"You keep your boy away from here!"

"Like anything wrong happened!"

"I don't care! This is the fourth time this week!"

"Well Ran-chan didn't say that you were against him being there when Aoko dropped him off!"

"She said she had talked to him," countered Shinichi.

"Well… we did."

"But it didn't work."

"Like father like son?" joked Kaito with a grin on his face.


A Day in the Distant Future: Looking at the Very Distant Future


Shinichi slammed the door of the Kudo mansion behind him. He was done talking to Kuroba.

"Shinichi, there is no reason to be upset," commented Ran as she dried her hands on a dish towel.

"No reason to be upset! Look at my study!"

Ran peeked into the room and smiled. Her daughter was still playing with the objects scattered around the floor.

"But didn't you see Rin! She looked so happy when Toichi-chan was doing all the tricks-"

"Standing on my desk."

"And pulling out roses-"

"Getting confetti everywhere."

"Making the doves come out from all over her…"

Shinichi threw her a Look.

"Okay, so maybe that one's not so good but they're only children! And they're so cute together!"

"What about Hattori's boy?"

"They're cute too but Hei-chan is leaning towards the daughter of Heiji's partner in the police force."

"They're only four Ran! You can't go pairing them up!"

Now it was Ran's turn to throw him a Look.

"Who said anything about pairing them up? I just want her to have a friend so when she starts school she's not lacking in social skills."

And then Ran threw Shinichi a smirk.

"Unlike someone… I clearly remember your mother telling mine the story, and then being transferred to your class."

Shinichi gulped down his pride.

"Well I don't want him around again. He's being a bad influence on her."

Ran looked at him, not believing a word he was saying.

"And… And last night as I was tucking her in," his eyes becoming thin as if revealing something horrible to her, " she started telling me stories that he had been telling her about how great magician's are."


"And that they're like detectives when putting on a show."


"And that she had to be one!"


"Or the Kaitou Kid would steal Toichi-chan from her! Mind you that's not bad but it makes her unhappy to think about."


He looked up at Ran.


"It's not the end of the world. And maybe if you weren't so busy keeping her away from your work maybe she'd want to be a detective. But anyway, you shouldn't take this too seriously; remember that 'I want to be an actress stage,' and the other day she told me she wanted to be a lawyer. Thought yelling at people all day is a great job."

"But Ran, can't you just tell Aoko that we can't take care of him anymore."

Ran threw him a look, "You know who you sound like…"

Shinichi backed away a step, "I - I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh no, I'm sure you do. Begins with a K ends in an O and is known to sleep."

"Like I would ever sound like that old man."

"You wouldn't know what he really sounds like considering he really kept it civil around you."

"That was civil?"

Ran laughed, "See! But you're acting exactly like him whenever I told him I was going out with you."

"I thought he would just say you were too good for me."

"He didn't say that much around 'Conan-kun' either."

"I'm sure he didn't," he said sarcastically, "But I still don't want her hanging out with that boy!"

"Then teach her more about detective stuff!"

"I don't want her getting into trouble," he said remembering how much trouble he got in.

"Are you saying women shouldn't be detectives?"

"No…" Shinichi said as he remembered that his wife was a karate master, and even if she were a slightly paranoid parent, she wouldn't deny her daughter anything.

"Good then take her and Toichi-chan out for your next case," replied Ran as she started walking out of the room.

"Hey! Wait a minute!"


Shinichi was a modern Sherlock Holmes. He took cases as they came to him and thankfully it was awhile until the next case came his way.

How dragging along Kuroba had become part of the deal was hard to tell.

And then, on top of it all, Hattori and his kid just had to come by that day.

But Ran wouldn't let him leave them all behind. No she had that dangerous look on her face that was just a level lower of her 'Big Head of Impending Death Glare' and that usually meant that he was sleeping in the study that night if he did anything against her wishes.

He felt like the ring leader in a circus.

Without a microphone.

Now as the group of them stood in front of the corpse, the children at the front looking curious for a few moments, Shinichi just wished it would all be over quickly.

Because now the kids were arguing.

"My Otousan is going to solve it first!" declared Hei-chan.

"Yeah right! My Tousan is a magician! He can make it so that there isn't a dead body."

"You can't do that! Right Touchan?" asked Rin-chan as she pulled on her father's trouser and looked up at him with her wide eyes that looked like Ran's… back when she didn't jerk him around all the time.

He patted her on the head and then turned to Kuroba, "I take it you've failed to tell your son about the finer points of death?"

Kaito grinned sheepishly while Hattori snickered.

"I guess so," he said as he bent down, "Now Toichi-kun, the magic you and I do can do many things…"

"Bunch of tricks," inserted Shinichi.

Kaito threw him a look but turned to his son and smiled wistfully.

"But it can't bring people back from the dead. Once they're gone… they're gone," he finished a little sadly.

