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Meaning of Friendship


Strange things had been happening all through the patrol that day; first they came across a child that was almost pushed over the side of a building, a tall building. Then Static got darn near shorted out when a fire hydrant blew it's top for no apparent reason, turn out someone had rigged it to blow and soak Static (Three guesses who that was, hint, it had to do with fire… Hotstreak for the losers who still haven't gotten it). Then Gear's inventions began to malfunction and Static became really concerned.

"Hey, Rich, are you sure you can complete this patrol?" Static asked

"Yeah, V. I'm sure!" Gear replied "This ought to work itself out"

They didn't know that the problem wouldn't "work itself out", it would only get worse before they completed their patrol.

Static looked back over his shoulder to make sure that Gear was still behind him to find that he wasn't. He stopped and pulled out his Shockvox.

"Gear, hey Gear, where are ya?" Static said into the device.

No response, he called again to get the same, and he gave up after the forth or fifth try, his pal wasn't going to answer him. Now he was worried, he went backwards on the route they had taken from the point where he'd noticed he'd lost Gear and after going the complete route over he realized that he wasn't going to find Gear by retracing his route. He then felt his stomach flop at the thought that he could have possibly lost his best friend.

Later that day, Virgil went home, a little less than happy about the fact that his pal disappeared and even more upset that he'd have to make up a lie to tell his Richie's parents so the wouldn't be worried about their son's not returning home. Although he first had to explain what was going on to his dad, who he could tell the truth because Mr. Hawkins knew that Richie was Gear, and Virgil was Static.

"Dad, I need to talk to you" Virgil said

"Okay, what's going on?" Mr. Hawkins asked

"Well dad, I've got a big problem that I've got to solve…"

"What is it?"

"Well dad, Richie and I were patrolling together earlier when about midway through our route I turn around and he was gone" Virgil paused "I retraced our route, but still didn't find him"

"That is a problem, and his parents don't know he's Gear do they?"

"No dad, they don't"

"Listen Virgil, leave the cover up to me… you just handle finding Richie and making sure he gets home safely and as soon as possible"

"Don't you worry dad, I wouldn't leave my best friend stranded like that" Virgil paused "and besides, he's more like a brother to me than a best friend, and I defiantly won't leave family stranded"

"That's a refreshing thing to hear Virgil" his dad said "your know what's important, that's hard to find in teenagers these days"

(End prologue)

To Be Continued…
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