New Beginnings

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Chapter One

Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived lay in his bed unable to sleep. He looked over at his clock. 11:59pm. 'Just another minute.' He thought. He watched the clock as it turned to midnight. He smiled to himself. 'Happy Birthday.' Just then there was a knock on his window. He looked around and saw Hedwig and Pig at the window. He opened the window and let the two owls in.

A few days ago he got his letter from Hogwarts and a seventh year perfect badge. He had owled Ron and Hermione over the summer and they were both doing fine. Hermione was Head Girl and Ron was Head Boy. Ron was as shocked as anyone at the news but he said that his mum couldn't stop crying for ages, she was so happy.

There was a parcel in both bird beaks. He took the one from Pig and gave the bird a treat. The bird flew off and Harry closed his window. He could the parcel from Hedwig and gave her a treat too, patting her on the head. He took the parcels from his desk and sat on his bed and opened them. The one from Pig was, of course, from Ron. There was a letter attached:

Hey mate,

I hope your having a nice 17th birthday. I see I can remember dates, contrary to what Hermione thinks. Anyway I hope you're like the gift in the box. I was talking to Hermione by owl and she suggested that we meet up to get our new Hogwarts stuff. What do you think? Please don't leave me on my own with 'Mione, just encase I say something I might regret. You know what I mean. Hope to see you soon.

See ya,


P.S. The rest of my weird family say 'Happy Birthday' and there's a present form Fred and George too.

Harry opened the parcel and found two smaller parcels. One had the words 'From Ron' on it the other was plain. Harry opened the one from Ron and was a photo frame with a picture of the three of them; Himself, Ron and Hermione standing together. Ron was in the middle with his arms around the other two's shoulder, since he was the tallest. Hermione punched him lightly in the stomach. Ron rubbed his stomach and glared at her. Harry, in the picture, was just laughing at the other two. The frame it's self was a dark blue that glittered magically and had the words 'Best friends' written on the top.

Harry smiled at the picture. It had been taken before the summer. They all wore their uniforms. Harry smiled at the memory. Hermione had punched Harry lightly afterwards and he glared at her. She had laughed nervously and screamed. Ron and Harry chased her. When they both had caught her them tickled her till she could almost not breathe. They three had laughed together and left to get the carriages to the train.

Harry looked at the other package, which was bigger. He opened it to find a letter and a blue box. Harry opened the letter:

Dear Harry,

We hope that you use these items in a way we would be proud. In the box is a selection of our best tricks from our shop (includes a few we're not selling to the public… yet). Just watch out no one tries to confiscate them e.g. any teachers or Hermione (Ron told us about her becoming Head Girl, so watch out). Use them on any Slytherin e.g. Malfoy as soon as possible and owl us on what happened.

Lots of undying love from,

Fred and George

P.S. Only kidding Harry. George told me to write it. I did not! Did to! Anyway remember to owl us!

Harry laughed and shook his head at the twins. He put the letter aside and opened the trick box. It was full of stuff to get out of class, cause other people to get embarrassed or to just chaos. Harry closed the box and placed it under his bed. He looked at the parcel from Hedwig with was from Hermione. He open the letter attached:

Dear Harry,

I hope you're doing well. I'm not sure if Ron has told you but do you want to meet up to shop for stuff for school? Owl me back and I'll tell Ron. Anyway Happy 17th Birthday, I hope you like the present. Hope to see you soon.

From your friend,


Harry opened the very small parcel and was surprised to see wizard contact lens. Last year he told Hermione and Ron that he was finding it difficult to play Quidditch since his glasses kept slipping off his nose when he turned his head against the wind. He had seen them last summer and vowed to get them for this year. Harry turned the pack around and read the back:

Never break. Never scratch. Never dry out. Perfect for Seekers as they have a pin point system that helps to find the snitch in any weather. Point ward at eyes with contacts in and say 'Peto' to turn pin point system on. 'Constituo' to switch off. Last for up to five years.

Harry looked at the pack and read it again. 'Is Hermione suggesting I cheat at Quidditch?' Thought Harry as he but the box after his bed. He smiled to himself and slowly dosed off to sleep.

Harry found himself in the leaky cauldron a few days later. He sat with a butterbeer in his hands, waiting for two of his friends to arrive. The sounds of argument seemed to be Harry's only warning that his friends had arrived.

"There is no way I'm letting you use that Muggle invention on my hair." Said Ron.

"Aww please. It'll make you look pretty." Said Hermione pleading.

