Title: Friends with Secrets

Genre: Not entirely sure yet... drama, humor?

Rating: PG-13

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Hello faithful readers! I've been boggling my mind for the last few weeks trying to post a new story but I couldn't decide which one... so I may post a few. This one was the one I wanted most... although I really had no title for it so the title kinda sucks... For all who wanted to know I am still updating on TMT so a short chapter will be out soon and even Conquest...yeah still having an interesting time with that one.

Enjoy this new story it's from a different angle and it DOES NOT run along side any original story of SM so pay attention... everyone is still super heros but were not discovered in correct order or in some cases were not discovered at all.
This story will mainly focus on Mamoru-san. Yay! I can hear all of you rejoicing. Aren't fanfics about him so interesting?

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Chapter 1: How it all began: The start of a beautiful friendship



Lonely and afraid. It was what the nurses had whispered about him as they walked past his room and a sigh left his little lips. Those are things an eight year old should never feel. He heard their voices continue and he leaned his chin in his hands as he leaned forward in his bed. He wondered if they knew he could hear them. Gentle pools of sapphire glanced at the small dying bud in a plastic cup he had placed by his bedside. He smiled reaching out to touch its dying pedals.

"You shouldn't let things die… you keep making me get you new ones." A huffy little voice said below him and he glanced down to encounter shimmering cobalt eyes that looked up at him with a cute little smile. In her chubby fingers she held two blood red roses that she held out towards him.

"Usagi wanted to visit you again Mamoru and she would not take no for an answer." A tired motherly voice said above him and he glanced at the tall woman that hovered over the small five-year-old frame of golden beauty. "Will you two be ok if I go get some coffee down the hall?"Ikuko asked with a bit of worry in her voice and Mamoru smiled sitting up with a confident nod.

"I'll protect her." He replied sturdily and Ikuko Tsukino smiled lovingly down at the boy and she patted his head appreciatively.

"I'm sure you will." She said and gently kissed her daughter's head before she left the room leaving the pouty form of Usagi Tsukino watching where her mother had departed. Her attention was drawn away when hands came under her arms and she felt herself being pulled messily onto the bed.The small formpushed with her legs on the sheets until she collapsed on top of pajama-clothed legs safely on the bed.

Blue eyes watched quietly through the door's small window as she watched the two small children scramble into comfortable sitting positions next to each other on the pale white sheets. A deep sigh left her lips.

"You are so sweet to bring her to visit him." A voice cut into her thoughts and Ikuko glanced up alarmed, her black hair held in a bun at the back of her head.

"What happened to him?"Ikuko asked as she watched her daughter hand the two roses to him and they quickly began switching the dead rose for the new ones.

"A month ago he and his parents were in a car accident, both parents were killed on impact but he survived. He was in the hospital for a week before they brought him here to live. He lost all of his memories… he's lost and alone." The nurse said quietly glancing into the room watching the two talk animatedly to each other.

"Seems not anymore." Ikuko mumbled quietly and a smile crossed her lips as she ran her hand over her now smooth stomach. "Usagi met him in the hospital when I was giving birth to her little brother Shingo… now he is all she can talk about." She giggled and glanced at the nurse who looked at her with a very believable amount of interest and Ikuko blushed and looked back at the two. She watched as Mamoru tugged gently on one of the spiraling curls handing from two odangos on her daughter's small head and she giggled softly watching her daughter grab onto his nose in retaliation.

"I think that little girl might save his life." The nurse said simply and Ikuko let out a breath and smiled at her finally walking away from the door.

"I guess I will have to let them stay in touch then."Ikuko mused and the nurse's face brightened and she opened up a folder she was holding.

"I can add you and your daughter to the permanent visitors list so you can always come see him."The nurse spouted with exuberance and Ikuko looked over the document and then back at the cold door that held the small boy. She nodded and quickly went to fill out the paperwork. "It would mean so much to him. He has no one." The nurse said as she signed her daughter's name and she smiled.

"Usagi is not the kind of person to let anyone be alone." She mused and let out a soft sigh and the nurse beamed at her with appreciation.



