Okay here goes.My knowledge about Red Tornado is very limited and I missed a few YJ issues a bit back so if I screw up some facts I'm sorry. I'll try to get it right though. Oh yeah. I do not own any of these characters although they do rule.

I wrote this because Red Tornado is a member of Young Justice so I wrote a story about him. I hope you like.(For those of you who don't know it Red Tornado's human name is John Smith)

John Smith by robinyj

Red Tornado walked through the halls of Young Justice HQ in Happy Harbor.He had just returned from a meeting with Kathy, his wife, it had been over custody of Traya, his daughter. They had no arguements over what would be best for her they just simply had to put their decisions in writing. Traya had asked if she could spend some time in the HQ, she thought it would be a learning experience, Tornado had allowed it and was coming back to see her. He was always relaxed and comfortable here. This was where he discovered and unleashed his humanity and felt a special bond to the area and it's occupants. The team known as Young Justice.He felt the need to guide and protect these young heroes at all costs, even though his services were needed less lately since Robin was proving to be quite a capable leader and the other members were maturing at an amazing rate as of late, Impulse had even learned to take some direction.So Tornado strolled the halls until he found the main chamber, he was pleased by what he saw when he entered.

"Robin, did you have any plans in the near future to move your pieces?"
Robin lifted his gaze from the chessboard. "Traya, chess is a game of thought and patience, you have to think about your move and be patient with your opponent while he thinks about his."
Traya smirked. "Well what about thinking of how nice your opponent is being by being so patient while you think?" Robin moved his man. "Good it's my turn. I thought about my move while you were thinking about yours. Check."
"Checkmate." Robin tipped over Traya's King with his knight. "Good game." Traya just smiled taking the loss in stride.
"You too."

Tornado had been watching and was quite pleased with his daughter and leader of Young Justice and showed it as he entered the room.
"You two play well. You'll beat him next time Traya." Tornado put an arm around his daughter.
"Oh, don't worry Daddy we're just playing for fun but I think we're about evenly matched. I've won three and so has Robin. Want to play again for a tie breaker?" Traya asked hopefully.
"I'd love to but I have to watch the monitors and I have some work to do. Maybe your Dad will have a game." Robin left his chair and motioned for Red Tornado to sit down.
"Want to Daddy?"
"There's nothing I'd enjoy more dear.Thank you for watching her in my absence Robin. Do you wish to be white or black?" Tornado took the seat.
"No problem Reddy." Robin turned on the computer console. He didn't really have any work that couldn't wait and the monitors pretty much monitored themselves, but Robin knew Red Tornado didn't get to spend much time with his daughter and decided to give him a chance to. He could find something to take away his attention for a little while until they finished their game.

Tornado diverted his attenton from the game for a moment."Robin just out of curiousity where is the rest of Young Justice?"
"Well, C&C are at the mall, they've only been there three hours so we probably won't see them for a week, they took Secret too, they're gonna hide her for awhile and then go to a movie and she can come out when the lights go down. Superboy is, surprise,surprise, at the beach. He gave me some lame excuse about a tidal wave he heard was coming straight for Hawaii and Bart is well, Bart is Bart so I'm really not sure. But an hour ago he was in Manchester being forced to do his homework. No telling where he is now." Robin tapped a few more keys.
"Well as long as they are all enjoying themselves." Tornado decided to try and enjoy the pleasant afternoon with his daughter as best he could. Finally some family time was nice for a change.


In an underground lab a man in a labcoat, clearly a mad scientist who had no social life at all and decided to dedicate his life on revenge, was working hard on his latest project. He had vowed to accomplish this his entire life, after his Father had failed. He would capture Red Tornado and use him against the superheroes of today's world as his Father wanted to do.

"Prof.Morrow these energy converters don't appear to be stable enough to withstand the energy output." The lovely stereotypical blond assistant informed him.
"Hmm. Yes, you better replace them with the high frequency ones, they should work better." The assistant left once more leaving Morrow with his thoughts.

My Father,T.O. Morrow,had created the Tornado.He was meant for destruction and would have destroyed the heroes of yesterday had that essence not invoked it and changed my father's weapon of destruction into a hero fighting for justice. I've waited so long to start where my father left off. It was so hard at first, not even knowing if he was alive, he was out of circulation for so long. But he came back, I knew I only had to watch his family and they would find him for me. As soon as the energy converters are in place we should be ready to proceed. It must be today, the Tornado is finally alone. Only his daughter and the helpless teenager are with him. We must go now.


"Stalemate again. It seems we are evenly matched."
"Wow. Five stalemates in a row, that's got to be a record." Robin piped into the conversation from behid the computer screen.
"It was fun anyway. Daddy doesn't take nearly as long to decide a move as some people I know." Traya smiled innocently at Robin who only returned a gaze of his own showing he took her humor in good fun.Traya giggled.

