Chapter II: The Dream

Chapter II: The Dream


All Dark…

"Where am I?"

"This is your crossroads of life." A sound echoed in his head.


"Every soul had a crossroad in their lives. Where they must choose their own destiny."

"I thought destiny was unchangeable."

"You're wrong."

"Then explain to me one thing."

"About the drows? They chose not to defy their fates, 'they' chose their own destiny."

"How do you know that?"

"Because you know it."

"Then why should I deny my fate? None other of my race had denied theirs."

"It's true, they had the chance. And so does you. What matters is, do you want to, or do you not?"

"I don't wish to be a slave to Lloth for the rest of my life. But what about Drizzt? If I leave the house, I would be a fugitive. And if Malice can't get me, she'd get Drizzt instead."

"Is that so? You're just using Drizzt as a reason to just accept your fate."

"It's not that! I…"

"You're just afraid. You're afraid to change your fate. Just like all those spineless drows out there."

"I'm NOT afraid!"

"Then do what your heart desires. Your son will have his own crossroads. Now, it's your time to choose your path."

"Tell me one thing."


"Who are you?"

"I am your heart."

Zaknafein awoke. His head still throbbing from the Firewine. He was thinking about the strange dream.

Do what my heart desires? What do I desire?

Then he looked around him.

"Where am I?"

He eyed the broken spear emblem over the bed.

"The Harventhus Luth'ol? What am I doing here?"

Then he remembered what happened the day before. He had killed a priestess, lost his money, and stumbled into an inn without a single coin on him.

He was preparing to escape through the windows when the door opened. Zak unsheathed his swords, preparing for the worst.

"How very friendly of you, welcoming an abbil with swords." The intruder laughed.


The bald drow closed the door behind him.

"Well, well. Long time no see, Zak."

"I have no time for chit-chat. What are you doing here?"

"Hehehh. I am the one who should be asking questions. The Harventhus Luth'ol is owned by the Bregan D'Aerthe."

That explains why they don't ask for payment when I checked in

"Okay, I guess D'Aerthe should have known what happened to me yesterday. So, you tell me, are you going to catch me?"

"Why should I catch you? I am thankful that someone finally had the spine to stab that bitch. Although, the amount offered for your head by house Baenre 'and' house Do'Urden is interesting."

"What? House Do'Urden too?"

"Yep. The priestess is Quasil Baenre, second daughter of house Baenre. Matron Baenre had threatened Matron Malice to hand you over or house Do'Urden would be obliterated. And Matron Malice had sworn that your action had nothing to do with the house. She had also sworn to kill you herself. What a lover, eh?"


"What are you going to do now? You can't stay in Menzoberranzan for long."

"I think I'll get out of town."

"It's not easy, you know that."

"What are you trying to say?"

"I have a merchant caravan that is going to Llurth Dreier. You can tag along and get out of town with ease."

"And what do you want from me?"

"Why, that's very sharp of you Zak. I'm just trying to help a friend."

"You're not the one that will help someone without reward. Now what do you want from me?"

"Nothing. Really, I do this for you, my best abbil." His voice has a little mocking tone.

"Are you having a fever or something?" Zak put his hand on Jarlaxle's forehead.

"Of course I'm not. You're hurting my heart, Zak. Anyway, are you taking Drizzt with you?"

"I think not. Eventhough I'm out of town, I'll have many noamuth velg'larn hunting my head. I don't want him to be involved."

"Then you want to leave him as he is?"

"No, Malice would sacrifice him to Lloth as my substitute. I think he'd better…"

Zaknafein stopped. Suddenly he saw Jarlaxle's grin.

"Join Bregan D'Aerthe. Just for an abbil, heh?" Zak's voice had a little mocking tone in it.

"Just for an abbil. See, 'you' asked me to have your son. I don't ask you to do anything for me, right?"

"Oh, sure. Make sure you take care of him."

"Of course, I would love to have the best graduate of Melee-Maghtere as my liutenant."

When the mercenary leader stepped out of the room, he smiled to the drow that is waiting on the stairs.

"Nice job, Kimmuriel. You sure have played with old Zak's mind very well."

Kimmuriel Oblodra smirked. " To enter a mind so strong as his is interesting. He is different than the others. "

"What did you say to him?"

"Something about crossroads of life or such. I read them from a rivvin book."

"Yes, thanks to your tinkering, now I got Drizzt Do'Urden in Bregan D'Aerthe. Let's have some drinks to celebrate this."

Both drows walked down the stairs. Then disappeared into the dim lights of Narbondel.


Abbil: friend

noamuth velg'larn : Wandering assassin

rivvin : human