"Goddamn you you freaking Kaitou Kid!"

"I love you too meitantei!"

It was another day, another heist and another chase.

But this time something had gone horribly wrong. Even if Kid wasn't showing it, he was shaking with nerves. The whole heist had been pulled to shambles and here was how it began.


A Day in the Distant Future


Kaito was sitting in a bar one day.

For a while it had seemed there wasn't much to life anymore.

He had the girl he loved for his wife.

He had, and not without a whole amount of trouble, found and destroyed the Pandora gem.

The Black Org was down the drain.

There just wasn't any excitement anymore.

He was bored.

Which was dangerous because everyone says, "Idle hands are the devil's playthings."

And there was a lot of truth in it.

So he made some adventure for himself.

He had officially become a Kaitou.

He was for hire or challenge.

Either way ended in pay.

But then she got wind of it.

And when it came down to it, even if she loved him and all that being Kid entailed, she still hated his night job.

Even when the night ended pretty nicely.

We'll keep it to a "capes are fun" comment.

That and nothing more.

Suddenly after he told Aoko the truth about the Kaitou thing, it did take awhile – old habits die hard - whenever he was out on the town, working, he met up with some resistance.

In fact a lot of resistance.

Which was something he usually didn't have to deal with… except when there was a certain meitantei around.

Not Hakuba.

Hakuba was living in England with Akako.

Only God, or Lucifer, knew what they were doing.

No, he had something worse on him.


Back to the bar.

The ice clinked in the glass.

"Hello," yawned Kaito.

"Hello yourself. Do you realize what you're doing?"

"Yeah I'm just trying to stay young, limber… alive. It's always been on my priorities list."

"I realize that Kuroba."

"Tut-tut Kudo. This is how you're treating the friend that helped you get back to what you are and keep the number of people who knew down to the minimum? Do you know what I had to do to that reporter who was about to spill everything on you?"

"Too much. Anyway, think about how you're treating your wife Kuroba…"

"Okay. So why did you want to see me?"

"For exactly that reason."

Shinichi took out a cigarette.

"You're smoking?" inquired Kuroba.

"I don't even light it. I have it for the detective thing."

Kaito snorted, Kudo never did anything for show.

Kaito swallowed the rest of his drink.

He held up two fingers to the bartender.

Several seconds later a drink slid and stopped exactly in front of Shinichi.

"An offering?"

Kaito coughed, "Take it as what it is. A drink between two old friends."

Kudo smiled. If Kuroba only knew about the stories he had unearthed about Nakamori Ginzo being best friends with Kuroba Toichi… and a certain Kudo Yuusaku.

The irony.

He sipped a bit of the drink. It was hard liquor. Something Kudo usually didn't partake in.

But then again he usually did a lot of things he normally wouldn't do in front of Kid.

"I'm here to hire you," he said casually.

Kaito turned quickly to look his companion in the eye.


"Please Kuroba, I think we both heard what I said."

"You need me to steal something for you?"

"Oh no," Shinichi cracked a grin the first time that evening, "I'm challenging you to steal something."

"And what do I get? You know a Kaitou has rules. I steal and I get something from you."

"I know but this is special. I'm here actually by request of my client. I will not disclose their name, so don't even bother asking. The fact is that they don't want you stealing anymore. There's no need for it, I supplied that bit of information to them by the way. So here is their proposal. You steal this," Kudo slipped a photo to him, "Next week. If you escape me, you earn the right to continue this obsession of yours. However if I catch you, you will stop. For a good long time…"

The smile on Shinichi's face sent shiver's down Kaito's spine.

Of course, that was separate from his interest, which was now aching from the sweet accelerated air of a Kid Heist when he was up against Kudo Shinichi.

"Oooohhhh… a duel."

"A duel. Me and the 1412 Taskforce against you. Do you agree?"

"You know I can't resist anything like this Kudo. You're on."


In retrospect, it was the stupidest thing he had ever done. Somehow, despite all the times he had gone up against Kudo, or Kudo-Conan, he always forgot how he always got the one up on him.

It was probably easiest to fault his ego, convenience and all.

Back to the heist.


Kudo had kept this heist quiet.

No crowds, nothing for Kid to have as back-up. Unless the really bad happened which he hoped to God didn't happen.

The entire taskforce had been divided cleverly. Unit A on the roof. Unit B on the ground. Unit C was divided on all levels on the west side of the building. Unit D was in charge in the East.

The worst thing was that Kaito hadn't realized this maneuver until it was too late.

What had thrown him off were the decoy officers on the ground, giving Kaito the impression that they were mostly, well, on the ground.

It was his fault. He didn't check out the building, except for putting the blue prints to memory and figuring out exactly where that stone was hidden.

