Happy B-Day Shayera!... A beautiful present…

By: HawkAngel o

Disclaimer: They're not mine, Owners DC/WB

Pairings: HGGL

Spoilers, Summary: After being re- join to the justice league, Shayera have her B-Day. Zatanna and Supergirl go to a mission with her, in the return; Supergirl and Zatanna give her some presents, and some close friends too… RR!

Chapter 1: Surprise Party… …

Alarm… Radio… 6:30 am

"Good morning to everybody, this is a very shine day, Congratulations for all the people who have B-Days..." the locator says, and played the song of the happy b-day…

Shayera wake up, not being happy for have this day, she want this day normal as all days after re-join to the league. Only doing her duties, assign missions, taking monitor duty, eat, and sleep, that's was her normal day.

She took the picture she loves to see every day, when she get awake, and every night she suffer of nightmares, and make the moment good; A double Photo of John and her, the first, John was holding her, they were in their uniforms, in the Javelin 7; the second, they were in civilian clothes, in a Chinese Restaurant. She takes for a few seconds her mask for this photo. Wally took this beautiful moment in a picture… She remembers this moment with a smile…


"Hey guys please a photo!" Flash said carring the camera with a big smile, corner to corner of his face. He was with only his mask, he wear a Red shirt, and black pants.

"Flash… Wally, no, no, I don't like photos; I always look bad in them…" Shayera said with a protest. She wears a blue blouse, and black pants.

"Please Shay, only a photo, you gonna look beautiful, I promise", He wear, a turtle neck gray shirt, and blue jeans… John said, that convince Shayera...

"Ok, only one photo… please Wally don't say anybody I took off my mask…"

"Ok, I promise" Wally said. Shay look in all the place, to not be people looking on them, she make sure of it, took of her mask, put in the table. She takes a mirror of her bag, she was comfortable with her looking, but anyway, She asked John and Wally.

Then, Wally took the photo…

End of Flashback

She stands up, make her bed, and take her uniform, put her black uniform in the bed, to just in a few minutes take a shower, and go out to her assign mission, her partners Zatanna and Supergirl. She have a good relation with both, so she decided not to talk with them anyway, she really don't want to disturb them, with this b-day…

So, She take a bath, she goes out and cover her body with the towel, and took another for her wings. She dry all her body, and put some body cream, and took the hair dryer to dry her hair, and her wings spread them some times to dry it faster. She puts her uniform, and wraps the mace in her waist.


She goes out, directly to the cafeteria to eat some breakfast. In there was Supergirl and Flash talking with Black Canary and Green Arrow, and eating breakfast. She took some plate with some fruits, Yogurt, and granola. She took her seat in the corner of the cafeteria, she always seat there, always alone… this time was different…

"Heeey Shaaaaaaaaayera, come on, sit with us...!" Flash say with a smile.

"No, I don't want to bother…"

"Come on, Shay" Supergirl protest...

"Yes, you always take breakfast alone; please take it with us..." Black Canary staying with protest, and making a good comment.

"Uhm ok," Shayera saw when Flash put her a chair, and then she seats.

"Morning Shayera…" Green arrow said with a little smile.


"Soooo, talk something guys…" Flash said to make Shayera more comfortable, but he didn't do that at all… She was nervous, she don't want disturb them… she was doing this, because she don't want be bad educated with them… so..

"Zatanna, Shayera and I, are in a assign mission, in Paris… right Shayera?"… Supergirl say, making Shayera be a little nervous…

"Uuuh, yes…"

"Shaaaaaaaaaaaayeeeeeera don't be afraid with us, we are your friends" Flash said noting her nervousness, and making a big smile to her. Shayera only returns the smile but she keeps silent, and continued eating.

They started talking of all things, Hawkgirl was only eating in silence, and hearing.

"Do you want something, a coke, a coffee, a yogurt?" Flash asked the couple.

"No thanks…"Green Arrow and Black Canary said.

"No, thank you sweetie" Supergirl say making the fastest man alive being with color pinky in his cheeks…

"Ok, I'm gonna bring some coffee, do you want some Shay?"… Flash asked.

"No, thanks" The hot shot go to the coffee table. Letting the others in the table. She look to the clock in the middle of the cafeteria, "hey Supergirl, we need to go right now with J'onn, he will gave us some orders and Zatanna will be there, We late some minutes…"

"Ok, let's go" Kara say good bye to Flash, sending him a kiss, Arrow, and Canary.

"Sorry… " Hawkgirl and Supergirl said. J'onn just said anything, and starts giving them orders for the mission in Paris.

