Happy B-Day Shayera!... A beautiful present…

By: HawkAngel XD


Chapter 2: An unexpected night…



Supergirl, go to the nearest Mall, she don't try to hide her uniform, so she enter and buy some presents for Shayera; the pink roses, chocolates, a card, a white blouse, and a blue sweater. Later, Supergirl goes to a place where they put the gifts in a very good presentation.

After some hour and a Half. She press her comm link.

"Supergirl to Zatanna"

"I'm here… you have the presents?" Zatanna asked excited.

"Yes, their look very good in the boxes with balloons and confetti inside, they are pretty nice", she said happy for the surprise for her partner.

"You already go to the Javelin, to hidden in there?" Zatanna asked, and start talking again, "Oh… we have to say something to her, when we got to the watchtower, one of us have to stay with her in the javelin and We need to say something very credible… not be suspects with her, you know, she is a detective… like Batman… "

"Yes, I'm going to the Javelin… uhm yeah… I think you be more credible than I, so you stay with her, and in that time I gave her presents to J'onn, and I return with you, so We can gave her the surprise… that's a good idea, right?" Supergirl say being some nervous about the lie they have to said to her.

"That's a good idea, so we do it like that"

"Is the best I can think… so, yes" Supergirl says with a little smile… "Supergirl out"


Watch Tower 2…

Green Lantern arrives to the Watch tower in the green bubble carring all the gifts of Shayera. J'onn and Flash was waiting for him with nervousness and anxiety. Obviously, they gonna be part of this surprise, and they wanna know, what lantern is going to gave her. The metal door opened…

"John! We are waiting for you, we need to put the presents in this moment, in an hour or two they gonna be here, and we don't have justification to make her waiting, in that's the case…"J'onn said, waiting Flash to end the sentence. John put the roses, teddy bear, chocolates and the card in the principal table.

"I'm gonna be the fastest man with a limp…" The hot shot say sadly… but in a few seconds recovering his cutie smile.

"yeah, I know, she is not waiting to have this, so make her think that we forgot her B-Day, like we are doing right now…" he said sadly, took a breath, and start again talking "When they get here, you said that you wanna talk with them, some stuff like that, when they got here, we gave her the surprise, ok?"

"Yeah, ok, we have to enter to her quarters…" J'onn said. A voice sound in his comm link.

"Supergirl to J'onn"

"I'm here, ok… so?"

"Yeah, I buy some things to her and for the part of Zatanna too. So we think we have to wait with her some minutes in the Javelin, Zatanna is gonna be with her in that moment. In that time, I gonna go out with her gifts, I will gave It to you, and I return to the javelin telling her about, you want to talk with her, or something like that, what do you think?" Supergirl asked J'onn

"That's the idea we have, you got to the point!" J'onn said, making a little hidden smile.

"Then, who is?" Flash asked; trying to hear the voice in the comm of J'onn.

"Is Supergirl…"

"Can we go right now?" Lantern asked, with a desesperate voice. J'onn just said no with a movement of his head.

"Gave her all my salutes, my kisses and all my love to her…" Wally said increasing his voice, with a big smile.

"OH, Is Wally, said the same to him, Oooh sweetie" Supergirl responds the sweetie comments of Flash who is unloved with her voice.

"Can we go right now?" Lantern making another comment.

"You hear her, ok, so that's the plan ok?" J'onn said, with the last comment of the conversation.

"Yes… Oooh said Wally that he is a sweetie boy… and love him, with all my heart… " She said with love in her voice.

J'onn just with a smile in his face, knowing that Flash hear her comment, he just say "J'onn out". Flash was with a red face of her comments, and he said "that chick loves me…" Wally making him proud of Supergirl, his girlfriend "… is romantic and pretty hot…"

"So can we go right now?" John with his last insists. "Calm down, Hotshot, She is not sexier than my Shay…" He said with a smile and a grin in his face.

"Hey!" Flash said with protest.

They argued some minutes about it, and then they go to Shayera's quarters. Wally put some petals of roses in her bed; John put the Teddy bear with a rose, J'onn put the box of chocolates and the card in the right side of the teddy bear, all in the center of her bed. They put some petals of roses in the floor, making a road. Then, they left the room with all the stuff in there, making the room look pretty good for the Lantern's surprise.