"That's the only point. I don't want to be anything that is remotely girly like pretty or cute or adorable." Said Ron glaring at Hermione.

Hermione saw Harry smiling at them both. "Harry, agree with me." Said Hermione.

Ron waved to Harry. "Hi Harry." Ron turned to Hermione. "Harry won't agree with you."

"What I'm I supposed to be agreeing to or not too?" Harry stood up and closed the distance between himself and his friends. "Have you done something with your hair?" Harry asked while looking at Hermione's straight hair.

"That's what we're arguing about." Harry looked confused. Hermione explained. "I got hair straighteners a few days ago, that's why my hair is different. I wanted to use them on Ron but he won't let me. You have to agree with me."

Harry understood now. He looked at Ron long red hair. It was wavy and a little past his shoulders. Harry tried to imagine it straight but couldn't. "Why don't you let her try it once." Suggested Harry.

Ron crossed his arms over his chest. "I can't believe you siding with her."

"I'm not. Well not really. Let her try it once then she'll give up trying to ask you again. Hermione's only asking because she knows you won't agree." Harry explained.

Ron thought this through. "I guess your right." Hermione hugged Harry.

"It's good to see you." She said as she moved away. "Did you have a nice summer?"

Harry shrugged. "Same us normal." Harry and Ron hugged briefly. Ron not really being the hugging type. "How were your summers?" Harry asked as the trio walked to entrance to Diagon Alley.

Hermione tapped on the brick wall, which opened up. "My family and me went to Scotland to visit some relatives I didn't realise I had. It was okay but there were no girls that weren't ditzy pre-Madonna's. If I ever turn into one of them please kill me now." Hermione emphasised the point by running her finger over her neck.

"What about you new hair style? Does that make you one of them?" Asked Ron.

"There's a difference between looking nice and being a pre-Madonna, Ron." Hermione stated. Ron still didn't seem to agree even though he did say anything else. Hermione turned to Harry. "I see your wearing the present I got you."

"You noticed." Harry smiled. "Yeah I couldn't believe that Hermione Granger would want me to cheat."

The three friends headed to Flourish and Blotts for their books. "It's not cheating. I just don't want Slytherin to win the cup this year."

Harry thought back to last year. It was the last Quidditch match of the year. Slytherin against Gryffindor. Harry and Draco were side by side closing in on the snitch, Harry was a little bit ahead. Harry could feel the snitch's wings lightly hit his gloved fingers. Just as Harry was about grab the snitch when Draco did the unspeakable. The blonde grabbed Harry's crotch which made Harry slow as. Draco let go then speeded up and grabbed the snitch.

Harry had stopped his broomstick and got off. He stared at Draco in shock. Later on he told Ron and Hermione what had happened. But the one thing he didn't tell them was that he had didn't really mind it. Ever since that day Harry had been thinking a lot more about Draco. He had also been some interesting dreams about the blonde too. At first he put it down to hormones but he realised that was actually a crush. A really big crush at that.

Harry shook his head to bring him out of his thoughts. He looked around the shop for the books he needed. Hermione told him to hurry up. He hadn't realised Hermione and Ron had already paid for their books. He quickly grabbed his books and paid for them.

The trio left the shop and decided to look around Diagon Alley. They just walked around. "You never told us what you got up to during your summer?" Asked Harry to Ron.

Ron smiled. "Well if you really want to know?" The other two nodded. "We went to Romania to visit Bill. Charlie came along to with his boyfriend. Bill had actually proposed to Greg about a week before we got there."

"Aww that's so cute." Said Hermione.

"Yeah it is." Said Ron making a sign to Harry that he was going to throw up. Harry laughed.

Ron suddenly stopped his sign and looked behind Harry. "What's Malfoy doing here?" Asked Ron to no one in particular.

Harry and Hermione looked to where Ron was looking. "That's weird." Said Hermione.

"What is?" Asked Harry

"Look," Said Hermione. "Malfoy normally has people with him where ever he goes. Where's Crabbe and Goyle?"

Harry watched Malfoy. It was strange. Hermione was right. Malfoy normally had at least one person with him at all times, as if he was afraid someone would attack him or something. But this time Malfoy was walking to Flourish and Blotts all on his own.

Malfoy seemed to be acting strange too. Normally he would notice the trio and would make some sort of comment. But right now he just walked right pass the three without even a glance.

'Something's wrong.' Thought Harry. 'Something is seriously wrong.'

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