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Each person in the room just seemed to stare off into space looking at the place where Sarniâ once was. They could not believe the sacrifice that he had made to save their father and friend. They were pulled out of their trance by a moan coming from the bed. Everyone looked down to see that Elrond was indeed awakening.

Elrond's eyes opened to see his sons, Legolas, and Glorfindel looking down at him. A soft smile spread across his face as a raspy voice whispered, "This must be paradise, because the last time I checked, none of you were dead."

"Oh, ada, we missed you terribly. Our hearts could barely take your absence. But thanks to Aragorn and Sarniâ, you are back in the land of the living with us where you shall remain forever," Elrohir said with tears streaming down his face.

"Sarniâ?" Elrond said in confusion. "That was not a dream. Estel, you were there also. You did not attempt what I think you did! No wonder you look almost as dead as I was. How could you--". Elrond never finished his statement as Aragorn interrupted.

"I knew the danger, ada. But had I not tried to bring you back in the only way I knew how, then I would never have been able to live with myself. You would have done the same thing for any of us. I just did what I thought was right. I will never take back my decision. Besides, I did not do it alone for Sarniâ helped me a great deal."

"Where is Sarniâ?" Elrond asked touched by his son's words and knowing that argument and lecturing was futile.

Glorfindel explained what happened because Aragorn could barely stay conscious let alone start an entire explanation of what happened after Elrond's death. Seeing the drastic change in his son's posture and appearance, Elrond ordered Legolas to take Aragorn back to his bed where he would later look him over after Glorfindel checked for any lasting damage from his "death". Granted a clean bill of health, Elrond made his way to Aragorn's room. He knew that his son was in bad shape from the way he stumbled out the door with his arm around Legolas' and Elladan's shoulders while Elrohir behind them. Glorfindel had said to him, "That son of yours manages to deplete his health in every way possible. It's either a strange gift of the Valar, or a curse." Elrond gave a small chuckle, muttering, 'It is definitely a curse,' and left the room, leaving Glorfindel to tend to some duties.

Elrond arrived in Aragorn's room to see three very anxious and nervous elves trying to help improve his son's condition. A small smile formed on his face as he thought of the great love that each of the young one's had for each other. Wanting to make his presence known, he quietly walked into the room and addressed them.

"I believe that I can take it from here. I am sure that Estel will be fine after he rests. You need some rest as well."

The twins and Legolas reluctantly agreed to leave Aragorn, taking the hint that Elrond wanted to be alone with his son.

"Alright, ada," Elladan said. "Estel, thank you for all that you have done to save our father. I do not know what would have happened to all of us…to me if he had been lost forever. You are the greatest of souls." Estel gave his brother a hug, though not a strong one for he was too weak to lift himself completely off of his bed. He knew that had Elrond been lost, Elladan would have undoubtedly sailed to the Undying Lands leaving Elrohir behind. He felt a great deal of admiration for Elladan for having been able to muster up the courage, regardless of his pride, to tell Aragorn just how he was feeling and how the "death" had affected him. He smiled tiredly, as Elladan left the room with Elrohir with him, arm around his brother shoulders. Elrohir smiled to Aragorn as they walked through the doorway, with appreciation reflecting in his eyes. 'What a wonderful feeling to be appreciated and loved, but it is a far better feeling to know how I have saved the souls of two other lives besides my father's,' Aragorn thought to himself. Legolas' voice pulled him out of his trance.

"My dear mellon nin, you brought a lot of hope and light to a world of darkness and sorrow, and if you do not know by now how important and strong you are compared to your ancestors, than you really are of lesser intelligence. You are more than the heir to the throne of Gondor. You are my friend and my brother." Legolas said this with slight tears in his eyes. He knew he never finished his conversation with Aragorn because Mistad had appeared while they were in the woods. He knew he never answered Aragorn's question that day, and decided that now was the time to finally tell his friend just how much he meant to him. Aragorn's sacrifice and chance of death just showed to Legolas how fragile human life….all life was. And he decided that from that day on, he would live each moment and treasure the times spent with his friends and family. Leaving a kiss on Aragorn's forehead, he silently left the room.

"Well, my son, it seems that I owe you a great deal for what you have done for me and my family. I do not believe there are any words to describe my feelings and thanks."

"No thanks are needed. You are my father and this is my family. I only did what any of you would have done for me," said Aragorn with a smile on his face. Elrond embraced his son and held on a for a short while, as he seemed to realize that life wasnotsureand that no one really knows what tomorrow will bring. Eventually, father and son pulled apart although they were reluctant tolet go.

"Well, I hear that you have been risking your life and that you have not come out unhurt, yet again," Elrond said lightening the mood. Aragorn gave a small chuckle and told his father what happened after he died and the injuries he sustained due to Sarkáhn. After a thorough examination, Elrond saw that his son's injuries were healing nicely and that besides a case of extreme exhaustion, he would be fine within a few days.

After Aragorn was examined, he decided to ask his father a question that he had been extremely curious about.

"Is Sarkáhn really gone for good? I mean, I killed him like Sarniâ told me to, but he still managed to linger inside your mind."

Elrond shook his head, gesturing that he was quite unsure.

"I do not know if his spirit is still present in our world, but believe me when I tell you that, if he ever comes back again I will make sure that he burns in the deepest pits of Mordor for all eternity." Aragorn gave a small smile as he felt comforted by his father's words as he realized that had he not risked his life, Elrond would have been gone forever.

"I'm glad you are here, ada. I do not know what I would have done without you here to put me back together."

"I am glad I am here as well, ion nin. I am very glad indeed."

The End

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