For the next couple of weeks Jeff stayed at the twin's every night

For the next couple of weeks Jeff stayed at the twin's every night. Harry wondered how the boy managed to do stay awake during class. But Jeff wasn't coping us well as Harry thought. Jeff had been falling asleep in class while the teacher wasn't looking. His marks from his class test were falling a lot. Jeff yawned as the group headed to Divination. He felt half dead as was sure he would fall asleep again.

It wasn't that he was with the twins that kept him awake it was that some nights he would stay awake all night talking to the pair and wouldn't realise what time it was until morning.

The group entered the classroom and took there seats. Professor Trelawnay came and circled the class. "I feel that one of you is unprepared for class." Neville cowered. He had forgotten his book and had planned on sharing with Ron. "Another one of you will fall asleep in class." Jeff rolled his eyes. Anyone could know that! His mind said. "And also one of you is in great danger this year." Ron, Jeff and Neville all knew she was meaning Harry. Harry sighed. Why was his life always in danger?

Jeff leaned over to Harry. "Kick me if I fall asleep." Whispered Jeff. "I want to prove her wrong." Harry nodded.

During class Harry counted he had to kick Jeff four times to wake him up. By the end of class, Jeff was feeling quite proud of himself. Take that, Professor Trelawney! He thought. He was full awake now thanks to Harry, he was ready for the rest of the school day.

Jeff had asked if he could borrow Hedwig so he could send a letter to the twins saying that he wasn't coming over that night or for a couple nights so he could sleep. Jeff was coming back from the Owlery when he bumped into Blaise.

The boy looks almost frantic. "What's wrong?" Asked Jeff.

Blaise caught his breath. "Seamus and Dean are in the hospital wing."

"Why are they there?" Pried Jeff.

"Looks like someone's taken a beating out of them." Jeff looked shocked.

"Why would anyone do that?" Blaise shrugged.

"I'm looking for everyone to tell them to get to the hospital wing."

"I'll help you." Said Jeff.

The pair ran around the school looking for everyone in Jeff's dorm and for Hermione. Blaise told Jeff that Draco and Pansy were at the Hospital Wing already.

Once they had found everyone they headed to the Hospital Wing. Seamus and Dean were in beds next to each other. The pair looked awful. "What happened?" Asked Hermione.

"We got jumped." Said Dean through a burst lip. He also had a broken arm and his ribs were broken too.

"By who?" Asked Jeff worriedly.

"We don't know. Neither of us got to see them." Explained Seamus. His nose was broken and so was his leg.

"Why would anyone do this to you?" Asked Hermione.

"They said they didn't want our type here." Said Seamus.

"What did they mean by that?" Asked Ron.

"Do you think it might be because you're both openly gay?" Suggested Harry.

"We think it is." Said Dean. "That's the only thing we can think of."

"That means the rest of us that are open about being gay should watch out too." Said Jeff. Then he realise he was the only other openly gay person there. Harry wasn't out too the rest of the school yet and Blaise was bisexual.

"We should watch each other's back. Keep alert." Said Pansy. Everyone agreed with this.

"We should tell Dumbledore about this. See if there's anything he could do about it." Suggested Hermione. The group nodded. "Ron lets go tell him now."

"Right." The pair was off. Madame Pomfery shooed everyone out of the Hospital Wing so that she could heal Seamus and Dean.

"I hope they'll be okay." Jeff thought absentmindedly.

"They'll be fine. Madame Pomfery is good at her job." Said Draco.

Jeff hoped that they manage to find the bullies before anyone else got hurt.

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