He let out a soft breath as his eyes stared at the perfect rose before him. It was flawless. Not a petal crushed or torn, it was perfection and he smiled against his knuckles as he relaxed in his chair. She was getting good. He grinned finally pushing himself from his chair and away from the plastic cup that held his rose. He grabbed his school jacket from the back of the couch and quietly shrugged into it. He glanced appreciatively around his apartment. After eight years of living in a home he had moved out on his own when a lawyer had come to him to tell him that his parents had left him everything… a small fortune. It couldn't buy him a family… but it did buy him freedom. He glanced at the bouquet of white roses on his kitchen table and grinned with a shake of his head. Usagi was eccentric… especially when it came to his birthday.

He locked his apartment door and quietly made his way towards the elevator, slowly getting lost in his thoughts about the bubbling ball of energy that had become his family. He smiled weakly pressing the button down and then his smile fell. Life was not as simple as it was when they were growing up. He stepped into the cold elevator and ignored the others inside as they amply ignored him as well. Usagi had been a constant in his life ever since his accident. She had always visited him and was the first to help him move into his apartment. He smiled remembering Kenji's warning words.

"You two aren't children anymore. She better not be sleeping over here." He had snapped and he remembered Usagi turning three shades of green. Kenji had always been weary of him but he was the only father figure he could remember and sometimes the overprotective journalist even enjoyed playing the role taking him and Shingo out when they were younger fishing and to play football. He stepped out of the elevator and made the trek to Azubu High. Every memory he had was filled with the bubbling blonde and every holiday he could remember was spent at the Tsukino house… that is what made the guilt so much more. He told her everything. He felt a gulp travel down his throat and he shook his head. But he couldn't tell her this… she was too young to understand the need of really wanting to know who you are… and to know what your destiny was or if you even had one... As he got older he believed everything happened for a reason. He needed to figure out why things were happening to him at this point in his life... what reason did he have the abilities he possessed? What was he intended for? One day he hoped to tell her but he wasn't even sure about that.


Blonde strings flew behind a traveling blur as frantic noises emitted from the creature. She was late for school… again. Her legs pumped mercilessly upon the pavement as her book bag swung in her arms as she tried to gain momentum. She rounded the corner and her frantic thoughts of Ms. Haruna screaming at her was forgot as she heard a painful screech and she instinctively skid to a stop. Cerulean eyes glanced around curiously to suddenly see four small boys surrounding an object on the ground and anger flashed onto her features. Her slender digits formed into a fist as her eyes narrowed towards the suspicious group.

"Hey you kids! Get away!" She screamed and rushed forward. Four young sets of eyes looked up at her and then let out squeals of fear and darted off leaving a small shaking ball of fur behind. "Baka kids… always hurting animals…" Usagi whined as she gently kneeled before the creature that was furiously swatting at her forehead and letting out groans of pain and annoyance. "Aw, are you hurt kitty?" Usagi asked softly, compassion jumping to her eyes as she gently pulled the creature into her arms. With wonder red eyes glanced up at her rescuer and widened. Who's arms she was in was not a priority at the moment… their was a more serious issue at hand. With a pitiful howl the cat swatted at her forehead again. "Want that off kitty?" Her words made the cat look directly at her and meow emphatically. Bingo. Gently Usagi peeled the two band aids off and once they were free from fur the black cat jumped out of her arms and Usagi gasped pulling away. She looked up to stare into intensely red eyes glaring back at her as if studying her. She let out a nervous squeal. It was as if the cat was staring through her… Now what was once cute looked scary as she leaned her head closer to examine her.


The strong voice offered her a means of escape as she quickly turned and bolted towards the figure that was staring at her. She felt the cats eyes still on her back as if they were trying to burn a hole through her. Her black school shoe caught on a jaggad piece of cement and a squeal of alarm left her lips as her frame lurched forward. Mamoru Chiba took one step forward and allowed his best friend to fall safely into his extended arms. He paused for a moment supporting her lightweight as she adjusted her feet underneath her. Suddenly his fingers attacked her mercilessly.

"Why are you not in school?" His voice demanded in her ears and she let out a squeal of laughter as she bolted from his arms. "You better run!" He yelled at her and she waved over her shoulder and he shook his head as she rounded the corner and then his eyes darted to the serene feline that stood one hundred paces before him. They narrowed as their eyes met and finally the cat turned away and with a few elegant jumps she vanished. Luna was getting on his nerves.




Short I know... but it's a teaser pargraph just to gain your interest by hopefully asking you the questions... what is Mamoru hiding? How does he know who Luna is and Usagi does not?

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