Robin got up from his chair and headed for the door. "I'm going to go to the gym if you need me."
"Will you be practicing those cool jumps and flips and kicks that you do?" Traya seemed excited.
"I guess." Robin was quite calm about the whole thing but could tell Traya would love to see him do the tricky acrobatics. "Would you like to come watch?"
"Definitely. Well, uh.. can I Daddy?" Traya looked at her Father with puppy dog eyes.
"I don't see why not. As long as you promise not to try any of the stunts at home. Your mother would kill me." Tornado led Traya to the door, following Robin.

"Have you ever seen any gymnastics or acrobatics?" Robin asked Traya as they went down the hallway.
"No, not really. Just what I've seen on TV." Traya had to jog slightly to keep up. Robin slowed down.
"Well I guess I'll have to show you all the neat tricks."
"That would be great!" Traya replied enthusiastically.

They reached the gym, it was a state of the art gym, only the best for young crimefighters.The gym was outside but built into the ground, it was at the top of the mountain the HQ was built into, but the tip was quite large and the workout area could be used by many people at the same time. The floor could lift up and changed what type of gym you were in to co-inside with your workout, it even had a grass layer to flip up when no one needed a workout but a picnic spot. Robin entered the training area while Red Tornado and Traya watched from control room.
"Okay Tornado, bring up the gymnastics equipment."
After the press of a few buttons the floor flipped over and the training room became an Olympic sized gym, complete with vault, balance beam and bars.
"Thanks." Robin yelled back as he removed his cape and headed for the vault. He ran up and did a perfect 360 flip over the vault. He was about to take another run when a voice came over the speaker.

"Robin I do believe it customary and safer to stretch appropriately before a strenuous workout."
Robin gritted his teeth and mentally kicked himself. "Right Tornado, how could I have ever forgotten?"
After a few minutes of stretching Robin headed for the unparallel bars. Traya was in absolute awe as Robin leapt and spun around the bars with ease. His exchanges were flawless and his technique perfect. Traya almost screamed with excitement as Robin leapt well over the height of the bars and landed an impossible dismount with ease. Traya began to clap inside the control room,Robin noticed and actually began to blush, but it only appeared as though he was tired from the workout. He took a bow for entertainment's sake and proceeded to the Safe Spot. The Safe Spot was where you stood while the floor whirled around and changed equipment.

"Tornado, could you set it for combat mode, level 4?" Robin yelled across the space between Tornado and himself
"Certainly Robin." A few button presses later the gym had become a battle scene. Robots and lasers popped out from everywhere. The lasers were practically harmless at level 4, if you got hit you could feel a light sting to tell you but no serious damage or pain could be felt, now level 8 or 9, you better be faster than the lasers, but Robin wasn't allowed to use that level, it was for the likes of Superboy or Impulse since the force and pain was much greater and they either wouldn't get hit or would barely feel it.

Robin got into a fighting stance and entered the battle grounds. He flew through the air with grace and speed. A few minutes later he still hadn't been struck by any of the lasers that were firing frequently and some of the robots were in such terrible shape they would need to be replaced. There was no doubt about it, Robin was one of the best.

Tornado and Traya watched admiringly. Then Tornado felt it. A force inside him willing him to move even though he didn't want to, it was pushing him, the force was so strong Red tornado could only fight it for a few seconds. Tornado approached the control panel and pressed a series of keys, his eyes were black as night, different from their usual red. Traya watched her father and then turned her attention to Robin once more, but something was wrong. Robin was dodging shots and robots as he was before but there were a lot more of them now and Robin appeared to be just trying to stay alive and make his way out of the gym and was being blocked at every attempt, he was also losing his strength.

"Tornado...huh huh....the settings uh..too high! Huh huh Shut it down!"Robin was panting and trying to stay alive. Tornado didn't budge.
Traya didn't know what to do. "Daddy, Robin's going to get hurt." Still Tornado didn't move. Robin's moves were beginning to slow down, he wouldn't last much longer.
Luckily for Robin, Traya was practically a genius, she stood on the control chair and hit the keys furiously, still her Father didn't react. The training program shut down but it was a few seconds too late. Robin hit the ground, he had gotten shot with one of the lasers, at level 9 setting.

"AHHHHH!" Robin expressed the great pain he felt as he fell to the ground clutching his shoulder.
"Robin!" Traya ran from the control room and knelt beside Robin.

Tornado's eyes returned to their natural red. He shook his head and took in his surroundings, he had blacked out for only a few moments but something had happened in that time. He saw Robin lying on the ground, being cradled by Traya. He was quite confused and went to investigate what had happened to the young leader. He approached the two.

Robin was sitting up by now, his face distorted in pain and still clutching his shoulder, Traya helped him sit up. They both just stared as Red Tornado approached them.
"Robin surely the laser setting at level 4 can not be so painful as to cause this disturbance."
"Well Tornado I'd have to agree, but the level 9 lasers have a bit more of a lasting effect." Robin started to get up.

Tornado seemed somewhat taken aback. "Surely Robin knows better than to workout at level 9 settings. But he wasn't in the control room only Traya and I were. Perhaps Traya accidently changed the settings when I momentarily blacked out." Red Tornado thought to himself.
"And why may I ask were you working out a level 9 setting?" Tornado was going to have to give one of them a lecture.
Robin had gotten up and approached Red Tornado. "Why don't you tell me? You changed the settings." Robin was more than a little angry at almost being fried, but he had gotten quite the workout.
"Robin I assure you I did no such thing." Tornado told him assuredly.
"Daddy you did so. I saw you. Your eyes went all funny and you changed the settings. You couldn't even hear Robin or I yelling at you." Traya was being quite emotional and unrational about the whole thing but it appeared to Red Tornado that she was telling the truth.

Red Tornado was at a loss for words. He knew he had best to apologize. "I'm sorry I don't recall doing so. My deepest apologies Robin. Are you okay?"
Robin was very forgiving and knew Red Tornado well enough to know he would not have done this on purpose.
"No harm done." Robin tried to rotate his shoulder and grimaced in pain. "Well not much harm anyway." He allowed a weak smile.

"Still I feel badly. I cannot imagine what could have happened, I do not recall the incident." Tornado's voice contained as close to sorrow as he could get. "Allow me to take you to the Medlab."

"That's probably a good idea." The trio started to head for the door leading back into the cave when Traya stopped and looked at the sky.
"It sure did get dark quick." The light from the sun seemed to have vanished completely. Robin's eyes widened as he looked to the sky.
"I think we just found the reason. Look!" Robin pointed behind them and there was a huge aircraft hovering above them. It didn't look government issue so it wasn't APES as Robin had originally thought, that just made whoever it was even more dangerous. The ship had a large arsenal of dangerous looking weapons, and flew with no sound whatsoever.

"Daddy, what's that?"
"It's not good Traya. It's not good."


Prof. Jack Morrow(novice Mad-Scientist) had been watching the young hero do his workout in the outdoor gym from his lookout a few miles away. He had watched through his high tech equipment and decided it would be a perfect time to try out his latest invention, which he was going to use to gain permenent control over Red Tornado. He had gained control over Red Tornado during the workout session and was quite pleased with the results. He had found his weapon of destruction. He watched the scene intently as it unfolded, up until the young hero fell to the ground.

"Perfect, he put up no defence at all against my mind control. If you can call what he has a mind. He would have killed that boy if his daughter hadn't intervened. Well if I can get him to destroy one young hero, I'm sure it won't be difficult to make him destroy all the heroes on Earth, as long as he's powerful enough. But I can make some adjustments to his body if he isn't. Perhaps another demonstration would help me discover his power level." The Professeur got up from his spying station and went to the cock-pit."We're going down there. Arm weapons, I want to see what he can do."

The plane lifted up over the mountain just as the people below were re-entering the structure. Morrow smiled as they stopped in their tracks and stared at the immense ship. Morrow opened fire.


"GET DOWN!" Robin yelled. He picked up Traya and brought her into the control room out of danger. Red Tornado flew into the air knowing Robin would take care of his daughter. Tornado created a cyclone to engulf the ship. The ship swayed and shook but remained in the air, it had been built especially to withstand Red Tornado's wind and air attacks. Still he made cyclone after cyclone, sometimes he managed to divert the fire away from the mountain, which meant Robin and Traya would be safer. But men began to emerge from the ship and land on the ground. They wore jet packs to maneuver through the cyclones.

"Uh oh, they're heading this way. Traya take this, it's a radio. Try to get hold of any of the guys and stay here, your Father and I will take care of this." Robin left Traya to fight off the men that were clearly heading for them. They were armed with laser weapons.

"Great," Robin thought,"just what I was looking forward to another game of laser tag." He got into fighting stance and took out his bo staff. "Hope the guys get here quick." Traya turned on the radio and started to send messages, Robin was all ready hurt and couldn't fight for very long after that workout.

"Come in, someone come in. Ahhhh." A shot came dangerously close to Traya's position. "The base is under attack. Daddy and Robin are fighting them, but Robin's hurt and Daddy's been acting funny. Please come and help." She got no response. Cassie and Cissie had Secret with them and had to turn off all cellular equipment while in the movie theatre, that included JLA communicators. Bart had lost his so couldn't get the message anyway and Superboy was at the beach and didn't think it looked cool to wear it, but Traya left a message anyway.

Red Tornado was finally making some progress on taking down the huge aircraft but Robin wasn't doing too well. He had to dodge the fire from the guns and try to take these guys down. He had grounded a few of them by damaging their jet packs with well placed Batarangs but he was running out of those and his throws weren't the best, he was right handed and had to throw with his left arm. He was tired too, after only a minute or so of battle Robin was unconscious. He had taken a direct hit to the chest from one of the jet-men and got knocked out cold, he was thrown halfway across the gym. Traya had to do something. She came out of her hiding place for only a moment.

"DADDY! ROBIN'S HURT!" She yelled and began to run back for the control room when it was hit with a blast from the ship. Traya ran back towards the middle of the battle field uncertain of what to do, she ran to Robin.
"DADDY HELP!" The jet men were ruthless and some took aim to actually shoot at Traya, but Tornado was already on his way and stopped them. Before they could reactivate their jetpacks Red Tornado had enguled half of the men in a huge whirlwind and flew to Traya.

"Traya, are you alright?" Tornado asked as he landed beside the two.
Traya nodded."I'm okay Daddy but I think Robin's hurt." Robin lay almost motionless if it hadn't been for the fact that he was breathing.
"I know honey. Come, we must get him out of here." Red tornado picked up his daughter and started to pick up the Boy Wonder to bring them to safety when the ship stopped firing and the jet men returned to the hovering aircraft.
"What are they doing?" Traya asked her father.
"Perhaps they are retreating." Red Tornado hoped but doubted, they had clearly been losing, with Robin down and him being unable to disable their weapons. Suddenly a voice erupted from the ship. Red Tornado put Traya back down and began to walk towards the ship.

"Red Tornado we meet at last." A man opened a door on the ship so he was talking directly to the android. "I know you don't know who I am, but I know everything about you."
Red Tornado only looked at the man. Like when you think you recognize an actor in a movie and for the life of you can't remember the movie, he was looking at him like that. "Who are you?"

"You should recognize me, people say the likeness between me and my father is almost uncanny." Morrow answered, he wasn't about to be easy on Red Tornado.
Red Tornado suddenly remembered the movie so to speak. "You're the son of my creator, T.O. Morrow."
"Huh, you're quicker than you look. Yes I'm his son and I believe you will be coming with me now." Red Tornado looked back to Robin and Traya. Robin had begun to stir and opened his eyes rather confused. He was about to say something when Traya, who was standing beside him, gave Robin the SHH sign, so he said nothing.

"Don't worry about them. You won't even care about them in a moment." Morrow smiled.
"I am seriously doubtful of that. I could never stop caring about my daughter or these young heroes." Red Tornado stood in front of Robin and Traya defensively. Robin was trying to stand up, but was finding it difficult.
"I beg to differ." Morrow pressed the RED BUTTON turning on his mind control machine once more.

Red Tornado felt it again. The force working against his own will power, it was taking away his identity and freedom and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Red Tornado's eyes flashed bright red, but then turned to the darkest of blacks. He simply stood there motionless. Robin approached Red Tornado slowly, somewhat because he was really sore and partly because Tornado looked really scary that way,and placed a hand on his shoulder, he was worried about him.

"Reddy, are you okay?" Robin asked in a whisper.

"Perfect." Thought Morrow. He spoke into a small radio. "Red Tornado get rid of that boy standing next to you."

Robin realized what was happening when he saw Morrow speak into the radio, he knew Red Tornado was under his control but there was nothing he could do from down there, except stay alive. He removed his hand from Red Tornado's shoulder and began to back away knowing he was no match for him, but it wasn't fast enough. Without even turning around Red Tornado back fisted Robin in the chest.

"Uhhhh." Robin skidded back to where Traya was standing. "Man, this is so not my day." Robin thought as Red Tornado approached him again. Robin could barely move let alone defend himself, Red Tornado picked up Robin by the collar of his costume, Robin knew Tornado was stronger than normal men but he had no idea he was this strong, Robin's kicks couldn't budge him. Tornado brought Robin to the ledge of the mountain.

"Ha ha. Well one hero down, soon enough." Morrow thought.

Traya was scared by what her Father was doing but couldn't just stand there and let him do it. She was in fact a lot braver than most girls her age or adults for that matter. She ran to Red Tornado and hauled on his arm.
"Daddy don't. Robin's a good guy, go after that man up there." Tornado stopped and only stared at the young woman hauling on his arm, then turned his gaze to the man in the ship. Robin knew what was going to happen, and struggled against Red Tornado's grip.

"TRAYA RUN! IT'S NOT YOUR FATHER!" Robin screamed trying to get through to the young girl.
Traya was about to disagree. "But he....." Traya looked into her father's eyes and knew it wasn't really him. She began to run away.

"I wonder if I could get him to go as far as to kill his own daughter? It's worth a shot." Morrow thought aloud and picked up his radio once more just as Red Tornado was about to throw Robin off the mountain. "Red Tornado go after the young girl that just ran away." Red Tornado complied. He threw Robin across the room once more and took off as the Boy Wonder landed with a thud. He landed in front of Traya and picked her up, then carried her closer to the plane.

"Daddy let me go. You're hurting me. Daddy, Daddy?"Traya pleaded.
"That's not going to work my dear, I'm afraid he's not your Daddy anymore. Tornado dispose of her." Tornado didn't move. " I said dispose of her, kill her." Tornado moved after another few seconds and repositioned himself at the ledge.
"AHHHHHH! DADDY NO!" Traya screamed in terror. Robin struggled to his feet but could never make it to them in time. It didn't matter though, Red Tornado was good to his earlier word, his eyes flashed a brief red and the blackness lessened as he placed Traya on the ground harmlessly. Traya backed away, relieved but still scared.

Morrow was furious. "UHHHH! What's going on?" He turned to his jet men that were now onboard. "One of you get down there and destroy that little girl, my weapon cannot have any weaknesses."
"Yes sir."One of the men replied as he flew out of the ship.

By now Robin had gotten to his feet, somehow. He saw the jet man come out of the ship and take aim for Traya. Red Tornado was unmoving, apparently he would not kill Traya but he would not protect her either. With the last ounces of strength he had left Robin ran in front of Traya and picked her up in his arms as he rolled them both out of the way. But the blast was more powerful than Robin had originally thought it would be and they were too close to the edge. The force of the blast pushed Robin and Traya farther than expected and they both fell over the side of the mountain and out of sight.

"Well a valiant attempt anyway." Morrow was heartless and didn't mind showing it. Then he remembered he was mad. "Red Tornado come here." He obeyed and flew up to the ship. "Why didn't you kill the girl, you attacked the boy?"

Red tornado's eyes still shone black. "The girl was of no threat, the boy displayed resistance and perhaps posed an endangerment, the girl did not." Red Tornado's voice was cold and uncaring.
"I suppose so, but when I give you an order I want it obeyed. Oh never mind, we'll fix you at the lab. Come inside." The doors of the ship closed as soon as Red Tornado was inside and the ship took off, leaving behind a cindering mountain top.


Well unbeknownst to Morrow or Red Tornado or anyone else for that matter, two figures were hanging periously from the ledge of the mountain in Happy Harbor which housed the Young Justice HQ.

"You...uh... you okay ..uh Traya?"
"I guess so. I'd be better if I wasn't hanging off the side of a mountain." Traya looked down, it was an awfully long drop.
"Don't worry I've got you." Robin assured her. "I just don't know for how long." He thought to himself.

Robin had kept Traya from being shot by that laser gun but was plummetting to your death any better? He had taken the brunt of the blast and was really feeling it's effects, not to mention the injuries he'd gotten from the haywire workout room, the shot to the chest or the hit from Red Tornado. And now here he was desperately trying to hold on to the ledge he had manged to grab with one hand, and trying to keep Traya from falling with the other. Traya was holding on to Robin's hand as tightly as she could, she had complete faith in him, but she had seen what had happened during the fight, not to mention she was hanging from the arm that had gotten shot with the laser.

Robin was trying to get a better grip on the rock without falling."Traya,.. uh if I swing you up a bit do you think you could hold onto my back and I could carry you up like that."
Traya was scared and her voice was shaking. "I guess so. Wi.. will you be okay?"
"Yeah I'll be fine." Robin lied. "Just hold on around my neck when I pull you up. Okay?"

Robin began to swing his arm slightly as Traya gripped even tighter, he swung her powerfully one last time and boosted her onto his back, she gripped onto his neck and wrapped her arms around him tightly.

"Traya, Traya I know you're scared but I have to breath." Robin started turning red.
"Oh sorry Robin." Traya loosened her grip. "Can we get out of here now?"
"Sure thing. Just give me a minute to get my grip. What I wouldn't give for a grappling hook."
"Don't you have one?"
"No, I took them all out before I got to the gym, they just weigh you down when you workout."
"Oh." Traya held on as best she could.

Robin began climbing up the rockbase,they had fallen a good 200 feet, it was going to take awhile. Just pulling himself up at this point would have been a challenge for the Boy Wonder, but with Traya on his back he was beginning to think this would be near impossible. Every time he moved, his body ached, he only prayed there was a ledge along the cliff they could rest on, or else they would never make it.
"Robin, what happened to Daddy back there?" Traya asked sheepishly, recalling the events that had occured.
"I'm not sure Traya,.. uh.. but somehow..uh.. that man is uh controlling your uh father." Robin felt his strength being zapped from his body.
"Do you think he'll be okay?"
"I'm sure he'll be fine."
"But what if..."
"Traya I'm a bit busy, could we talk about this when we reach the top?"
"Oh yeah. Sorry Robin." Traya piped down.
"Traya you can't by any chance see a ledge anywhere close by we'll be able to rest on?" Traya looked around and tried to see above them.
"Uh.. not for about a hundred feet."
"Oh great. What a wonderful idea. Build a base on a sheer rockedge." Robin replied sarcastically.
"Are you going to be okay Robin?"
"Yes Traya. We'll be fine." Robin told her.

They climbed for a few minutes in silence. Robin stopped for a moment, sweat dripping from his face. He was feeling light headed and losing his perception.His grip loosened slightly.
"ROBIN!" Traya yelled for fear they would fall. Robin corrected his grip.
"Sorry, I'm a bit tired."

Robin shook his head trying to clear the cobwebs but it was no use, he was too hurt and tired. His eyes began to close and his grip slipped, this time Traya's cries would not even wake the Boy Wonder and they both began to fall.


Meanwhile back at Morrow's Laboratory.

Prof. Morrow was busy over an examining table. Red Tornado was the patient.

"Well we have to get rid of these ethical programs he's got in here. His powers of wind and air are about what was expected, his strength is good but it will have to be increased. What do you think of eye lasers?"
The assistant stopped taking notes and took a look. "I'd say it's doable."
"Well then let's do it. Soon our weapon will be fully armed and dangerous."
"Yes professeur, but can we eat first I'm starving?"
Morrow looked at his watch. "Yes I suppose so. How about Chinese?"
"Sounds good."
"We'll finish tomorrow. I've waited for over a decade, I can wait another night."

They walked out arm in arm. Red Tornado lay alone on the table, unable to move. A tear forming in his eye.

Robin heard Traya scream and felt the wind against his face, he opened his eyes. Only one thought ran through his mind.
"I wasn't strong enough." Then he passed out again, even before he hit the ground rushing toward them.

Just when Robin passed out a force could be felt near the two young people plummeting to their death. A force known as Tacticle Telekinesis.

"You know it's good for you two that I check my messages frequently." Superboy smirked.
Traya gave him a big hug. "Don't tell me, we're also lucky you took care of that tidal wave so quickly too, huh?"
"You know it kid." Superboy looked at Robin. He had caught Traya in his arms and snagged Robin around the wrist. After taking a good look he began to think he should have brought a stretcher. He flew up the mountain.

"So what happened to Boy Wonder?" Superboy asked calmly but with a hint of concern.
Traya began to count on her fingers. "Well let's see. He got shot, he got stuck in the combat gym when it was on level 9, he got shot again, Daddy hit him pretty hard, he fell off a mountain and he tried to climb up about 200 feet with me on his back."
Superboy seemed pretty shocked and impressed. "Anything else?"
"Um.. no that's about it. Oh wait he got shot again when he was trying to protect me from the jet pack guy." Traya told him.
"Whoa. No wonder they call him the Boy Wonder." Superboy reached the top and put Traya on the ground. He carried Robin in both arms as not to hurt him further. "Come on we gotta get Rob to the Medlab." Superboy flew to the Medlab with Traya close behind.
"So uh where's your Dad?" Superboy asked laying Robin on an examining table. Traya only looked at the floor. She was about to say something when Superboy stopped her. "Wait, I think you better start from the beginning." Traya nodded and proceeded to tell Superboy the whole story of what had happened. From the workout room to the fall from the mountain.

Superboy listened while he hooked up the med equipment to Robin and took x-rays and things. Superboy finished before Traya, who was very good at the small details. Superboy sat and listened, shaking his head every few moments, when she came to the parts about Red Tornado almost killing Robin and almost throwing her off the mountain as well he seemed genuinely shocked.

"Do you know what's wrong with him?" Superboy asked.
Traya just shook her head. "No but Robin said he did. He didn't get around to telling me before he passed out though. Is Robin going to be okay?"
"Yeah he'll be fine. A little sore and a couple of bruised ribs but that's about it. He's got a couple of burns from the laser shots too. I better try to call the others." Superboy went to the computer and tried to get ahold of Wondergirl first. The communicator turned on after a few rings. The movie must have been over. Cassie popped onto the screen.

"Hey Kon. What's..... up?" Cassie's voice dropped when she saw the motionless Robin laying on the medical bed behind Superboy.
"I think you guys should get down here." Superboy said looking towards Robin.
"Right. You can explain when we get there. We're on our way." The screen clicked off.

