Robin was not hurt severely, he knew how to take a hit and the rocks were relatively few and not extremely heavy, except for the immense boulder which landed on his leg, pinning him to the ground. He was trapped.

Morrow was thrilled and turned on the radio link, to speak through Red Tornado to Robin. "It seems I caught a Robin. But sadly it seems that it's wing is broken. Best to put it out of it's misery I suppose."

Robin knew he could not move the huge stone trapping him so instead took out the self destruct remote from his belt. Robin was sickened at the thought of having to use it, if it were his life alone at stake he wouldn't have considered it, but Red Tornado would undoubtedly try to finish off the rest of Young Justice as well after Robin was out of the way.

"Good-bye. Destroy him." Morrow smiled.
"Complying." Red Tornado aimed for Robin, his eyes burning. Then suddenly his eyes returned to their natural red. Red Tornado stared at Robin who had positioned his arms in front of him to guard himself from the blast. When he realized no shots were fired he stared back at Red Tornado, searching for some glimpse of his old self, and Robin was sure he had found it. Robin looked so hard he could see his reflection in Red Tornado's eyes. Red Tornado must have had a sudden rush of deja vue. He seemed to recognize the Boy Wonder and was trying to recall the memories. Robin took advantage of the situation, anything to keep from using the self destruct remote.

"Red Tornado, this isn't you! You're a hero and a father, Morrow's using you! Remember Young Justice and the JLA and Kathy and Traya, your daughter! This isn't you Tornado! It's Morrow! You're John Smith! Remember who you are!" Robin yelled as Red Tornado took in what he had been told. Morrow was fuming and Robin could hear him through the radio link he had forgotten to turn off.

"Red Tornado, I'm ordering you to fire! NOW! Kill him! Kill him!" Morrow screamed.

"Don't listen to him Tornado! You're not a weapon of destruction! You're a hero! You help people! You could never attack a defenceless enemy! It's me Robin! All you have to do is remember!" Red Tornado's face distorted as if trying to decide who to believe, but his stare never left the helpless Boy Wonder.

Red Tornado spoke.


The name came out slowly and was forced, but it was said none the less. Robin smiled and Red Tornado only stared as Morrow continued screaming.

"Yes I'm Robin." Robin's face changed to pure shock as a blue streak sped close and Red Tornado was thrown into the ground.

"Now how fair is that? Kicking a guy when he's down. I'll take care of him Rob." A very mad, and raggedy looking Superboy had arrived on the scene.

"Superboy! NO! He's changing back to normal!"

"Oops. How'd you pull that o.." Superboy didn't get a chance to finish before he was struck with a massive wind attack from Red Tornado.

"Thanks Superbrat. I never would have been able to change him back without your help." Morrow laughed as he advanced the attacks against Superboy, he had increased the mind control strength during the momentary distraction. Superboy fought back for a few moments but his efforts weren't doing much good against the wind and laser attacks from Red Tornado, not to mention he still couldn't penetrate the force field. Red Tornado created a cyclone of leaves and dust to keep Superboy from being able to locate his position. If he didn't know where he was he couldn't fight back or put up his TK field to repel any attacks.

Superboy desperately tried to see through the mass of leaves and dust but it was no good.
"Come on Reddy, you gotta be able to do better than this. Come out and fight me. UFFFF!" Superboy was hit from behind.
"Cheap shot. I'd like to see you try that again." Red Tornado took the challenge and knocked Superboy out of what was left of his tattered jacket. A few more shots from the now super strong Red Tornado and Superboy was utterly exhausted and could barely defend himself. Red Tornado struck again, launching Superboy into a building, which came crumbling down around him. Red Tornado strikes again, YJ was once more practically out of the fight. Practically.

"Alright Red Tornado, finish it for good this time."
Just as Tornado's lasers were powering up once more a voice interrupted the destruction.

"Morrow! You attack him again and I'll destroy your precious weapon." Robin had freed himself and was approaching the controlled android, with a noticable limp.