Shayera look J'onn with some nervously… but in that moment Shay didn't care at all. She knew J'onn know that this day is her b-day, but he didn't tell her nothing, but anyway she feels good not to bother him with that, with all his work, so this was nothing for her.

"Ok, let's go girls…" Hawkgirl said

"Hey! you sound like the song…" Supergirl said with a big smile.

"Of course," Zatanna said remarking the point of Supergirl.

"Really? anyway, to Paris"

"The city of love" Zatanna said, with a romantic voice.

"If you said that…" Hawkgirl said with a sad low tone, but she don't try to hide it. No this time, she was a little depressive; she was like that all days… was a costume for her.

They go up to a Javelin, and travel to Paris. In there, they will be with the governor doing some plans…

Watch Tower 2 …

"J'onn, today's Shayera B-Day, we need to bring her a cake…!" Flash said.

"Yes, I know, is a good idea of the cake, and we can bring some Oreos… but she is on a mission right now…" J'onn said with tone of excitement in his voice tone.

"Ok, I will buy the cake in Earth, you come will me right, to choose a good one?" Flash asked with excitement.

"Yes," J'onn said, making a small smile, for her friend, Shayera.

In some part of Earth… Detroit…

"Today's is Shayera B-Day… but I'm not sure to give her a gift, a hug, something…" John said to himself, He was laying in the bed "seeing" the TV, seeing, if he really was doing it. "Ok, I'm gonna buy a box of chocolates, a teddy bear, and roses, and a card…, and I'm surprise her, putting them in her room, Oooh the problem is to enter to her room, and nobody seen me… I gonna tell J'onn about this", He put his shoes, took his keys, and go out of his apartment. He directly goes to the Mall, to buy her a Teddy bear, the roses, and the box of chocolates.


"Uhm I look some depress Shayera…" Zatanna asked Supergirl when Shayera was talking with the governor.

"Yeah, later I'm gonna talk with J'onn, maybe he can do something to change it…" Supergirl said… Looking back to Shayera

Detroit …

"Green Lantern to J'onn"

"I'm here, what's the problem?"

"Can you help me with something" John was returning from the mall and going to his apartment.

"In what? Tell me," J'onn said, protesting to know what's the reason of this… "Is something for Shayera?"

"Yes, I buy her some presents, and I… I… want to put her presents in her bedroom… can you help me?" John said

"Of course, I was waiting your call, I want to tell you that, Flash and I buy a cake, and we are waiting for her to come back of her mission in Paris. We prepared her a little party, Superman, Black Canary, Supergirl, Zatanna, Green Arrow, Flash and me, maybe Batman and Wonder Woman would be here, to celebrated her, but, is fine with this people, you gonna come celebrated her with us?" John was opening the door of his apartment, close the door, and he put all the stuff in the table.

"Uhm no, I gonna make my things apart… but anyway can you help me with this, can you permit me, go to her quarters, to put her gifts?" John asked, at some part busy, preparing Shay's gifts

"Yes… uhm, I gonna said a lie to her, saying that you are in some Lanterns stuff, to make it, appear more real?"

"Yeees, you got in the right spot, yes thank you!" John said.

"Ok, time?"

"In a Hour, I'll be there" John respond.

"Ok, J'onn out"

After, talking with J'onn, He starts writing in the card, he buy to Shayera. Preparing the Teddy bear, with the rose in his hand. The chocolates and the card paste in the front part of the box of chocolates… that all be in a perfect conditions, when she got to see them…


"J'onn to Supergirl"

"J'onn to Zatanna"

"Yes, J'onn?" said Zatanna

"Yeah, what's the problem?" Supergirl said,

"The two can be far of Shayera for a while, I gonna tell you some surprise for her"

"Wow, I love surprises!" Supergirl said with excitement

"Surprise?" Zatanna asked

"Yes, you are far from Shayera?"

"Yes, surprise for?" Zatanna asked again

"Yeap, today is Shayera's B-Day... Flash and I organized her a little party, with cake, cokes, and Oreos… "

"Yeaaa Party, Oooh we have to buy her a present!" Supergirl says with a smile.

"Yes, when we have time…" Zatanna said with sad voice…

"Ok, you know the party… J'onn out"

"There's no problem with the presents, I will go buy them, and hide them in the javelin, just cover me with the mission, deal?" Supergirl said with a gentle smile.

"ok, deal, just make sure, they are pretty cover, buy some pink roses for her, and… a card, put some message for her, sign it, and soon I can, I put it a message, and sign to it, ok?" Zatanna said.

"Of course, for make it better, yes" Supergirl said, flying away, going to a mall for buying her some beautiful roses, and gifts.

Then, she goes with Shayera, hiding all the things she already knows. For making this a beautiful present.