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The loud ringing was threatening to split his eardrums. He moved slowly as the affects of the explosion played with his brain. Everything seemed shaky and he tried with all of his might to hold onto consciousness.

Dust filled the air and he could hear faint car alarms in the background, broken glass and distant screams. Well… Earth was still here.

"Sire!" A hoarse voice said behind him and he felt Venus trying to lift him to his feet but she fell beside him.

"Do you see her?" He finally got the words out and he heard the panic behind them.

"Sire." Venus breathed again and this time she was successful in getting him to his feet. He rubbed his eyes hoping to clear the fuzziness away and slowly the world was coming into focus. He easily spotted the other warriors spread across the grounds. Mentally he did a count and let out a small sigh landing on the right numbers. Than his eyes followed the ground to where it progressively became darker, char marks litering the once beautiful landscape. His feet began to stumble that way.

"Endymion wait!" Venus cried out in an almost cough but he couldn't be stopped. He saw Mercury and Uranus already crawling towards what he had his eyes on.

Mercury reached her first. She pulled her over and let out a harsh gasp seeing blood marring her features and all over her uniform. Quickly her fingers searched pressure points for a pulse.

"Come on Usagi…" She hissed angrily as her fingers grabbed at her throat. "No…" She hissed than immediately started CPR.

"Beryl is blown to pieces… how is she still…" Uranus mumbled falling on her knees before Mercury but she knew the aquatic warrior didn't hear her.

"I'm not getting a pulse…" Mercury hissed yet continued on.

"Her power… she would have had to internalize and than…" Uranus choked on the words as tears began to spill down her face.

"Shut up and help me!" Mercury screamed at her yet Uranus could only stare at the aquatic warrior, sad defeat upon her features. "Don't you have magic… or something… or… where is the damn fairytale ending!?" Mercury screamed, her tears creating clean tracks down her dirty face.

"Usa!" Messily Mercury moved out of the way and she pulled her feet into a fetal position. She couldn't bare to see him do what she just did herself and find the same results. "Usa… baby…" His voice cracked as he took in all of the blood. His hands quickly moved searching injuries and checking for a pulse. He moved to do CPR like Mercury had done than suddenly stopped. Instead he pulled her onto his lap and gently stroked her hair, lovingly kissing her forehead. "I adore you. I adore you…" He breathed over her and Mercury began to sob.

"You did it Usagi… you didn't let her win," Uranus breathed and nodded approvingly to her sweet charge. "You didn't let her win."

A scream suddenly echoed a hundred feet away and Uranus pulled her sword, stepping in front of her Prince and fallen Princes.

"Rei?" Venus hissed out and she pushed herself forward, pushing past the pain to rush to the warriors side. Mars let out another scream than arched her back and groaned as she stared at the darkening sky.

"Oh you didn't…" She hissed angrily than closed her eyes painfully.

"Rei. Rei… speak to me." Venus hissed falling at her side and grabbing onto her dear friend. Rei sat up painfully and Venus looked into her eyes than almost dropped her. "Rei." She snapped and the once violet eyed warrior blinked her blue eyes at her friend and huffed.

"Princess Bitchy pants…" Mars growled and Venus looked at her horrified. "Throw me into the one person who would be able to get me out… that wasn't very thought out." Mars snapped angrily and Venus shook a bit.

"Usagi?" She breathed a bit horrified.

"Rei is super pissed…" Mars breathed quietly closing her eyes and Venus let out a laugh and fell to a sitting position beside her.

"You… where is Serenity?" She questioned and the blue eyes that looked upon her looked confused for a moment than Venus gulped.

"I guess she wasn't all bad…" Mars breathed quietly than Venus nodded and pulled her to her feet.

"Please tell me Rei is giving you instructions right on how to get out of her? Cause I can't really help you…" Venus breathed and Mars nodded quietly.

"Is my body destroyed? I can't look… if it is… I have a whole different set on instructions that are going to really suck." She breathed when suddenly her frame was turned around and she met cobalt blue eyes.

"Medically speaking I'd say you have about an hour," he hissed at her and Mars gulped.

"My lips are still good though right?" She asked suddenly and he let out a breath and couldn't stop the smile that lit his lips. She went immediately into his arms and he held her. She did it… she did it.

"Let's get crackin people!" Jupiter hissed as she effortlessly carried the small form of their fallen Princess before them.

Gently he positioned the roses in their vase. He was a bit picky about them and as he looked at the form sleeping in the bed he was glad he had filled her entire hospital room with them.

"Three days… Mamoru-san is that normal?" The panic is Mrs. Tsukinos voice pulled him from staring at the angelic face of his sleeping best friend.

"She was near the center of the explosion… her body is still recovering. Her vitals… they look fantastic." He breathed, gently taking one of Usagi's cold hands into his and blowing on it to warm it.

"You should kiss her like they do in fairytales. Maybe that will work." Ikuku breathed a bit desperately and Mamoru smiled sweetly at her.

"She has a point." Mr. Tuskino suddenly said and Mamoru blinked at him. They had spent the last three days together in this small room and he wasn't sure if the panic had gotten to them or the lack of sleep. "I mean it's not like you haven't wanted to… I can see it all over your face." He breathed and Mamoru paled a bit.

"She's been in love with you for years… I really can't blame her." Usagi's mom sighed gently touching her daughter's temple. She still had a few healing scratches all over her face and body. Mamoru gulped a bit and stared at the two people he had come to know as his only family over the years.

