I sat forward on the couch, nursing a cup of tea and watching as Draco opened his Christmas presents. He looked rather adorable, all curled up against Harry's side in the deep green jumper with the large white "D" on it that Mum had sent him. He had been confused upon first opening it, but once Harry and I had explained that it was a Weasley family tradition to receive a jumper from Mum and Dad and that getting one meant he was part of the family, he seemed very pleased as he tugged it over his head. He would never admit it out loud, but I had a sneaking suspicion that he adored my mother almost as much as his own. Harry turned his head to grin at me while Draco meticulously unwrapped the present from Ginny and the twins, careful not to rip the paper. He was nothing like Harry or I, both tearing through the paper with abandon, letting it litter the floor all around us. Giving him a knowing glance, we shared a brief kiss over Draco's head before turning back to watch him.

He was shuffling through tissue paper, carefully laying out each item they had placed in the box, various jars, tubes and peculiarly-shaped boxes. I couldn't see any of the labels, but Harry seemed to be stifling a laugh and Draco looked confused bordering on offended. Once he had finished unwrapping everything, he turned to me and then to Harry, giving us both quizzical looks. "Is this another Weasley family tradition? Why did you get Canary Creams and the like and I got edible knickers and every-flavored lube?" Harry looked as though he was going to explode with laughter any moment as Draco glared at him.

Confused, I picked up one of the jars and sure enough, the label was one I recognized as being part of a collection of peculiar sexual aides hidden in the back of Weasley Wizarding Weezes under a cloaking charm that was age-specific. The twins were dead. Draco was going to lock them up in the dungeons of Malfoy Manor and have house elves torture them and they were going to die. Draco's head whipped around as I reached over him to set the jar back down, glaring. "Is this your siblings' idea of a joke? What if I'd opened it in front of your mother? I would never have been able to face her again from mortification."

I sighed and kissed his forehead, brushing a few strands of hair from his face. He did look rather fit in his new jumper. "I don't know what they were thinking, love. Let's just be glad we stayed home this morning and you can kill them later."

Harry grinned, a lascivious gleam in his eyes. "Yeah, and in the mean time we can test out some of your… gifts." Draco looked confused again, eyeing him as though he was Tinturn or a muggle or something, but he ignored the look and buried his lips against Draco's neck. Draco let out a little moan and arched his neck, leaning back against the couch. Harry took full advantage, his hand moving underneath the new jumper he tongued at his Adam's apple, but he was stopped before he could go any further.

"Stop it, we just had sex two hours ago. What are you, an incubus?"

"Maybe," I heard Harry growl against his neck, but Draco only rolled his eyes and nudged him away.

"You'll just have to play with yourself, then. I'll be up with Ron, who is normal and knows that sex is limited to twice a day and never right before we're meant to go out." He moved up to the sofa and curled into my side. I grinned and wrapped an arm around him, pulling him close and pecking his lips.

"Happy Christmas, love."

He grinned at me and pulled me in for a much longer kiss. "Happy Christmas." We both ignored Harry's disgruntled look and went back to opening gifts. Harry eventually settled and Christmas morning continued as usual – or as usual as it would become if we continued to share our Christmases together.

We were down to the last present, paper strewn around the room and Tinturn happily frolicking among it as though it were his own, personal gift, and Draco was eyeing the small box we'd presented him with with trepidation. After a close, cautious evaluation, he finally unwrapped it and opened it to find the key we'd bought him. He looked from one to the other of us, obviously dumbfounded.

"We've decided that we're tired of you having to go home to get fresh clothing. We want you to move in with us so we can be with you all the time."

"As apposed to every waking and sleeping hour of the day?"

Harry rolled his eyes as if frustrated. "We want our home to be your home, rather than the place you stay over every night at."

"We're even going to stop trying to pretend like we don't all share a bed when the family comes over and turn Harry's room into a guest room." I added, hoping to entice him into agreeing. He was ever complaining that we were being 'hypocritical' by trying to keep the pretence that Harry slept in a separate room and Draco went back to his flat at night.

"May I bring my much larger bed?" he asked, staring down at the key.

"You have a bigger bed you've been hiding away from us?"

"Yes, well, it isn't as though you hadn't been withholding the goods either, Misters We're-going-to-take-the-longest-possible-time-before-finally-asking-our-lover-to-live-with-us."

We both grinned and dove in to kiss him, though our noses bumped and we only managed a sloppy battle of wills before I finally won out and pulled him into my lap. After a few moments, he pulled away to Harry with a coy smile and leaned down to kiss him as well. "You do realize this means the dog must go, correct?" he asked just before capturing Harry's mouth and effectively shutting up whatever spluttering answer he might have given.