"You're bluffing."
"Am I?" Robin placed his finger on the self destruct button.
"If you were willing to use that, you would have already."
"Maybe I've been waiting for the right moment."

Robin's face showed no emotion but pure concentration. Until his gaze was broken by Superboy emerging from the rubble. On pure force of habit, Robin turned to see if Superboy was alright. This was just long enough for Red Tornado to shoot the remote from Robin's hand, destroying it.

"NO!" Robin watched as the remote was destroyed. Red Tornado came closer, eyes burning red. "Oh crud." Robin thought and prepared for a tactical retreat, but it wasn't necessary.

"Red Tornado we're leaving. NOW!" Morrow ordered and Red Tornado flew out of sight at top speed.

"What was that all about?" Robin thought aloud.

"It may have something to do with Red Tornado not liking the current odds against him." A voice answered from behind Robin.


Robin was shocked to see the Man of Steel, not to mention Green Lantern and the Flash.

"What are you guys doing here?" Robin was relieved they were here, but confused.
Flash sped over. "You don't honestly think you're the only ones that watch the news are you? We just tuned in a little late."
"You being late. It seems almost inconceivable." Robin hadn't moved from the spot he had confronted Red Tornado, he didn't want the JLA to know he was hurt and he had a limp when he walked so stayed put. "The rest of the guys are scattered around the city. I think they're all okay."

Superboy emerged from the rubble and joined the group of heroes. "Speak for yourself. I got a whammy of a headache and need another jacket."
"I'm sure we can find something for you to wear Kon-el. We should collect your friends and bring them to your Head Quarters for medical treatment, you can fill us in on exactly why Red Tornado was demolishing the city." Superman lifted off to help find the other members of YJ.

"But that wasn't Red Tornado. It was.... "
Green Lantern interrupted Superboy. "Maybe you should start from the beginning, after we get back."
"GL's right kid. We gotta find the guys first." Robin whistled for the Supercycle, not knowing it was damaged from when Secret crashed it. The cycle didn't respond.

"Guess we're gonna have to carry everyone. Where is everyone?" Superboy asked.
Robin pointed to the trees behind him. "I left them in those woods over.."
All four meta humans had headed for the woods even before he had finished. Robin ran to catch up with them, but at a leisurely pace, he was still in pain.

Flash carried Impulse while Superboy picked up Wondergirl. Superman came up to Robin.
"I can carry you to the Head Quarters."
Robin hesitated. "Uh.. okay." Superboy came over.
"Why don't I take Rob?" He suggested.
"Kon-el, I am perfectly capable of carrying him." Superman flew behind Robin and picked him up under the shoulders. Robin let out the lowest groan of pain but Superman heard him shudder with his super hearing and placed Robin back on the ground.

Green Lantern came over, Robin was clutching his ribs slightly. "You get hurt in the fight, Robin?"
"Not exactly." Robin was going to explain his injuries when Superman used that nifty x-ray vision of his.
"Robin what were you attempting to achieve but not telling us you have broken ribs, several recent burns and a concussion?"

Robin was trying to be casual. "Didn't seem important. I'm fine really." Robin walked away a few feet as he said this. "I think I'm just a bit tired. Maybe I should, uh should take a uh nap." At the final word Robin completely collapsed. He had struggled to stay conscious since the building fell around him, he finally gave in. Flash caught him before he fell an inch.

"Yeah, that's what these bat boys always say. Come on, we gotta get all these guys to their HQ." Flash sped off as Superboy, Superman and Green Lantern flew after him, not far behind him. They reached the cave in seconds.


In a dark lab that no one could ever find unless they knew where it was, a bright red android lay on an examining table for the second time that day.
Red Tornado went over the events of the day. He could recall the activities in the gym, being modified by Professor Morrow, attacking the members of Young Justice, the children he considered friends, and the retreat back to the laboratory. He could clearly recall all the events and feelings of the day, he simply had no control over what his body did. He watched helplessly as Morrow forced him to destroy people and cities and attack defenceless citizens, he had seen all of it and was unable to stop himself. At first he thought he may be able to regain control of himself, he had been able to keep his daughter alive, even though he was unsure if she had survived the fall off the mountain, but Robin had re-appeared that day so he had to believe his daughter was safe as well. The only other instance he had been able to get any control at all was when he was ordered to destroy Robin. Tornado had never been so physically exhausted in his life. He had willed himself not to destroy the leader of Young Justice, seeing Robin defenceless and trapped he could not allow himself to attack the young man.