It Pass like 45 minutes, Flash and J'onn was waiting for the couple, Superman, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Batman and Wonder Woman.

John was hiding in some part of the Watchtower…

(A/N, in other place when Hawkgirl don't make much contact when she arrives of some mission…)


Hawkgirl, Supergirl, and Zatanna were arriving to the watchtower, the plan was being good, no mistakes in it…

"Hey Hawkgirl, can you help me with this report?" Zatanna asked, with interest in the question, making Hawkgirl trust and don't be suspect of the surprise party.

"Yeah," Hawkgirl said.

"I'm gonna tell J'onn we are here already" Supergirl said with a nervousness in her voice

"Okay," Zatanna and Hawkgirl said at the same time, making them laugh.


Supergirl goes to some point of the javelin, took the gifts, and flew high speed to the principal room. In there, was Superman, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and J'onn. In the table, were a big couple of gifts, Supergirl puts hers and Zatanna's in the table... Then Supergirl returns to the javelin, talks to Hawkgirl and Zatanna to come to the principal room, to supposedly "talk" with J'onn about the mission in Paris.


…The lights off… Hawkgirl, Zatanna and Supergirl enter to the room…

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Shay, happy birthday to you!" All the people in the room were singing. Flash was carrying the cake, with a candle in form of "?", following by the others. She smiles.

"Oh! Thank you to everybody", she said ending to turn off with her candle. Then, Supergirl put the lights on, all the people were giving her hugs, Flash start cutting the cake, Shayera was opening gifts. This B-Day was unexpected to her, and she was very happy to have this, but the only person she want to see with her, was some guy with emerald eyes, and also celebrating with her friends, of course. After being talking, drinking, eating cake, Oreos, chips… it was time to go to sleep. Shayera was lefting the principal room. J'onn press his comm-link.


"J'onn to Lantern"

"Yes, she is going to her room?"


"So, I gonna look for her", John smiles "Lantern out"

Shayera open the door of her room; turn on the little light of the right side of the night table of her bed; Light on. She looks with great happiness, all her gifts and the roses in the bed, and in the floor. She took off her mask; put it in the night table. She carries immediately the teddy bear and took the rose of the soft little hands of the bear, smell it, and putting it in her soft hair. Then, she looks in the box of the chocolates, the card. So, she took it, and starts reading it.

The Card was in red color, saying happy birthday in the front, with a rabbit with a gift, in the interior was a "happy birthday", and then was the message of John in there; the message:

"Happy Birthday Shayera! I hope all of this like you. I have thinking on it a long time ago. So, all your wishes can make real and I hope that I can be always with you…

'Every morning I wake up, I swear I don't think in any more.

Owner of my dreams, owner of my love.

You are my reason to be, and I always you gonna be in me,

Without your love I can't breath,

Without your love, I don't know what to do.

You are air, that gives life and my soul breaths you

You are air, that gave me breath, one breeze that gave me more

You are air, that travels me, more far than the stars,

You are air, and I need you,

Please never leave.

Without your love, I can't breath

That I need air,

If you are not here,

If you leave…'

That are my feelings for you, I need your love with me… I love you so much; I hope I can tell you this all the mornings…

With love…

John… "

The door was knocked. Shayera stands up, and open the door…


"Hey there… Happy birthday" John said and gave Shayera the 8 roses.

"They are beautiful, thank you" Shayera smell them, and giving John a smile. "Thank you for all of this"…

"Is not much, for telling you happy birthday… and…"

"I love you so much…" Shayera said ending John sentence.

"Yes…" John was happy to hear that words from the voice of Shayera. They stared talking about the mission and the party, Seconds pass, looking each other… "Oh, I'm bad for not giving you the hug?..." John asked embarrassed.

"Yes… a lot…" Shayera try to freeze that moment making another question… "You want some cake?"

"Of course, thank you"


Both go to the kitchen looking for the chocolate cake, and some drinks. They ate some cake, and drink soda. When they finish, they go to Shayera's room, and then John pass to his.

Shayera's room door…

"Ok, Good night, John"

"Night… thank you for the cake…" John said making more time to be with her.

"Yeah, sure"

"Do you want anyway the hug?" John asked, smiling.

"OF COURSE!" Shayera say with a big smile.

And they hug…


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