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Summary: After recalling The Final Judgment, Sakura decides to take her leave. But she's quickly stopped by her best friend, who again makes a desperate plea.

Episode 59- The Epilogue

After seeing how late it was, Sakura knew she had to be getting home before it got dark. Besides, she did what she needed to do. She got her head cleared and that's all she really wanted. It was a long walk out of Madison's estate and that gave Sakura a little more time to think. Sakura thought about the scrapbook she had in her hand.

"Is it me, Kero…or do I feel like we've remembered pretty much everything that's happened?" Sakura thought.

Kero shook his head. "Sakura, there's been a lot that's happened over your life. There's no way we can remember ALL of it. Yeah, maybe for the last few months we've been recalling every capture of the Clow Cards, but that's not all that's happened in your life. Your life is so much more than that.

"And yeah, looking back was a lot of fun. Going after the Clow Cards was an exciting time and I think it made everything a lot more interesting. But there's been a lot that's gone on since then that we can say the same thing about. Not all of them are fond memories, but they're still exciting and out of the ordinary.

"I think that's why we've kept this scrapbook in the first place. Whenever we miss those old times, we can always look back and admire them. But we can't look at the past forever. We have to move on with our future. And I have a feeling the future won't be any less exciting."

"I guess you're right," Sakura agreed. "We don't know what's going to happen in the future. But that's another thing that bothers me…"


"It's that dream again, isn't it?" Kero guessed.

Sakura nodded. "I just can't get it out of my mind. And looking back at The Final Judgment only made me feel worse about it. Think about it, Kero. Every time I've had a dream like this, it's always come true in one form or another. The dream I had over Tokyo Tower, the dream where I saw Eriol, Ruby Moon, and Spinner Sun, and all the other prophetic dreams I had since then. They've all come true. And that scares me."

"You think something bad will happen, don't you?" Kero asked.

Sakura nodded. "I can take care of myself…and I'm sure Tori can to. But you can't begin to understand everything I saw, Kero. That's why I don't want to tell Li. He'll just get hurt…or worse."


Sakura gasped and turned around to see Madison was following her, holding her camera as she always did.

Sakura sweatdropped. "Madison…what are you doing?"

"I thought this would be something worth taping," Madison said sheepishly. "Sakura…haven't you told Li about your dream yet?"

"Madison…I can't," Sakura moaned. "The dream can't come true if Li doesn't know about it. He won't have a chance to try and prevent it from happening."

"Sakura, there's no logic in what you're saying!" Madison snapped. "If you don't tell Li about what you saw, he won't be able to help you! And there's nothing that says he won't walk into it anyway!"

"Madison, you don't understand…"

"If you don't tell Li, then I'll tell him myself!!"

"YOU CAN'T!!" Sakura pleaded. "Please don't tell him, Madison! I don't want him to die! I don't want him to walk into that dream! And the best way to make sure it doesn't happen is if he doesn't know about it! PLEASE…you PROMISED you wouldn't tell him! You promised as my best friend that you wouldn't say anything!!"

Sakura, now in tears, saw she had hit something deep in Madison. Madison looked like she desperately wanted to say something, but she could never argue with Sakura. In the end, she would always follow whatever Sakura wanted.

"Ok…I won't tell him," Madison choked. "But you promise me you'll be careful!"

"I know what to expect now," Sakura nodded. "I won't be taken without a fight. And I won't let them get to Tori, either. I can do this. I promise I'll be careful. Trust me."

Madison hung her head down. "I trust you, Sakura."

Before Madison turned back, she gave Sakura a hug. It was an eerie feeling. It was as if it were a parting hug; as if Sakura were dying or something. Madison finally released the hug…and walked back, leaving Sakura alone with Kero.

"I trust you, too," Kero said.

"Thanks, Kero," Sakura said softly. "But…what if the worst DOES happen?"

"I don't think it'll come to that," Kero said comfortingly. "You've gone through MUCH worse, Sakura. And you've faced a lot of challenges in your life that would make anyone else fall to their knees.

"You pulled Windy out of the Clow Book…

"You took to the skies to seal Fly

"You braved the night to seal Shadow

"You used a freezer to help seal Water

"You worked around your chores to seal Rain and Wood…

"You used the power of the branches to seal Jump

"You distinguished real from fake when you sealed Illusion

"You pretended to be a burglar to seal Silent

"You used the power of the shadows to seal Thunder

"You managed to seal Sword WITHOUT hurting Rita…

"You shared a dance before sealing Flower

"You discovered the meaning of your name when you sealed Shield

"You went through the same day over and over to seal Time

"You saved the elephants while sealing Power

"You sealed Mist to salvage what was left of your brother's play…

"You faced tornadoes to seal Storm

"You stumbled onto Float while finding me…

"You faced your fears to seal Erase

"You saw a bunch of beautiful lights while sealing Glow

"You chased all over the park to seal Move

"You brought your best moves to seal Fight

"You ran a long marathon to seal Loop

"You dodged the potent power of Sleep

"Your best friend helped you to seal Song

"You didn't let your size get you down when you sealed Little

"You used the cards as your allies to discover Mirror

"You used your ingenuity to escape and seal Maze

"You went into the past to seal Return

"You saved Meilin from Shot

"You saved your cooking class's projects from Sweet

"You sealed Dash, even when it looked like it would destroy a friendship…

"You weren't intimidated by the size of Big

"You even faced a huge dragon when you sealed Create

"You managed to seal Change…even IF we had a few problems afterwards…

"You pretty much used everything you had to seal the mighty Fiery

"You managed to keep your cool long enough to seal Freeze

"Even though you almost exploded when you sealed Snow

"You defended your best friend against Voice

"You didn't let tight spaces stop you from sealing Lock

"You even sealed Cloud…WITH A HUGE FEVER…

"You saw into your mind when you sealed Dream

"You braved the depths of a sandstorm when you sealed Sand

"You went into the darkness to seal Light and Dark

"You risked your life to seal the dangerous Arrow

"You used teamwork to seal Twin

"You went through walls and roofs to seal Through

"You surfed the seas to seal Wave

"You broke into your bathroom to seal Bubbles

"You went through a whole day of the truth to seal Libra

"And you saved the city from the power of Earth

"Sakura, you've done EVERYTHING I could ever imagine. I knew you were the one to hold the Clow Cards, but you've done SO much more than I imagined possible. And whatever challenge faces you in the future, I know you can do it. Because I still believe that you can do anything!"

It was a long speech, but it definitely did its job. Sakura felt much better. Kero had so much confidence in her. And with his confidence, Sakura started to believe in herself a lot more.

And Sakura was ready to face whatever was in her future.


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