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Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh.


(Ryou's POV)


You think I'm so weak

You think on the outside, I'm puny and feeble

But you're wrong

I may be beaten down time after time

But in my mind I know I'm not weak

I know I'm not

But I want revenge

Revenge is what I want

What I lust for

It's an idea that remains lively in my mind no matter what


The word, the characters

It was true

I want revenge

But I'm not as weak minded as you think

There is more than one way to get revenge

But if I do get revenge

Then I'm no different than you

And I don't want to be you in any way

All the sick and twisted things you do for fun and amusement

But I know I can never go against you

I don't know why

But for some reason, if I do

I will regret it greatly if anything happened to you for you're the only one I have left

I know you'll snap to your senses and this torture will be over soon

Because you're my only family left

But I can not bear these scars any longer

Please release me from this torture soon, please I beg you

I want revenge but it is something I simply can not do

I have confidence you shall see the trust in me

The truth in me

The truth in front of your eyes

And you shall release me from this dark control

I know

I won't give up on you, Bakura

I won't… Ever

The End

RR please!

Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh.