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Fragile Doll
Chapter 6

Days went by and the ministry was busy. Still, there were no clues to where Muraki had taken nor what could have been done to the boy. Watari had been cooped up in his lab since the doll, Arcane, had been intrusted into his scientific care. However he was beginning to become paranoid, claiming that he constantly felt eyes on the back of his neck. It was making him uncomfortable and slowing down his work. Tatsumi, who was unwillingly subjected to Watari's paranoid rants, remained ever silent, his mind focused on the problem at hand, and for once it wasn't the ministry's budget.

Through all this poor Tsuzuki was drowning himself in guilt and remorse. He had become a permanent fixture in the office, doing whatever he could, which sadly amounted to nothing. He tried tracking down Muraki, but the doctor just couldn't be found when he did not want to be, not even Oriya knew his location. With the lack of success in locating Hisoka or his kidnapper, Tsuzuki gave into despair. There was no hope in finding Hisoka and saving him. Tsuzuki had failed his partner, like he had failed so many others before.

Currently Tsuzuki was in his and Hisoka's office staring at a picture on his desk. It was a picture from the time they had gone to Hokkaido on the divisions annual vacation. Everyone was in the picture; Konoe looking gruff, Tatsumi with a calculated look in his eyes, Watari grinning like mad with 003 on his shoulder, Hisoka looking flustered and embarrassed with Saya and Yuma clinging to his arms, and Tsuzuki himself standing behind his embarrassed partner smiling happily, his gaze trained on the younger shinigami.

Sighing Tsuzuki closed his eyes feeling tears begin to prickle at the corners. He gave himself over to his emotions and began to sob. He kept mumbling that he was sorry for failing Hisoka. That he wasn't a worthy partner for the young empath. Eventually he fell asleep that way, his body and mind exhausted from days of lack of eating and sleeping, as well as too much working.


Tsuzuki looked around himself in confusion, this wasn't one of the landscapes in his dream. It didn't look at all like something he'd ever seen before. Before him lay a sakura tree, the pale petals seeming blood-like in the light from the red moon over head. He walked around confused until he saw the pale, ghost-like figure of a boy, standing on a nearby hill looking down at something. Following the boy's gaze he saw a man dressed in white, stab a woman beneath the sakura tree. Startled he was about to help when the boy on the hill made a sound of fear and the murders attention was drawn to him. Tsuzuki's eyes widened as he recognized the killer's face.

"Muraki!" Just about to charge forward at him, Tsuzuki was interrupted when the boy, Hisoka, Tsuzuki corrected himself, the boy was Hisoka, began to run away from the scene and Muraki immediately gave chase. It didn't take him long to catch up to Hisoka and bring him to the ground. Tsuzuki ran over and threw a punch at Muraki and was shocked as it went right through him. He tried again only to have the same thing happen. With a sickening sensation, Tsuzuki realized he could only watch as the scene he had first heard about from Muraki, and comforted Hisoka after the youth had experienced the dream, took place before his very eyes.

His gut twisted as Tsuzuki began to strip the thirteen-year-old, even as the boy struggled as best he could. But Tsuzuki knew that the boy was just too weak, even now Hisoka was fragile despite all his training in martial arts and such. As Muraki began to strip to assault Hisoka, Tsuzuki desperately tried to turn away, to stop watching, but something wouldn't let him and he continued to witness Hisoka's worst nightmare. An unwilling spectator.

When everything was done the torture, the rape, and the laying of the curse, Muraki simply left after giving the Hisoka a mock kiss of tenderness on his forehead. Tsuzuki approached the sobbing and trembling boy and put a hand on his shoulder, even if it couldn't be felt. "I'm sorry Hisoka. I'm so sorry this happened to you! And I'll find you I promise!" Tsuzuki vowed as stared at the younger, dream version of his partner.

"The truth is in the name." The boy whispered and suddenly he looked up at Tsuzuki, no longer a boy of thirteen but now a youth of sixteen. "The truth is in the name Tsuzuki." He repeated, his eyes shining with tears.

Shocked Tsuzuki stumbled back. "H-Hisoka?" When the other nodded, he glomped Hisoka, in hisTsuzuki puppy mode. "I missed you so much!"

Hisoka flinched at the touch, before hesitantly returning the hug. "I don't have long Tsuzuki. If Muraki finds out that I'm speaking to you through dreams he'll come and stop me. He doesn't want the game to end so soon."

"M-Muraki still has you? Where? I'll come and save you!" Tsuzuki cried fiercely. "Tell me Hisoka!"

Looking pained, Hisoka shook his head. "I can't! He's blocked it from me. I don't know where my body is." The sentence would have seemed odd had Tsuzuki been paying attention to it. "The truth is in the name Tsuzuki. I can't tell you anything more."

Just as Tsuzuki was about to answer a thick mist began to seep out of the ground and a white figure appeared in the distance. "Oh god. You have to go Tsuzuki! He's here!" And with the one last desperate plea, Hisoka pushed Tsuzuki and he woke up.

"Hisoka!" He cried as he sat up, scaring poor Wakaba to death. The girl had come to check on him and had been in the process of laying a blanket over him when he'd abruptly awoken and cried out Hisoka's name.

Recovering from her shock rather quickly, she did work with Terazuma after all. She gently laid a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Tsuzuki?"

Tsuzuki turned his gaze to her and blinked, not registering her identity for a moment, then. "Wakaba-chan. What are you doing here?" The last dregs of sleep had worn off and Tsuzuki was now fully alert. "Never mind I'll ask you later. Right now I have to find Watari." Jumping up to his feet Tsuzuki ran down the hall towards Watari's lab as Wakaba watched on in silent confusion.

When Tsuzuki reached the lab, he found Watari busy at work, sampling this and that, dozens of printouts covering his work area. The doll that Muraki has given him, sat on a shelf with 003 beside it cooing happily and nuzzling the doll. All this was ignored as Tsuzuki ran up to Watari and shook the scientists shoulders. "It's all in the name!" He cried.

Watari pushed up his glasses and smiled at Tsuzuki. "I know."



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