

"What do you need," Phillip said with what seemed like great effort, "Speak quickly. I don't want you caught."

"Where can I find the Hoplite Project?"

"I thought you had it already."

"A copy of it, yes. But Debora had it encoded. I either need the decryption, or another copy of it."

"She did have another copy of it," Phillip said, stirring in his bed, "And I know where it is. Why didn't you ask sooner?"

"I thought I could decrypt my copy," Doc said, "and I did, but it was programmed to erase if it was hacked."

"Ah. Well, the copy you seek is in the possession of—"

He coughed and continued, "Dominic Ennis Butchkowski."

"Thank you," Doc said, smiling evilly, "I no longer have any need for you."

"Then you may go."

"He's headed this way," Dusk said.

Doc clenched tightly onto Phillip's air filter and said, "When I said, 'I no longer have any need for you,' I meant that your life isn't important to me. Goodbye, Phillip."

At that moment, Stoppable and Sullivan crashed into the room. Stoppable threw her into a wall. It looked like it hurt. Doc kicked Stoppable hard in the side.

"We've got him, Sullivan," Dusk shouted, "Go find Possible. I don't want to have to face the two of them together."

Sullivan dashed out when Dusk had Stoppable. She'd wrapped her arms around his chest and arms. Doc punched him in the face.

"Exactly as I planned it," Doc said.

"What are you talking about, Doc?" Ron asked.

"You'll see," Dusk whispered into Ron's ear.

"Ronald," moaned the bedridden old man in the room, "help…me."

Ron was confused. No one remembered his name. Monkey Fist and Gill remembered it because they always wanted to kill him. He thought Shego remembered it but wasn't sure. The only other person he could think of that remembered his name was…

"Señor Senior Sr.?" Ron said, "What happened to you?"

"I think, Stoppable," Doc said, grabbing Senior's face (he was wailing), "that you should worry more about what is going to happen to him."

"Let him go," Ron shouted getting out of Dusk's grip.

"Very well."

Just as Ron got to Senior, Doc broke his neck. The old man's body lay there, limp and lifeless. Ron didn't like Senior, but he didn't want the man dead.

"Tired of people forgetting your name?" Doc said, "Well, they'll remember you now…"

Ron dived after Doc, but he managed to jump into the air duct. Dusk went in right after him, stepping on Ron's head as she did.

Doc laughed evilly as he continued, "Because you killed Señor Phillip Senior Sr.!"

Sorry to take so long, but my computer was down for the count for a while. Hope you like this chapter. More action in the next one.