Mistakes of the Past

DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately, I do not own any of the characters in my story except Sarkáhn and Mistad. (One tear) I really wish that I did own Aragorn because he is so cute and noble and handsome and brave and strong and…Well, he's just all around remarkable and amazing, and I know he's not real, but a girl can dream. But, anyway, Aragorn and the others are owned by Tolkien, not me.

SUMMARY: What happens when a choice made in the past greatly impacts your future? What happens when you thought you did what was right, but it turned out to be all wrong? What happens when the ghost of the past comes back to haunt you…with a vengeance? Elrond and his family are sure to find out, and they will also learn the difference between rumors and truth.

So, without further ado, here it is, and I would appreciate any reviews or comments about my story and enjoy. By the way, this is my FIRST fan fiction, so please be nice.

"You know, so far we have not gotten ourselves into any serious danger involving malicious creatures or life-threatening injuries." Legolas stated with a trace of amusement. "This is an extremely rare occurrence. I cannot remember the last time that we actually walked into Rivendell. On second thought, I do not think there ever was a time." Aragorn responded, "Come now, Legolas, the day is still young, and now that you have said that, we are surly destined to encounter bad luck."

Aragorn and Legolas had become exceedingly bored with themselves for nothing exciting had been happening recently in Rivendell since Legolas had come for a visit. They had decided that a walk through the woods would be entertaining for a while, seeing as how a hunting trip together would never go over too well with Elrond considering their magnitude for trouble. Moreover, the twins were already hunting at their father's request.

"This walk was not a bad idea." Aragorn said. "Well, that is why I am a genius and far more superior." Legolas said teasingly. "Oh yeah, well considering the fact that I was not responsible for our last fiasco involving the orcs, you do not have room to talk. I mean, who else would challenge me to an archery contest to see how far our arrows would go, and hit an orc right through the eye." Aragorn countered.

"Just proves my skill, clumsy human."

"Prissy elf."

"Smelly edain."

"Beauty queen."

"That is low."

They continued on their journey, antagonizing each other back forth without a care in the world. However, unknown to them, a creature was lurking in the shadows.

"Legolas, can I ask you something?" Somewhat surprised that Estel would ask him this, Legolas responded with a nod. "Am I a good person? I mean, am I more than Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Isildur's heir, and heir to the throne of Gondor? More than a future king, a descendant of kings? More than a mortal man, filled with weakness, and destined to die?"

Taken aback by this question, Legolas asked what had brought on this sudden need of self-identification, but Estel just asked him to answer the question truthfully. "What do see when you look at me?"

"I see many things when I look at you. Yes, you are all of those characteristics you previously stated, but of course, you are more and no, you are definitely NOT weak. You are strong and courageous and full of so much determination and stubbornness that not even twenty wargs could diminish your spirit. You are-"

In mid sentence, Legolas came to stop for he had sensed something following their path. "Legolas, what's wrong?" "I feel that a shadow is drawing near full of great evil and harm, but I cannot tell what it is exactly." He seemed disturbed that he could not identify the entity. Even with the most enhanced senses, all that he could tell was that there was something very wrong.

Out of the woods from behind a tree, a shapeless malice floated freely across the grass which seemed to just wither beneath it. The creature was cloaked in a long black robe that was torn jaggedly in many places. It had a foul aura about it and a deathly smell. It drifted over to Legolas and Aragorn, who could not move because of some invisible force. Each one tried to escape or even call for help but no words would form and they felt they were glued to the ground beneath them.

The creature floated over to Aragorn, sending chills up the ranger's spine. In a chilling yet melodic voice, it said:

"Beware! The darkness deceives you, will blind you to tricks. If caution's not taken, then life is forfeit."

With that short message of warning, the world around the two friends began to dissipate and blur until everything went black.