Red Tornado had also seen the remote in Robin's hand and recognized it as the self destruct remote. Red Tornado only wished Robin had used it when he had the chance and stopped this insanity. He was worried he would be forced to go after Young Justice again or even worse his own daughter. He had felt utter relief upon the arrival of the few members of the JLA.

Red Tornado wondered if John Smith, the name he had once called himself by, even existed any longer. He was a machine and was beginning to see himself as such. He had been forced to attack his friends and family. If he was able to regain control of himself somehow, he wondered if he could ever be trusted by them again, yet alone loved. He was forced to an existence of thoughts, until he was returned to his normal state. He lay there motionless, unsure of what he even was.


Superboy sat in the Medlab of Young Justice Head Quarters. It was his turn to stick around and watch it's occupants. Actually Robin was the only one still unconscious. Wondergirl and Impulse had woken up about an hour ago, both were okay, but Wondergirl was a bit waterlogged. Secret had returned to the HQ after finding New York almost deserted after the fight. A red streak entered the room and joined Superboy.

"Rob isn't up yet?" Impulse asked.
"Give him a break, he's had a rough day." Superboy defended.
"Must have. Well, call me when he wakes up. The JLA just left." Bart was about to zip away again but Superboy grabbed his collar.
"What do you mean they left? What are they going to do?"Superboy demanded.
Impulse shrugged. "I dunno, they didn't say. They just left."
Superboy sighed. "Okay you stay with Rob, I'm gonna go catch up with them." Superboy flew out of the room. Impulse stayed a whole minute before he ran out looking for something fun to do. Robin woke up to an empty room.


Superboy caught up with Superman. "Hey Cla.. Kal, what are you guys gonna do about Reddy?"
"Kon, perhaps it would be best if you went back to your friends. We'll take care of Red Tornado."
"Like hell you will. Not without us. Reddy's our friend and sure he's on our case sometimes but he gives us a lot more freedom than a few other heroes who's names I won't mention. We're gonna help you find him whether you like it or not."
Superman was hardly impressed with the little speech, and if he was he didn't show it. "Look Kon, Tornado's one of us too and we're going to pursue the matter the way we see fit."
"And without help from us small time kids right." Superboy replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm.
"You know that's not true. Now just go back to base. We'll call if we need you or find anything." Superman flew off into the distance.
"Yeah, not if we find him first." Superboy flew back to base and into the Medlab. "Hope Rob wakes up soon, he'll know what to do." Thought Superboy.

Superboy flew in and found an empty Medlab.
"Not again."


Robin had woken up alone in the on base Medlab, he was glad, that way he could sneak out and they couldn't make him go back to bed. He was disappointed and somewhat surprised, to find the door locked, again.
"You've got to be kidding." Robin thought to himself. "Guess it's time for another trip through the air vent."

A few minutes later Robin was in his on base bed room. He did a quick search of the hall and when the coast was clear headed for the computer room. He needed to use the most powerful equipment they had. He crossed the halls quickly and even hid on the ceiling when Cassie walked by, she would make him rest, just like the rest of the team. He soon made it to the computer lab and began to work, but it wasn't long before he had company.


"You know Rob, you really are a piece of work. You'd think even you would've learned by now to get some rest every now and then."
"Kon, I'm really not in the mood. I have work to do." Robin tapped a few keys.

"Well you don't have to worry about the resting thing. There'll be plenty of time for that after we find Reddy."
"Finally, someone understands." Superboy flew next to Robin and spun his chair around so he was facing him.
"But after we find him, you're gonna go right to bed or that cave you go to or whatever, right?"
Robin smiled inwardly. "Yes, I promise." Robin lied once more. "They won't get me again." he thought to himself.
"So what's the plan, Wonder Boy?" Superboy peered over Robin's shoulder.
"Well, first I'd like you to round up the rest of the guys. We'll need their help." Robin told him.
"Can do. Then you'll tell us the plan."
"No problem." Superboy flew out of the room.

