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Sleigh bells ring, are you listenin'
In the lane, snow is glistenin'
A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight
Walking in a winter wonderland-
Winter Wonderland


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"...Maaaaaster? Master Alucardddd...?" Slowly, very slowly, the lid to Alucard's coffin opened and a pair of very red and very furious eyes glared knives at her. "Umm...I'm sorry to wake you up...But..uh.." The lid opened more, revealing more of the elder vampire, who looked at her with murder in his eyes. It startled her into silence, which at that current moment in time, was the wrong thing to do.

"What do you want, Police Girl!" He snarled very lowly, growling. He'd been sleeping very peacefully, having a wonderful dream about ripping Father Anderson to shreds, but it could not have been more than an hour until sunset. Seras didn't sleep as much as him, but that gave her no reason to wake him up. He glared at her with more force, growling louder.

"You don't have to be so grumpy!" She protested weakly, gulping. She hadn't wanted to wake him up, God knows how grumpy he could be, but she just couldn't wait until he had woken up. "I just had something to tell you!"

"And it couldn't wait until evening?" He groaned, slumping into the coffin. She gulped again. "Well, get on with it, I'm already awake..."

She nodded, again hesitating for a moment. "..Master..." She suddenly smiled. "It's snowing outside!"

SLAM! The coffin door was quickly pulled shut with such force that the whole room seemed to vibrate. Seras blinked and stard at the coffin. "M-Master!" She cried, knocking on the top. "Come on, don't act like this!"

"You woke me up to tell me it was SNOWING!" came his muffled reply, his voice rising when he said the word. "That couldn't wait until I was AWAKE!"

"Sir Integra said that it doesn't snow this much in London!" The blonde protested, frowning. "And she said that the last time it did, you slept all the way through it!" Seras herself never got to see snow very much, since she lived in the city almost all of her former life, but since the Hellsing Manor was in the country, she was able to see it. And she loved snow.

Alucard didn't reply, growling instead. He had a nagging feeling at what Seras wanted, and there was no possible way that he was going to agree to it. No fricking way. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. He'd bow down and lick Walter's shoes before doing it.

"...I know what you want, and the answer is no," He growled, and she frowned again.

"But, Master..!" She said, her voice gaining a slightly whiny edge that she knew grinded on his nerves. "We have nothing else to do! We're both bored, there haven't been any attacks for almost a month, and you've been moping around!" At this, the coffin lid creaked open enough to again show her Master's glowing red eyes. She was practically begging him now.

"No," He said again, his voice like stone. "End of discusssion." He slammed the coffin lid shut again, but Seras didn't leave. She glared at the coffin, thinking very hard before getting an idea.

"Oh, I get it," She said in a smug tone. She turned, hearing the creaking of the coffin lid. She didn't turn around, shrugging. "You're being cowardly." Normally, she would have lost a body part for saying something like that. Normally, she wouldn't have dared saying something like that. But she was feeling very bold, as she had as of late, and she really wanted her Master to come see the snow. It may have been a childish whim, but she couldn't help it; It was just the way she felt.

The coffin lid almost flew off as Alucard sat up, looking at her. "What did you say?" He demanded, his eyes glowing softly. She flinched internally but did not turn around to look at him.

"You're too cowardly to see the snow. You're probably scared of getting hit by a few snowballs." She again shrugged. "Oh well. Sorry to have interupted your sleep, Master." Bingo...That should get him..If there's anything that Master has a lot of, it's pride...

Seras started walking away, but Alucard swiftly climbed out of his coffin and phased in front of her. She stopped, looking at him with no fear, while he was studying her very intently, looking for anything that may betray her words. But, he didn't find anyway. "...A coward?" He said softly, suddenly smirking. "...Snowballs? Heh, you must be crazy, Police Girl..I fear nothing. And certainly not little bitty bits of ice." His smirk grew. "But I'll humour you. I'll go out and see this snow that you seem to love so much."

Seras suddenly hugged his neck tightly. "Thank you, Master!" She cried out happily, smiling at him. He was too shocked at her outburst to do much of anything. She let him go and grabbed his hand, pulling him along. "Come on, let's go, Master!"

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