Kim Possible: Senior Year.

Authors notes: This is going to be a semi-regular story. Updates will depend on writers block, other gigs and the progress of a certain Master's thesis. As the title says, ultimately, it should cover Ron and Kim's last year in High School- although other characters will be playing a larger role.

Note: Comes after "Fire and Darkness".

Shego's crisis

It started not a week after the world had almost come to an end, and Kim and Ron had pulled it all out. Shego had checked herself out of the hospital, and moved into one of her numerous safe houses— an apartment in Middleton. Kimmie and Ron could do with some looking after, she told herself.

There was also the problem that there just wasn't much work right now. Most of the usual suspects were either on hiatus…or outright retired. It wasn't that Shego didn't have money…but she was, unaccountably, bored. The resorts were still closed, and Kimmie and Ron were helping (as much as their parents would let them), to get the school ready. Hell, you couldn't go to sleep for all the hammering and banging that was going on. Middleton had been closest to the epicenter, and right now seemed to be in a contest with every other city to see who could erase the evidence of what had happened fastest.

"Of course." Shego muttered, pulling a pillow over her head. "We couldn't possibly remember how close we came—have to get busy so we can be stupid all over again." Then the clock radio started up with a happy tune (and damnit, when would they get back to some genuine music! It's been a week, already!).

"This is to remind you, the I310 is still closed between Fifth and Elm streets, so you'll have to divert around it." Shego grinned at that. Wade and Kyoko's creation had managed to shoot down or disarm most of the missile—but had decided to ignore the non-nuclear warheads, which meant a HSKEP (Hyper Sonic, Kinetic Energy Penetrator) MIRV warhead had put a 90 foot deep hole right in the middle of the 310. They weren't going to patch that one up with a few shovels of asphalt.

Shego finally gave up and got up, showering and getting ready. They might have some food other than canned goods… Kimmie had mentioned that the trains and trucks were running again, so maybe she should head out to the store. It'd beat sitting in here, that was for certain.

She would have to start looking for work pretty soon, Shego thought. She was going plumb stircrazy…even her soap operas, along with most television shows were on hiatus. Absently, she locked the door, and came to the steps for the first floor of the apartment building.

Then she looked down.

Oh God. No. You've jumped from airplanes without a parachute, you've climbed mountains… It didn't help. Shego felt beads of sweat cover her face as she reached out and grabbed the stair rail. One step. Another Step. Stop.

Ten minutes later, she was on the ground floor, trembling in exhaustion and reaction.

What is happening to me? Shego wondered. Maybe she should go to Dr. Drakken…

"Yeah, as if his inventions work so well…he'd probably try to make a mind control chip and…" Shego groaned. She'd just wait a while and see if things changed. She could drive the car and… Abruptly she decided to wait a minute. She'd just sit on this bottom step for a few minutes…resting.

Bueno Nacho.

"And thus… symmetry is restored to the universe." Ron said, downing his first Naco since the disaster. Bueno Nacho was reopened, and Ron, Kim, Rufus, Monique and Bonnie were eating there….although most of the windows were still covered with wood. Monique looked around at it.

"Glass makers are going to clean up…" She said, "Who would have thought that there was so much glass in the town." The others nodded, and Ron, downing his meal, covertly glanced at the others, and the patrons of the store. The nightmare (had it been a week ago?) was fading already, especially among the younger set…and many of the older set as well. A…psychological defense mechanism, Kim's mom had called it, and pronounced it healthy…as was the frantic pace of reconstruction. Certainly Bonnie and Monique were ok…although it was still, at times, odd to be eating with Bonnie.

Bonnie, for her part was watching Kim. This would take careful timing.

"So Kim…" Bonnie said casually, as Kim was drinking. The teen kept drinking her coke, no doubt waiting for Bonnie to continue. Bonnie waited until Kim would be swallowing at just the right time…

"Does Ron wear his maddog head to bed with you?" She said and quickly raised the folder she held. Monique hadn't been in the loop and was suddenly treated to a Kim-coke fountain.

"Aigh!" she said as Kim started choking and coughing.