Superboy turned to Traya. "Just gotta find Bart now. He's not picking up his communicator. I'll try Max." The screen flicked again and Max Mercury could be seen on the screen, Bart was behind him being forced to do homework, he was also desperately trying to see who was calling.
"Hello Superboy. Bart's not allowed to go over until he finishes his work." Bart was jumping up and down in the background, waving furiously.
"It's actually kind of an emergency could he maybe come over for a little while." Impulse nodded at superspeed behind Max.
"Well I suppose it would be..."
A red streak left the Mercury home and ran into the Young Justice HQ in the same instant.
"okay." Impulse grinned at Max on the screen.
"Thanks Max. I'll be home as soon as we're done." The screen once more turned off. "Hey Traya what are you....? What happened to Robin?" Impulse looked worry, like a child who's parents are hurt and he doesn't understand why. Traya was about to list the events that had happened to Robin once more when Superboy stopped her.
"Lots of stuff happened to Rob, Imp. But he's gonna be okay he's just really tired right now."
Impulse smiled. "As long as he'll be okay. Hey where's Reddy?"
"Um.. how about we explain everything when the others get here." Superboy led Impulse out of the room, he knew Bart hated it in the med lab.
"Okay, what can I do?" Impulse always eager to help.
"Why don't you take Traya home?" Superboy went over to Traya who was sitting next to Robin's bed. "Traya, you helped a lot and you were real brave but I think you should be heading home now. We'll call you as soon as we find your Dad. Don't worry I'll tell everyone what you told me."
Traya smiled. "Okay Kon-el. I have to take care of Mommy anyway."
"You do that kiddo. Mommy's are important, trust me on that." Superboy ruffled her hair.

Traya ran to Impulse. "Can we stop in at China?"
"Sorry, Max said no continental crossings without permission. I can take you to Canada though." Impulse was worse than Traya.
Superboy sighed. "Bart, just take her home. And don't leave her on the doorstep or something, go in with her."
"Okay,okay,okay." Bart picked up Traya. "With one quick stop in Canada." He whispered in her ear.
"Hey, I heard that. Bart get back he....." But Impulse was long gone and off to Canada as it would seem.

Superboy went over to Robin's bed. "Honestly Rob, I don't know how you do it?" Robin shifted, but didn't open his eyes. "Huh, bet you're faking it to get a vacation from the rest of us." Robin shifted again. Superboy turned on the closest computer and hauled up the HQ surveillance shots. He wanted to know what had happened. By the time he had found what he was looking for the Impulse had returned with a small Canadian flag in his hand, much to Superboy's dismay.

The female heroes weren't long to follow. Secret had immediately flown to Robin's side demanding to know what had happened, while Wondergirl informed them they were late because they had to drop off Cissie.

Superboy filled them in on what Traya had told him.
"I just pulled the surveillance tapes too so we could see just what happened. I haven't watched it yet." Superboy pushed the tape in and they all watched silently as Red Tornado's mood shifted from caption to caption. There was no sound but they got the basics of what had happened.

"Poor Reddy." Cassie exclaimed.
Secret was confused. "Poor Reddy, what about poor Robin. Look what he did to him."
"Well he didn't do all of it." Impulse defended.
"He did enough." Secret rebutted.
Superboy interjected. "Look guys from what Traya told me Tornado was under someone else's control and didn't know what he was doing. He didn't remember changing the gym settings after he did it, and his eyes went black when he was under this control. So we gotta find him and change him back. It should be simple enough, how many androids can there be out there."

So that was their plan. Superboy, Impulse and Wondergirl spent the rest of the day looking everywhere they could think of to find Red Tornado while Secret stayed with Robin. After about three hours of searching the teens became restless.

"Superboy, no offence but your plan sucked. We've been looking for hours and haven't found a thing." Impulse told the boy of Steel.
"I know Imp, but what else can we do?" Superboy shrugged when his communicator beeped. It was Secret.
"Hey guys, Robin woke up. He says he's okay and wants you all back at the base."
"We'll be right there Susie. Kon out. Guess Rob knows what else we can do."


"Professor? The adjustments are complete and we're far ahead of schedule. Should we proceed as planned?" The beautiful assistant asked the professor/mad scientist.
"No, I think not. We're running ahead of schedule so let's run with that. We'll release him tonight. First show me what you've done so I can inspect your work." Morrow approached Red Tornado lying motionless on the steel table.

"Well we've increased the strength fifty fold, he should be able to withstand the likes of Superman for a short while and he's now more than enough for any of the young heroes. His wind capabilities have been upgraded for precision, we've given him a forcefield to shield himself from attacks. His strikes can go through the field but others' offences should not penetrate it, it cannot even be vibrated through by a speedster. And we gave him these nifty eye lasers. You never know when he'll need them and they are really cool."

"I'm extremely impressed. You know I think I've just figured out why being a mad scientist can be so lonely and almost unrewarding." Morrow frowned and lowered his head.
"Why is that professor?" The assistant asked. She received a bullet to the head for her trouble.

Morrow replaced the gun in it's holster. "Sorry my dear but I can be the only one who knows about the modifications and control over this android, anything less would be unprofessional. Shame though, I go through more assistants that way. Oh well, time for destruction."


All of Young Justice returned back to the base to find Robin stubbornly trying to escape from Medlab and Secret thwarting his every attempt.