Superboy arrived sooner than Robin had expected with the rest of Young Justice.
"Okay Rob, what's the plan this time?" Impulse zipped by.
"Well I think once we find Red Tornado we may be able to try and reverse what Morrow did for a short time. We have to jog Tornado's memory and make him remember who he is. He didn't attack me, I believe, because I was defenceless. I don't suggest this as a strategy, but it may be useful information. If we can't see any of the real Reddy coming back we have to take him down. No injuries would be prefered, but if you have to take him apart. Unlike us, he can be put back together."
"Well Rob, that's all well and good, but how are we supposed to find him?" Wondergirl.

Robin only gave off a half smile. "Actually, I'm leaving the finding to someone else." The computer beeped several times, causing Robin to flick on the screen. "And it looks like we're heading to San Fransisco. Let's go." Robin ran out of the room and leapt aboard the cycle, followed by his confused, but eager teammates. Impulse looked at the screen for a moment, trying to figure out why there was a JLA symbol on the bottom of the screen. He was sure it shouldn't be there, but quickly disregarded it and followed the others.

The Supercycle was a very special kind of automobile. Even though Secret had crashed it no more than two hours earlier, it had already completed self repairs and was once more at one hundred percent. Once they were in the air, Superboy had to ask.
"Rob, how'd you know where Reddy is? Who did you ask to find him?"
"Well kid, I didn't actually ask anyone."
"How do you know where Red Tornado is then?"
"Well I knew the JLA would find him before we ever could so I..."
"You hacked into the JLA database right?" Impulse interjected.
"Pretty much. After I hacked in, I told the computer to monitor the frequencies on the JLA band and alert us for any mention of Red Tornado." Robin didn't bother turning around. He knew how his friends must have been staring at him.
"You just hacked into the JLA database. In like, the two minutes we were out of the room." Wondergirl was astonished.
"Well they weren't gonna tell us where he was, and it's not like they ever gave me an access code or anything. What choice did I have?" Robin tried to act like it was no big deal.
"Hey, think you could hack into my school file and change a coupla grades? It could really help me out." Wondergirl asked innocently.

"Not before he helps me. My grades are way worse than yours." Added Impulse.

"Guys." Secret almost whispered.

"Look no one is getting their marks changed. I'm only allowed to hack into stuff for emergencies." Robin told them.


"Well what about the JLA. They said they didn't need our help and you just went and hacked their files." Superboy retorted.


"Look we needed to know where he was. You told me to find..."

"THERE'S RED TORNADO!!!!" Secret screamed interrupting Robin.

"What!?" Robin abruptly stopped the cycle inches before colliding into a stationery Red Tornado. The android stood in front of the cycle unmoving and unphased by the near hit. His eyes were still cold and unforgiving, but he made no moves against the heroes. Young Justice was shocked to see various members of the JLA scattered amongst the battlefield. Green Lantern had been knocked out cold and was lying on the ground unconscious, Martian Manhunter was also in the same condition, Aquaman could be seen slightly, as he was trapped beneath a fallen building, the Flash was not in the area but had been blown away earlier in the fight.

"We gotta get down there." Impulse exclaimed, standing up in the front of the cycle. Red Tornado glared at Impulse and he was blown away by a massive wind attack. Tornado hadn't even needed to move.

"Whoaaaaaa!" Shouted Impulse as he flew through the air, but was quickly snatched up by Superboy.
"Remember, keep arms and feet inside the ride at all times and DON'T STAND UP!" Superboy shouted. Knowing that Robin would order them to do something soon, he didn't bother returning them to the Supercycle.

Robin did have a plan, it just wasn't very well thought out. As fast as a button press, Robin fired all the Supercycle's weapons hoping this would have the same effect it had earlier, unfortunately for Young Justice, it didn't. Red Tornado had his new and improved force field up and blocked the shots easily.