The child smiled, understanding and then turned to others.

"But my Tousan is still the best."

At which Heiji's son denied valiantly and challenged Toichi-chan to a duel.

The respective parents quickly kept the two apart and Shinichi began gathering the facts of the case.

All the while being very aware of the eyes following his every move. Intelligent, soft blue eyes that from a distance didn't seem they could pierce anything…

Appearances were deceiving.

A while later Shinichi looked around the room one last time, for that one piece he hadn't caught.

He found it.

After a moment he noticed the other person that was also looking in that direction.

He pulled his daughter off to the side and bent down to her eye level.

"What do you think of the case so far?"

"It's very interesting."

"And what have you noticed?"

She listed off some facts to him; the last one brought a smirk to his face.

"So what do you think happened?"

She looked at her shoes, unsure and mumbled something.

"You know you won't know until you tell everyone. It's hard the first time. You want to me to help you?"

She looked up at him with her eyes burning with determination, "No. I think I'll do it."

And off she went taking Shinichi's amazement with her.

She stood in front of the two boys and, after a couple of times, got the attention of the other adults in the room.

Kaito was suddenly plunged back to painful memories of Conan, minus glasses, being of the male gender, and the figure in front of him was looking three to four years younger.

Shinichi looked at him in time to see him shudder.

Hattori snickered and mentally filed away his comment for later and then turned to the little girl solving the case.

Completely and absolutely amazed.

And as she was about to call out the name of the perpetrator of the crime Shinichi stopped her and whispered something in her ear.

"You think you can do that?" he finished.

She nodded. "I saw Kaachan yelling like that!"

"Okay kiddo, go for it."

He patted her forward and then stepped back.

She straightened her back, snapped out her arm to point – up - and said, "And that means you Torishi-san!"

For some reason, there's something about a little girl accusing someone of murder that automatically makes them confess to it.

Who has the heart to lie to innocence?

The police came in and took him away as Shinichi let out a whoop of praise and picked up his daughter and spun around with her asking him repeatedly, "Did I do that right? Did I do that right?"

"You did that just right," he said as he stopped and kissed her on her cheek.

"I like being a detective! That was fun! Is there another one you have to go to today?"

Kaito and Heiji looked at each other.

"That is most definitely the daughter of Kudo Shinichi."

"And Mouri Ran."

Heiji turned and looked behind him to see Ran standing there with a not too pleased look around her face.

The smile slid away from Shinichi's face.

"I told you take her to the case. I said nothing about letting her solve the whole thing. In fact I'm surprised she could… Kaito-kun and Heiji-kun most certainly have brains. And you just let them be outsmarted by a four year old."

"Kaachan!" Ran looked down, "I've been looking at Touchan's notes! They say some really interesting things about what people do! They're better stories than the ones in my books!"

Ran looked up at Shinichi, "You haven't been locking that drawer! What did I tell you! You can't be exposing her to all that… gore and horror!"

"I have been!" argued Shinichi.

Toichi-chan smiled at Rin. She nodded.

"Shinichi-ojisan! I taught Rin-chan how to pick locks!"

Shinichi's eyes narrowed and darted to Kaito.

"This is your fault!"

Heiji turned to Kaito, "You should run about now."

"I don't think it would do me any good," and then tried to plead with Shinichi, "But what have I given you? An intelligent daughter that you were just glowing over a minute ago, some peace of mind that one day you won't have to solve cases…"

"But look at that!"

Kaito turned to spot near the wall where Toichi-chan was telling Rin that he thought she was very smart... but claimed he had solved it before her and that magicians were still cooler.

She then punched the wall, cracking it, and said it was because of that that he didn't say it any louder for her father to hear and that he was just a Super-Baka Magic Maniac.

Hei-chan was smart enough to keep out of the situation, but agreed with Rin-chan.

"See what you've done!"

"Is it any consolation that it'll still be about 14 years until anything happens?" asked Kaito.

Shinichi's glare answered his question.

Kaito stepped to where Toichi-chan was and grabbed his hand, "But if we're all lucky, hey he might shrink into a kid a year before then!"

And then poofed into a puff of smoke and made his escape.

"That guy…"

Ran put a hand to Shinichi's shoulder, "Now it's not that bad."

"You want her to be Kuroba Rin?"

"At least it turned out that you guys weren't related," brought up Heiji who had been sitting in one of the recliner chairs enjoying the show for awhile now.

Shinichi looked at him through half-lidded eyes.

"I'm just glad your son calls my daughter neechan…"

Later than evening Shinichi stopped by the Mouri detective agency.

"Raising a daughter is hard," he said to Kogoro as he sat down in an exhausted pile of Kudo on the couch.

Shinichi was too weary to notice the glare Kogoro was giving him but still awake enough to hear the words, "No shit Sherlock."


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