"Really Secret I'm fine. Will you please move out of the way now." Robin tried to maneuver around her but she wouldn't budge.
"No way. You're hurt, just go back to bed. We can find Red Tornado."
"Girl's got a point Rob, you're in bad shape." Superboy walked in.
"Kon, seriously I'm fine." Robin wouldn't give up.
"Yeah, busted up ribs, a concussion, minor burns and it's gotta hurt to just breathe. You must be just peachy keen." Superboy was now blocking the doorway as well. Robin was beaten.
Robin sighed. "Alright, I'll go back to bed, but let me go into the conference room to tell you all what I know and what the plan is."
Superboy and Secret looked at each other and moved out of the way. "Thank you." Robin entered the conference room. "Like they can make me go back to bed." Robin thought to himself as he walked over to the main table and took his seat, no one noticed him flinch at the pain when he moved.

"Okay, I assume you all know the basics of what happened?" Robin asked the group.
Bart chimed in. "YepweknowRedTornado'seyeswentallweirdandhealmostkilledyou,thenthisotherguyshowedupandalmostkilledyouandTrayaandtookTornadoandthenyoufelloffthemountainandkidsavedyou." Impulse grinned. The others just stared at him.
"Uh, right Bart. Well anyway now we have to find Reddy before this Morrow guy makes him do something he'll regret." Robin went to one of the computers nearby.
"And how do you suppose we do that? We've looked everywhere and still can't find him." Superboy said sarcastically.
Robin didn't even turn around."Have you tried turning on his built in tracking device?"
Superboy blushed with embarrassment. "Why didn't I think of that stupid tracking device?" He thought.

But Impulse had a question. "What tracking device?"
Robin just looked at their blank faces. "He never told you?" They shook their heads. "Oh, well he had me install a tracking device in him, in case something like this ever happened again, like with Harm. If he was taken control of again he wanted us to be able to find him to stop him."
"So why didn't you tell us before?" Wondergirl asked.
"Well I have been unconscious the last few hours Cassie." Robin tapped some keys.
"No, I meant tell us before all this."
Robin stopped typing. "I didn't feel it was my place. Besides, I thought he would have told you."

The other members looked a bit glum as Robin worked on the computer. Tornado had entrusted Robin with the knowledge of the tracer and not told them. Impulse momentarily forgot about having been out of the loop when he saw Robin open up a program file.

"Robin, why are there 5 tracer files if Tornado's the only one with one?" Impulse asked.
"Uh, no reason." Robin quickly tried to change the screen, but everyone had already seen what it was.
"You've got tracers planted on us! I saw a file with my name on it." Impulse exclaimed.
"What!? Where did you plant them?" Wondergirl frantically began to search over her costume.
Robin sighed. He'd been discovered. "You won't find it. I didn't plant them on you, I just kind of built them into your communicators....... without telling you."
"Oh, just the communicators we wear 24/7. You mean those communicators?" Superboy exclaimed.
"Yeah, those are the ones. Impulse, just out of curiousity why is your communicator in Canada?" Robin just stared at the speedster as he shrugged his shoulders.

Secret decided to be the voice of reason. "Guys, shouldn't we find out where Red Tornado is?"
"Susie's right. So where's Reddy at exactly Rob?" Superboy glanced at the screen.
Robin's face dropped slightly when the information came up. "I don't know where he is. The tracker's either busted or being blocked." Suddenly Impulse ran to another monitor and then back to the group. "Guys, I know where he is."
"What? How?" Wondergirl asked.
"Don't you guys watch the news?" Impulse jutted a thumb indicating the screen behind him. Indeed there was Red Tornado on the six o'clock news. But this was no normal story, the news was showing Red Tornado going mad and destroying buildings while he created huge cyclones engulfing everything in their path. New York City had never looked worse.

"Oh no. Come on, the cycle's in the hangar." Robin began to head for the Supercycle when Impulse appeared in front of him. In the flash of an eye Robin found himself in the Aircraft Hangar back to the Medlab. Impulse had no intention of allowing him to come, he evened locked Robin in as he left the room. Robin was practically fuming, he wanted to go with them and wasn't afraid to show it. He pounded on the Med lab door.

"Impulse let me out of here right now! I mean it Bart, open the door!"
"You don't really think that'll hold him, do you?" Wondergirl asked Impulse.
"Might keep him out of trouble. He can't come with us anyway."

"Bart I'm serious!"

"Don't worry, I'll stay and watch him. I'm not much help against Red Tornado anyway, seeing as he creates and cyclones and I'm made of mist and all." Secret told the others.

"You are so dead Impulse!"

"Good thinking Secret. Let's jet guys." Superboy led the now trio out of the Justice Cave.

"Bart? Bart are you there?" Robin was still pounding. The doors in the cave were made of solid steel so as not to be busted down and Robin was currently without his lock picks.

Secret floated underneath the door and entered the room. "You know you did promise to get some rest."
Robin was getting exasperated. "Yeah but I didn't think you'd actually make me!" Secret only smiled. Robin gave in. "Okay you made your point. I'm resting, I'm resting." Robin went to the bed and Secret left the room, although she didn't unlock the door.


To be continued real soon.