"Rob, maybe this would be a good time to use the phase out thingy." Wondergirl suggested. Before Robin could activate the "Phase out Thingy" though, Red Tornado attacked full on. The cycle flew back, taking Robin, Wondergirl and Secret with it. A flurry of wind and laser attacks pounded the cycle as it headed towards the ground at full speed. Wondergirl picked up Robin, and Secret flew out of the Cycle just as it crashed into the ground, for the second time that day.

"Oh, poor Cycle. We're really going to have to make it up to him." Secret said aloud, absent-mindedly, as she landed near the out of commision bike.
"SECRET MOVE!" Impulse grabbed the solid form of Secret and pulled her out of the way as a laser hit her position. "We'll make it up to him, but let's stay alive first." Secret nodded.

"YJ, SCRAMBLE! TRY TO CONFUSE HIM!" Robin shouted above the confusion. Young Justice did as they were told and all began to run, or fly in different directions, Red Tornado didn't know where to turn.

"Surrender. Surrender. Surrender. Surrender or be destroyed." Red Tornado could not distinguish one for another as they swirled around him. As he became more confused Robin pulled Impulse aside.

"Imp, here's the plan, we're gonna use his own attack against him. I want you to make a whirl wind, as strong as you can, I know it's not your specialty, but I need you to try. There's a lot of leaves of stuff around, I'd like a smoke screen so he can't see. Then we're gonna hit him hard and fast. Got it?"
"Sure thing Rob, one whirl wind coming up." Impulse ran back towards the fight at top speed, and created a cyclone as best he could. Red Tornado got over his confusion and attempted to find a way out of the smoke screen, but where ever he went, he could not escape the swirling mass of debris.

"Darn it, where have they gone?" Red Tornado shook as he was hit from behind by Superboy, who struck his attack and then retreated to the dark. "Fire, where he retreated." Red Tornado shot into darkness of Superboy's last position, he never came close to the Boy of Steel. When he turned around, Wondergirl hit him from behind with her own shot and retreated as well, this continued for several moments, until Morrow cleared his head and thought the situation through.
"I'm attacking the wrong foe. These children are toying with me, I have to take out the source. Red Tornado, fire at the boy creating this whirl wind." Red Tornado complied and fired at an unsuspecting Impulse, the cyclone subsided as Impulse focused on dodging the attacks, rather than creating the whirl wind. Tornado now had a clear view of all the heroes.

Secret and Robin had helped the members of JLA to safety while the others kept Red Tornado busy. Secret approached the others and attempted to help, Wondergirl and Superboy flew around Red Tornado, dodging and attacking where they saw an opening. Robin had pulled Impulse from the fight again and gave him a new job. After a quick briefing and exchange of equipment, Impulse was off, it took less than 3 seconds to finish his job.

"Cass!" Superboy yelled, as Wondergirl plummeted toward the earth. He caught her just before she hit, she was a bit dazed but would be fine, as Superboy stayed by her for a moment, matters took a turn for the worse, for Red Tornado.

"Surrender or be destroyed." Red Tornado ordered.

Robin put his new plan into effect. "Guys, pull back!" Young Justice retreated to a safe position, leaving Red Tornado alone in the middle of the park. Robin flicked a switch and Red Tornado was struck from all directions by immense currents of electricity, coming from the conductors Impulse had set up around him.

"Sur..sur..sur...sur..surrrrrrrrr........ender." Red Tornado began to short circuit. Robin turned off the conductors, he didn't want to cause any permanent harm to Red Tornado. The flow of electricity stopped and Red Tornado collapsed to the ground, his body smoked and he stood up as Young Justice circled him, Wondergirl and Superboy from above and Secret, who was in solid form, and Impulse on the ground, Robin hopped into the Supercycle, which had repaired itself amazingly fast.

"Tornado retreat!" Morrow knew when he was beaten, logic leaned toward a tactical retreat. Red Tornado took off as best he could, using the gusts of wind to carry him through the air. Robin followed swiftly on the Supercycle while the rest of Young Justice flew through the air, Superboy picked up Impulse and they all landed in the cycle as it followed Red Tornado.

