The Cracked Mirror
Zandrellia -

About the Story:
This is a story about Small Lady/Chibi-Usa/Reenie and Elios/Pegasus/Helios.
No one else. Sorry but I think that there just aren't enough fanfictions
about secondary and minor characters.

To me Small Lady and Elios share a very special bond. This isn't a bond of
time or effort because as you can see it is already there when they first
meet and even after when they keep so much a secret. These relationships
are rare and seldom form into more than just deep friends due to the
constant denial most people have for this type of love.
I wanted to do my best to shine more light onto that love and give it the
meaning and chance that I think it should have. Anyone who has ever been a
young girl in love can easily tell you that Small Lady is desperately in
love with Elios. She doesn't care that he comes in the form of a pegasus
or a man. As long as Elios is the one inside that's all that matters to
However many take this as a type of puppy love simply because she's the
only one making goo-goo eyes. How wrong can they be?
I think of Elios and I think of his surroundings and his upbringing. If he
always lived in Elysion I don't think he had time to go and experience the
opposite sex. Honestly I think he has a hard time talking to people at all
due to his lifestyle. He's a hermit. He doesn't understand feelings like
most do because of this. Not that it's his fault.
Many overlook this fact about Elios and would point out that he talks to
Endymion/Mamoru at certain points in the series and each of the sailor
scouts have dreams of flying with Pegasus. But all of those people were
connected to Earth and Elysion and the Silver Millenium and therefore he
already basically knew of them. However, I doubt if you went up to say..
Molly/Naru and asked her if she talked to flying pegasus' in her dreams
she would give you her classic new york laugh and check to see if you are

These are many reasons why I have made Small Lady so emotional(after all
she IS a teenager) and Elios so distantly unknowing.

Some other characters that have changed are:

Makoto: She's a little airheaded now. That's ok though, it's not like
she's stupid. Just seriously bored. She really wants to go out and kick
some butt. Problem is there aren't any bad guys to kick around.

Rei: Rei is a very jealous person. In this story the only thing that
changes about her is that I magnify that a little more to add angst.
Maybe she's just on that time of the month? ;)

Endymion: Now that he's King, is married to his beautiful princess, has
all of his memories back, doesn't have to go prancing around as Tuxedo
Mask so that someone can save Sailor Moon's butt when she's in a jam, and
everything is all peaceful there really isn't much for this man to do. So..
what did I have him do first off? Have a party and get drunk of course!
(No offence to major Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru/Endymion fans) It wasn't meant to
be mean. I just think it's time the guy took a break. So in this story
he's much more laied back.

Luna: She's a bit less fiesty but still has a fire inside. A devoted mother
now and not really any form of aide but just a friend with good advice.
Basically, while I think Luna is the greatest, she had to take a step away
from center stage for this story.

About the Author:
This is also my first fanfiction that I have ever given thought to posting
for others to read. Most people say my writing is good so I hope that this
story is not unbearable. If it is go ahead and tell me, I won't mind. But
only constructive critisizim please. ;) (So no flaming or slandering. If it
sucked tell me why and I will do better next time.)

Yep I'm putting my disclaimers for the entire story here and only here.
I don't own Sailor Moon, it was never my idea and none of the characters
represented in this fictional work were my origional ideas.