A/N: OK here's the end of the story. I hope you enjoyed it.

Sunday, November 28th

I announced to the team that I was quitting. Scott didn't seem too surprised by my decision. He made a derisive comment about Logan being a major influence in my thinking patterns and I quickly set him right. I told him that Logan had no say what-so-ever in what I did. I explained to him the real reason I was quitting and he apologized. I'm afraid I got rather angry at him and yelled one or two words I shouldn't have. But he just made me so mad. Scott's always ragging on Logan. He needs to get over it.

Speaking of Logan, I haven't had a chance to talk to him. He wasn't at the team meeting today and when I asked the Professor if he knew where Logan was and all he would say was that he was on a mission. He wouldn't tell me anymore than that even though I asked. I'm kind of worried about him. I wish he had told me he was going. I miss him. I hope he comes home soon, I don't like it when he's gone.

I got a letter from Logan today. All it said was for me to have a bag packed and be ready to leave at sunrise tomorrow. It said that Kitty had agreed to keep an eye on Kali. I'm so excited. I wonder where we're going. I asked Kitty but she wouldn't tell me. She's more stubborn than I thought she was. I would have given in by now if I were her. I must have tried every way possible to get her to tell me what she knew. But she wouldn't. I'm impressed.


Monday, November 29th

At six a.m. while it was very dark outside, Logan came to get me. I was still in bed so I had to get dressed really quickly. He told me to put on several layers and a good pair of hiking boots. When we got down to the garage I saw that his own bag was in the bed of a new pickup truck. I think he must have bought it while he was on his mission. We set out and I didn't pay much attention to where we were going. Logan looked over at me fairly frequently but he didn't say much. I was glad for the silence and eventually fell back asleep. Finally he stopped the truck and I woke up when the car stopped moving. When I sat up and brushed the hair out of my eyes I saw that we had pulled off the road and that there was a rather steep climb to our right. We got out of the truck and Logan got a backpack out of the bed. I just watched him, unsure of what I was supposed to do. He grabbed my hand, saying that he wanted to show me something.

I let him lead me up the mountain. I eventually pulled my hand out of his grasp but he took it again every couple of minutes to pull me up. After a silent hour long climb we reached the top of what turned out to be a rather small mountain. When we entered the small clearing I was hot and out of breath but the view took what little breath I had left in me away. There was a small valley hidden in the middle of the taller mountains surrounding it. It was absolutly empty. There wasn't a single building or road marring it's peaceful beauty. The first thought I had was that I never wanted to leave.

We stood there just looking at it while my sweat cooled on my skin and my breath returned. When I began to shiver Logan squatted down and began digging in his bag. He pulled out two blankets. The first one he spread on the ground. He sat down and held the second one open to me, an invitation to sit with him. I sat down in front of him and he wrapped the blanket and his arms around me. I leaned back against him and asked him why he had brought me there.

He said that he thought I would like it. He said that it was one of his favorite places to come and that he wanted to share it with me. He said that he bought a large tract of land down in the valley and that he was planning on building a cabin right in the middle of it. He said since he was going to be hanging around he thought he had better have a house of his own.

When Logan said he was planning on staying it made me think of my decision to return his tags. I pulled the tags out from under my shirt and over my head. Kneeling, I turned around to look at him and told him that since he was staying he must need his tags back. I held them out and he took them thoughtfully. He didn't say anything but just put them on and tucked them under his shirt. I turned back around and he pulled me against him.

Then he began to talk again. He told me everything he had done while he was gone. he told me how much he had missed me and how he wished he had come back sooner. He said that he was sorry that he had gotten mad at me after the last mission. He said that he knew that I had grown up and didn't need him anymore. He said that he was sorry he had been nasty to me the first night he had gotten back. He said that he shouldn't have expected me to still be waiting for him and that he was glad I had moved on with my life while he was gone.

When he finished speaking I began to talk. I told him everything I had done while he was gone. I told him about learning to control my skin. I told him that I missed him and that I wished he had written. And most importantly I told him about the mission on which I had acquired Kali. He didn't say anything while I talked but when I reached the part about Kali his arms tightened around me and he buried his face in my hair. I finished speaking and he let out a shaky laugh and ran one hand through his hair.

When I asked him what was the matter, he hesitantly admitted that he had thought that Kali was my biological daughter and the thought of me with someone other than him had infuriated him. He said that when he first saw Kali he had been furious. Not with Kali but with me for not waiting for him. Even though he knew that it was unreasonable to ask that of me he had still hoped it would be true and that he had been disappointed when it hadn't. He said that he knew I didn't need a protector, but would I please not leave without telling him again? He said that he never wanted to be that worried ever again. He said that he nearly went out of his mind when Scott wouldn't tell him where I was.

I just laughed and told him I had no intention of even going to the bathroom without telling him and then I told him of my encounter with Scott. He laughed and when I turned my head and looked up at him, he was looking down at me with such love in his eyes that I was embarrassed but unable to look away. He hugged me to him and said that he knew he had been an asshole but would I be willing to give him another shot?

I was shocked. I told him that of course I would give him another shot. He then proceeded to lean down and kiss me senseless. When I pulled back for air, he took his tags back off and put them back on me. I turned back around and snuggled into him. We stayed that way all day. Just sitting and talking. Logan makes a great heater and I never got cold. We ate lunch up there and I told him about my decision to quit the team. He seemed relieved but he told me that if I wanted to be on the team I should and that he would be fine with that. It took me a while to convince him that I really did want to quit and that I wasn't just doing it to make him happy. But he believes me and I can tell he's happy about it.

When it finally began to get dark we packed the blankets, Logan took my hand and we walked back down the mountain to the truck. Logan drove into the city, and now we're at an apartment of the Professor's. Logan says he wants to do something tomorrow but right now we're sitting on the couch in front of the fire and Logan's trying to read over my shoulder. So I think I'll end now and pay him a little more attention.


Tuesday, November 30th

Logan spent all night wrapped around me but that was all. Even though I've been able to touch for several years I don't think I'm ready for sex. I still don't touch people very much.

When we got up at a little before noon we went out for a late brunch and then we walked around the city. We eventually ended up standing and looking at the Statue of Liberty. We stood and studied it, and Logan asked me if I wanted to go up it. I wasn't too sure. Just looking at it brought a rush of memories. Not good ones at that. I said that I didn't know.

Logan wrapped an arm around my waist and promised me that he would stay with me the whole time. He said he wanted me to have some good memories at the Statue of Liberty. I reluctantly agreed and we walked to the ferry. We passed through the museum part very quickly and when we got to the stairs Logan walked right behind me, his hand on my back the whole time. When I reached the top I stopped and Logan stepped up beside me and pulled me close to his side. We walked to the window and looked up at the torch. I shivered and buried my face in Logan's chest.

He pulled me close to him and began to whisper to me everything he had been feeling while he was fighting to save my life. How angry he had been at Magneto. How he was worried that Magneto would rip him apart and leave him in pieces for us to clean up. But mostly how afraid he had been that he wouldn't reach me in time.

I told him how I had been sure that he would come save me. That I just knew he would rescue me. I told him how upset I had been on the train. How I hadn't wanted Magneto to hurt him. I told him that he shouldn't have stabbed himself just to save me. I said I wasn't worth it. He got angry at that and said for me to never say something like that again. I apologized and he just smiled at me and kissed the top of my head.

We went back down the stairs and this time Logan went down first. We went outside onto the platform and while we were looking over the water Logan leaned over and said, 'I love you, Marie.'

And just as I gave him a kiss and told him I loved him too, it started to snow.