"Rob, why are we pulling back, I can barely see him anymore. We could pass him easy." Wondergirl observed.
"Because, we need to find out where he goes. The only way to change Reddy back to normal is to stop Morrow. To do that, we gotta find him first."
"Look, he's disappeared." Secret exclaimed.
"No, he flew downward. There! That building. Cycle land." Robin ordered.

Young Justice filed out of the cycle and entered the building. Robin went in first, looking around the area quickly.
"Hey, where'd he go?" Impulse exclaimed.
"Perhaps we have the wrong building." Secret suggested.
"No, this is where he came in. Impulse, run around and check the walls and floors for a trapdoor or something." Robin ordered. Impulse did a quick search of the room and stopped at a crack in the floor.
"How 'bout this?"
"Perfect. Okay guys, time to get Reddy back. Let's go." Robin led the way down the staircase underneath the trap door.

Impulse jutted around the room quickly. It was large, with plenty of space to move around, the walls were cold and metallic. Doors led in different directions, the place was huge and it had been built entirely underground.

"If I were a super-villain, where would I hide?" Impulse asked himself aloud as he searched the room.
"Imp, stop fooling around. We have to find Red Tornado." Superboy scolded the speedster.
"I am pefectly capable of being serious." As Impulse spoke, a laser appeared out of nowhere behind him. "I am completely focused, someone couldn't sneak up on me if their life depended on it."
"Imp, look out!" Wondergirl pushed Impulse out of the way just as the laser struck.
"Now lasers are another story." Impulse finished.

Lasers emerged from all directions and immediately began firing upon the members of Young Justice.

"Spread out!" Robin ordered. Robots, also fully armed, entered the battle. "We don't have time for this." Robin thought and turned on his communicator to speak to all of YJ at once. "Guys, you stay here and take care of these things, Secret and I are going to find Morrow and Tornado."

Everyone did as they were told. Robin headed near the doorways, with Secret close behind, while Impulse, Superboy, and Wondergirl fought off the robots and destroyed the lasers. Robin chose a doorway and headed down it.

"Robin, what do you need me for? Wouldn't Superboy or Wondergirl be better to help you with Red Tornado?" Secret asked.
"No, Susie. I need you for this part. Trust me, I have a plan." Robin reassured the girl of mist. They both continued down the hallway until they came to, what appeared to be, a control room. Morrow stood near a computer console, Robin and Secret approached cautiously.

"I was wondering when you'd get here. The use of the conduction rods was quite clever by the way." Morrow said, never turning from the console.
Robin moved closer to Morrow, almost to arm's reach. "It wasn't meant for your approvement. We're only here for Red Tornado. Now where he is!?" Robin demanded. He grabbed Morrow around the collar and glared at him through his opaque eyes.

Morrow smirked. "Why didn't you ask? He's right behind you."


Wondergirl and Superboy flew through the air smashing robots left and right. Impulse sped around below, he was searching for the lasers that were firing on them so he could disable them. The only problem was everytime he found one it sunk back into the wall, the lasers never protruded out of the wall, they came only far enough out to fire, so Impulse was having considerable trouble taking them out.

Superboy and Wondergirl were forced to dodge laser shots and try to take out the robots at the same time.
"Imp, you gonna stop those lasers anytime soon?" Superboy asked sarcastically.
"They keep disappearing." Impulse almost whined as another shot rang out and then the laser disappeared.

Wondergirl ducked a laser shot. "Impulse just do it!" She yelled. She dodged a robot and took it out with one punch. "Geez, Rob and Susie better be doing better than us." She ducked a laser shot.


"Uh oh." Robin ducked instinctively, knowing Red Tornado most likely was behind him. It was fortunate for him as well, Red Tornado had fired a massive blast of wind behind Robin just as he ducked. Morrow was then blown halfway across the room by the current of air, meant for the Boy Wonder.