"Bon-hack, cough, cough." Kim was trying to talk, but nothing was coming out as Ron pounded her on the back.

"That was rude, girl." Monique said, then… "At least you could have warned me!" She continued, dabbing at her shirt with a napkin.

"Oh, where would the fun have been in that." Bonnie said, "Besides, they deserve it…"

"We do?" Ron asked.

"We do?" Kim said.

"Yes…do you know right now you are the two most famous kids in town?"

"Ron did save the world, Bonnie." Kim pointed out.

"Not for anything unimportant like that…" Bonnie continued, "You and Ron are doing it, and your parents know…and neither one of you has been sent to military school." Ron and Kim looked at each other.

"Everyone?" Ron asked.

"Well, except for the chess club." Bonnie said. Then she looked at the other three. "I didn't say anything." She continued, "as if I had to—they way you two have been…please, a blind man could see it." She paused, "Like right now." Kim had recovered from her coughing fit and had somehow ended up with Ron's arms around her.

"So what would you recommend, Bonnie?" Bonnie laughed.

"Take pride!" She grinned, "Kim, we're all… Seniors! We can do no wrong—we're the ones the freshmen will look up to!" She indicated the Bueno Nacho, "Where ever we sit is our domain!" Kim and Ron looked at each other and blinked.

"So….saving the world was…" Bonnie airily waved her hand at Kim's expression.

"…An important step in allowing me to enjoy my senior year." She replied. Now all three were looking at her.

"What?" Bonnie said. "It's not like that was difficult to figure out." Kim, Ron, and Monique looked at each other and nodded, and suddenly Bonnie squalled as a tide of crumpled up napkins came her way. A snarl from the manager brought them back to normality, and Monique took up the conversation.

"So girlfriend…what's happening with Wade and Kyoko's baby?" Kim grinned. All of her inner circle, which now included (God help them both) Bonnie, knew the full story about Baby.

"Baby has decided, on second thought, to relinquish control over the orbital weapon platforms… at the same rate as the deactivation of missiles takes place." Bonnie blinked.

"And that means?"

"Baby's going to give back the platforms, at the same time nobody has any more missiles for them to shoot down." Ron said.

"Why?" Monique asked.

"Well…" Kim said, taking a sip from her coke (and watching Bonnie this time), "Baby's… changing, and decided that people would only get freaked if they thought she was a threat."

"She wasn't the one launching missiles." Monique said darkly. "I'd let her keep them." Kim shrugged.

"I don't know." Ron said, "Nobody's going to have any missiles to fire, so why keep something if people'll just get freaked over it." Kim grinned.

"Yeah, well Baby's working with the Tweebs…and that's what people should be freaked over." She finished, as they all got up and started back to school. There was a lot of work to get done if school was going to open within a month of when it was supposed to. Kim giggled. It better open—if it didn't, then well, they'd have Bonnie Rockwaller to answer to.


"-ma'am?" Shego started, looked down at the shopping cart and up at the confused clerk.

"Yes?" She said, conveying annoyance.

"You… you seemed to be in a daze." The clerk said, "I was about to call the manager."

"What?" Shego said, blinking. "I was just reading this boring magazine that…"

Was on the floor where it had evidently slipped from her fingers. Shego looked up at the clock and tried to remember the time… She couldn't. The last time she'd seen the clock it had been nearly ten minutes ago and she'd been coming up to the clerk.

"Do you want me to call someone?" The clerk asked.

"No…" Shego shook her head, "No, I'll be fine."

I'm not fine. What the hell is wrong? Shego sat down right outside the store. If she didn't get a handle on this…unemployment was in her future. Nobody hired a mercenary who might decide to zone out in the middle of the fight. She couldn't call Drakken, or DNAmy—even if they were available, it'd be as good as shouting her problem from the heights.

There was one person she could go to. God…how had she fallen so low… She sighed, and pulled out a celphone. On the other hand, Kimmie had given a wonderful object lesson in how smart ignoring a problem was…

"Middleton Hospital." The chirpy voice answered. Shego groaned again and then spoke.

"Is Doctor Andrea Possible in…"

To be continued.