"Mr. and Mrs. Tsukino… would you… would you…"

"Be completely honored and delighted if you and our daughter were together? Yes." Mr. Tsukino breathed gently wrapping an arm around his wife's shoulders. Mamoru closed his eyes and gently pressed Usagi's hand against his forehead. When he looked back up to the Tsukinos he only saw understanding staring back at him.

"I love her. I want to marry her… take care of her… keep her in my arms for the rest of my life." Mamoru confessed and Mr. Tuskino let out a breath and nodded.

"Yes. Well… baby steps." He mumbled and Mamoru smirked and glanced at Usagi's sleeping face.

A knock came at the door and Ikuku let out a breath as it opened and four girls piled through.

"Seriously… is she still sleeping?" Rei hissed with a shake of her head and Ikuku looked at her daughters beloved friends. They were also a bit of worse for wear. Each had a bandage here or there as did Mamoru. They had been in the park where the explosion had occurred… she felt so lucky they had all made it out.

"I think we could use some food. Come my love." Her husband gently pulled her out and Rei let out a breath approaching the bed, Ami and Minako following her as Makoto went to Mamoru's side.

"Give me a glass of water." Rei demanded suddenly and Mamoru handed her the one beside him. Without warning Rei threw it at Usagi's face. The liquid froze in mid air and Rei let out a sigh.

"That is not how you wake someone from a coma…" Ami hissed and with a twinge of her finger returned the water to the glass.

"I woke up from mine. She is just milking this. Wake up lazy head!" Rei yelled at her and Usagi didn't even flinch.

"It did work… right Rei?" Mamoru asked quietly as he gently kissed his love's fingertips. Silence hit the room for a moment as they all looked at Rei for answers. Rei herself had only woken up yesterday.

"She is not in me sire… and her body started working again. I can only assume… She threw all of her power into killing Beryl. It should have killed her as well yet Serenity threw her out of her body and took the after effects of the attack. She was confused and in shock when we were together but other than that I thought the transfer went…" Her words were cut off as water splashed into Usagi's face and the blonde immediately bolted up and took in a sharp intake of air.

"Damn that wasn't supposed to work…" Ami hissed setting the glass down.

"Usa!" Mamoru cried and he quickly supported her as she gasped in air, her bright blue eyes blinking open and she coughed roughly. She drew in a shaky breath and it felt like nails had carved down her throat. "Here baby… drink." Mamoru ordered helping a glass of water to her parched lips. She let the liquid slide inside and her eyes took in her surroudings. Hospital. Mamoru… girls… Mamoru…

Her eyes widened horrified and she shoved away from him and let out a scream. Rei quickly covered her mouth and they all looked at her with horror.

"Oh no! Are you all right? Why are you panicing!? Makoto screeched quietly as she quickly went and locked the door. Tears were flooding Usagi's eyes and she shook her head helplessly. They heard her mumble and Rei slowly removed her fingers.

"You were dead… dead…" She wept and Mamoru quickly pulled her into his arms. She sobbed into his shoulder as she clutched to him for dear life.

"It was an illusion Usagi… Beryl used it to trick you into trying to destroy the world but you didn't. You didn't let her win." Ami said encouragingly as she gently gripped Usagi's knee.

"Yea, you blew that psycho sky high." Makoto smirked and Usagi eyed them all for a moment than pulled back to stare at her best friend.

"I…" She began and just stared into his lovingly features. He didn't look angry at her. "I'm a super hero." Usagi breathed quietly and Mamoru nodded, pressing his lips together in a small smile.

"I noticed." He mumbled and she gulped painfully and closed her eyes as her next confessions tumbled from her lips.

"I've known about everything for a really long time…" She breathed and Mamoru gently pushed her bangs from her forehead.

"Everything?" Ami mumbled and Usagi nodded uneasily.

"Oh… everything. You… him… been lying for years." Usagi hung her head in shame upon Mamoru's shoulder and Mamoru blinked a minute.

"When exactly did you find out I was Tuxedo Kamen?" He questioned and Usagi lifted her face to him.

"We probably shouldn't go into details…" She countered hoarsely and his eyebrows rose.

"Oh, we are going into details," He countered back.

"When you say lie…" Minako began and Ami shook her head as they all began to talk at once.

"What do you mean years? You were playing that selective memory crap weren't you!?" Ami spat.

"You should have seen what she did to the Outers…" Rei hissed tapping her head, having accessed all of Usagi's memories while her spirit was inside of her.

"Would you like to go to dinner with me?"
The simple question stopped the commotion of angry questions and Usagi turned her head to glance at her oldest and dearest friend. Her heart suddenly fluttered in her chest and a nervous tickle entered her belly. Her lips curled up a bit and her eyes semi glossed over with emotion and she let out a small laugh.

"I thought you'd never ask…" She whispered and giggles filled the room. Mamoru smirked, gently pulling his love into his arms as his lips lovingly pressed against her own, her body returning it as strongly as it would allow.

"This is the start of something beautiful," Minako sighed, wrapping an arm around Rei's shoulders.

"What? Peace?" Rei laughed and Minako shook her head.

"Well… that. But it's the start of our lives. I think we've waited for this moment for a thousand years." She mused and Rei smirked at her.

"Well, I don't know about y'all but I could use some fun in my life so if this is the beginning of it… bring it on," Makoto smirked jumping on the end of Usagi's hospital bed. Usagi let out a laugh, her arms curling around Mamoru's frame as she lovingly took in her friends. Her dear beloved family. With a sigh she thanked Serenity for her sacrifice… for giving her what she had always wanted.

To be with them.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
I absolutely adored going on this journey.

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