Robin would have laughed at the situation if he didn't need to take advantage of the situation.
"SECRET! NOW!" Robin shouted.
"Okay, Robin." Secret flew over to Red Tornado before he had a chance to attack again.

"Sorry, Reddy." She thought to herself as she emersed herself inside Red Tornado's being. Secret flew in through Red Tornado's eyes and mouth, she now engulfed the entire space of his internal functions, it was more than just gears and springs, Red Tornado had a soul and a sense of consciousness, Secret's job was to find that consciousness and release it. Robin had the easier task.

"Oh, no you don't." Robin threw a batarang at the cowardly madman, who had begun to try and escape the area. Red Tornado had stopped functioning when Secret engulfed him and stood stationery in the center of the room, Morrow had decided it best to attempt escape, but Robin wouldn't hear of it.
"You know, I think it's time you and I had that chat." Robin glared daggers at Morrow, even through the lenses of his mask, Morrow was practically petrified, for the first time he had no protection against the young hero.


Morrow must have spent years building and perfecting his robots and weapons system, so far the super powered members of Young Justice hadn't been able to make a dent in his defenses.
"These robots are pretty tough." Wondergirl observed.
"Well, brace yourself then, there's still more coming. Whoa!" Superboy ducked another laser. "Impulse just blow up the wall or something!"
Impulse stopped running around. "Good idea." Impulse did that thing where he vibrates through things and they blow up. The wall exploded, or imploded, whatever it's called.
"That takes care of the lasers." Impulse dusted off his hands triumphantly, when he was grazed by a shot from a robot. He clutched his shoulder tentatively."Oh yeah, them. That wasn't very nice." Impulse sped around the robot and disassembled him piece by piece. "That's better."

"Good job, Imp. Now we just got to take care of the rest of these metallic goons and we're out of here." Superboy pulled back to punch one of the "metallic goons" when all the robots suddenly lost power.

"What the? What happened to them?" Impulse was confused, what else was new?
"Maybe, Rob and Secret made it to the control room and shut 'em down." Wondergirl suggested.
"Let's go see." Impulse suggested and zipped off.
"Tornado? Tornado are you here?"

"Yes, Secret. I am here."

Inside the being of Red Tornado, two figures stood on a lone plain. Secret had found Red Tornado's soul so to speak, and now had to free it.

"Are you ready to go back?"

"I am unsure."

"What? But you have to go back, there are people there that love you, and will miss you."

"Perhaps, but things will never truly be the same. I can not possibly be forgiven for the atrocities I've commited."

"Reddy, no one blames you for what has happened. We're all here to help you, not just to keep you from hurting people, but to get you back. You're our friend, we need you with us. You complete the Young Justice team. And Traya needs you. She's worried about you."

Red Tornado nodded silently and faced the young controller of the abyss. His eyes glowed redder than they had ever been.

"I worry for her as well. Let us go home......... Susie."

Secret smiled and held out her hand, which Red Tornado took. The darkness faded and became radiant light and beautiful images. The way the soul of a hero should be.
Superboy, Wondergirl, and Impulse got to the control room just in time to see Secret emerge from Red Tornado. Secret solidified and smiled at them. Red Tornado's eyes blinked and he began to move as his eyes returned to their natural red.

"Thank you Secret. I could not have regained contol of myself without your help." Red Tornado said.
"Just glad to have you back." Secret replied as the rest of Young Justice stormed over to them to see if Tornado was okay. They al spoke at once.

"Good to have you back."

"Do you remember what happened?"

"Are you okay?"

"And then I locked him in the Medlab. Boy was Rob mad. And then..."

Red Tornado quieted them all done. "I assure you I am quite well. I will answer all your questions and hear your stories, but first I would like to go back to base. Where is Robin?"

Everyone looked around and didn't see the Boy Wonder anywhere. "He was right here, a minute ago." Secret told the others.

"I'm right here guys." Robin emerged from behind a corner.
"What were you doing?"
"Taking care of Morrow. He had to learn that's it's not nice to control people, I had to teach him the hard way."