He should have seen it then.

The stone was in a vault at the heart of the structure.

But his ego got in the way.

He thought this would be easy.

In retrospect, he was also dead wrong, and stupid, about this.

And now he was paying for it.


Kid crawled through the ventilation system. In his last puff of smoke he had quickly slipped masks on all the officers. They were busy pulling them off each other, hoping that Kid would still be in their mist. It gave Kid a five minute, at the least, advantage. His walkie-talkie sparked to life and Kudo's crisp tones came over it.


Kaito gritted his teeth. He was a rat in a trap. Kudo was just baiting him to head to the roof and then proceed to be caught. But he'd get caught if he stayed there any longer.

He forced me to go to the roof. Goddamn you Kudo!

Kid peeked out on the roof.

Amazingly there was no one there.

Trap Kuroba! Trap!

He suddenly felt the tug at his collar.


"Hello, Kid," whispered the feminine voice at his ear as his hat flew off.

"Nakamori-keibu… I hope I find you well."

"When I see you stopped."

"Well, I'm no genie, I can't grant wishes, I'm just a simple MAGICIAN!"

As his hand pushed him out of the vent, he felt the handcuff latch onto him.

Shinichi burst through the roof door.

"We got you Kid! We got you Kid!"

Even if he resisted now there was no crowd to catch him or a decent air current.

It had even begun to rain.

Mother Nature herself was against him.

"Fine, you caught me." he snapped his fingers as if he had lost out.

And he had.

Nakamori Aoko, the new head of the 1412 taskforce, looked at him with a strange expression on her face.

"I told you to stop Kaito… baka!"

And then proceeded to give him a good hit across the head with her baton.

They walked him down through the building and when they reached the ground floor, Shinichi had to hold back the crowd of reporters.

But he couldn't hold back a certain lawyer.

"Excuse me, out of my way, I must get to my client!"

Shinichi gapped at Ran, "Your client?"

"Yes, now have you even read this man his rights? And what is this…" she looked at the baton in Aoko's hand.

"Police Brutality!" cried out Kid.

"I'm your wife Kaito!"

"You have already named an identity under his mask! Did she take it off?"

"She took off my hat!"

Aoko frowned at him, "It flew off and you really don't seem to mind at home."

"This is looking easier by the minute! She's an accomplice by knowing who you are and no one seems to want to press charges on him."

"What the hell are you doing Ran!"

Ran held up her hand, "You may be my husband but my work comes first. Now please, I must escort my client downtown where we can sort out this whole matter. But don't worry Shinichi, I'll be home before midnight."

Shinichi looked at his watch it was practically eleven by now. He knew she was good, heck she had beat her own mother, but there was no way that she could get all that paperwork signed, or get the Tokyo police force to back down from putting Kid behind bars for life.

In retrospect, he was very mistaken.


The next morning Kaito was chewing on a piece of toast and reading the newspaper, grinning like an idiot, when the doorbell rang.

He opened the door and smiled.

"Kudo-kun! Hey! How are you buddy? Come inside. How's Ran-chan doing?" he asked as he shut the door after Shinichi.

"Ran's fine. I've been… better."

"Oh yeah, I figured. What with this morning's newspaper and all."

"The newspaper?"

"Yeah here, have a look."

Shinichi gapped at the newspaper.

"Meitantei Kudo Shinichi Loses Wife to Kid!"

Shinichi's jaw fell open as he continued reading the horrible article.

When he was done he looked up at Kuroba first in horror then anger and then finally with a grin.

"The headlines got it all wrong anyway; it was just a matter of priority… eh… Kudo?"

Shinichi burst out laughing.

"You still didn't succeed. You got caught, even if you did get released! You can't be Kid anymore."

Kaito looked at him confused at first and then like an idea hit him.

"Ran-chan didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"She got me an official Kaitou license."

At that Shinichi was so angry what happened exactly is unclear, except that Ran came in yelling at Shinichi "to stop strangling Kaito! He still owes me money! Wait until I'm done with him!" At which point Aoko got home, first time all evening after facing an inquiry at work, and demanded that she get to chase Kaito around for a while for putting her through all of this especially when she thought she could be pregnant. But since Shinichi wouldn't release Kaito until he had his fun Aoko took to hitting Shinichi for not thinking that the legal system, or Ran, would get in the way or of a better way to stop Kaito from continuing to be Kid, she had been his client.

At the comment that she had gotten in the way Ran yelled "I was only doing my job! And your husband owes me a billion yen!" Kaito took to dwelling on all that had been good in his life and praying his children would become great magicians, and Kaitous, without the aid of their father.

-The End- (We think...)