Young Justice stared at their leader.
"Rob, you didn't? I mean you couldn't have, right?" Superboy stammered.
Robin smiled. A mischievous and confident smile they had never seen on their leader before.
"Rob, what did you do?" Superboy asked again.

Robin turned around and called out. "Proffessor Morrow! Would you mind coming here for a moment?"

A zombie like Morrow came around the corner. He walked slowly, and stared straight ahead.

"What? What's wrong with him?" Wondergirl questioned.

"I told you already. I had to show him it's nice to try and control people." Robin looked at Morrow and suppressed a smile. "So I hypnotized him. He can only do what I tell him. Isn't that right, Morry?"

"Yes, Robin. That is correct." Morrow answered.

Young Justice just stared, until Superboy began to laugh. It started as just a giggle, but soon everyone was in hysterics. Even Red Tornado smiled slightly. Robin stood beside Morrow triumphantly.

"Smile, Morry." Robin commanded. Morrow then smiled the most fake and plastic smile they ahd ever seen. They all laughed harder. It took Robin almost 20 minutes to get everything under control after he felt the joke was thoroughly over.
At the base the next day.

Red Tornado was with his family, Morrow was locked away safely, he would be hypnotized for another two or three days, and all members of Young Justice were recovering from their injuries and the excitement of the past few days. Robin had even rested, after Impulse shot him with a tranquilizer, that is.

Now they all just wanted to let loose. Robin, Cassie and Kon-el sat watching television.

"So, Rob. Where did you learn to hypnotize people?"
"Well, Cass. I guess it's just one of those things you just pick up along the way in life." Robin explained.
Impulse ran in from the kitchen. "Is it true that only people with little will power can be hypnotized?"
"No. Anyone can be hypnotized, no matter will power, or brain capacity."
"Not me." Superboy interjected.
"Yes, even you Kon."
"No way, Rob. Try it. I'm unhypnotizable."

"Is that a word?" Asked Impulse, but he was ignored.

"Okay. Sit down and I'll get a watch."
"Deal." Superboy sat down and Robin returned with a watch.

"Could you guys leave? This works better if we're not being watched."
"Okay, Rob. Come on Bart."
"But I wanna watch." Impulse whined.
"Come on." Wondergirl hauled him out of the room. They went straight to the control room and watched there through the HQ monitors.

"What's he doing?" Impulse asked.
"Rob's gotta put him to sleep first. That's about all I know." Cassie answered.
"Oh. Okay. Now what's going on?"
"I don't know."
"Oh. Now what's going on?"
"I don't know."
"Oh. Hey, what's Rob doing now!?"
"BART! I DON'T KNOW!" Cassie screamed.
"Oh. Okay." Bart watched silently.

Robin swung the watch in front of Superboy's face and gave him instructions and commands for about ten minutes. Superboy never got up from the chair. Cassie and Bart couldn't get the sound to work, so had no idea what was being said. Minutes later the two emerged from the recreation area.

"So did it work?" Asked Impulse.
"Nope. I told you I couldn't be hypnotized, Rob." Superboy gloated.
"You proved me wrong kid. I'm impressed." Robin stood in the doorway, smiling.
"I think I'll go get something to eat." Superboy headed towards the kitchen.
"Hey Kid. Wanna get me something?"
"Sure, Rob. What do you want?"
"A banana."


Superboy began clucking and pecking around the room.

Casie was in hysterics as Superboy began scratching at the ground. "What did you do to him?"
"Proved him wrong. Anyone can be hypnotized." Robin smirked. "That's enough. Orange."

Superboy immediately stopped his chicken impression and returned back to normal.
"What did you say you wanted Rob? I must not have heard you."

The entire group burst into fits of laughter. Superboys constant quetioning of "What? What?" wasn't making it any better either. Young Justice finally managed to control themselves.

"Never mind Kon." Robin tried to suppress a laugh. "I changed my mind." Robin headed out of the hall and back into the recreation room, followed by Cassie.

Impulse tapped Superboy on the shoulder.
"What?" Impulse smiled inocently.

"Could you get me a banana?"


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