Undiscovered Feelings Chapter 6

Requiem in a Dream

Shinji began running towards the scream. Turning the corner to the alleyway he could make out a man's throaty voice along with what sounded like a girl whimpering. He could see a pale yellow light at the end of the alleyway illuminating a green dumpster and two figures, a man and a young girl in a sailor uniform.

A man that was at least six feet tall was holding her against a wall. She was completely drenched, her hair matted to her forehead, she was trembling with fear. She looked at him with pleading eyes, turned pink from crying.
The man looked at Shinji, seeing no threat he smiled and then looked back at the girl. He held her in place with one hand on her throat and used his other to run his fingers up her pale thigh leaving a trail of dirty water where his hand had been.
"Let her go!" Shinji yelled as he charged the man who had at least a foot on him. Laughing and without even loosening his grip on Rei he knocked Shinji to the ground with a well-placed punch to the ribs.
Cradling his tender side he struggled to get back on his feet.

"Listen you little shit, you might want to stay down, wouldn't want anything to happen to you're little friend." Said the man tightening his grip on Rei's throat forcing her to gasp for air.

Watching the girl he adored turn red and squirm under the man's iron grip was too much for the young boy, he could no longer even hear what the man was saying. Knowing it was better to die at the hands of this man than to stand idly by and watch him kill Rei Shinji threw a punch and felt a white hot pain in his injured side forcing him to stumble awkwardly. Easily dodging the weak punch the man reared back and connected with full force on the side of Shinji's jaw. He was knocked unconscious as he slid across the wet pavement and collided with the dumpster.
When he came to, he saw Rei still against the wall. Her blouse had been partly ripped open.

"Not bad for a kid your age." The man said staring at the young girl's exposed chest.

"No." Shinji muttered as he tried to get to his feet but fell, cutting his hand open on something glistening in the rain. As Shinji lay there on his side bleeding he looked up and with blurred vision saw Rei looking at him. She was shaking her head as if begging him not to get up again. Picking up the sharp piece of metal with his good hand he again tried to get to his feet.

"Let's see what you're hiding in there." The man said as he slipped a finger between the strap of Rei's bra and her shoulder, easily breaking the tiny clasp.
In a futile attempt to obscure his view she used her arms to cover her chest.
"That's cute, move your hands."

"No." She whispered looking away.

"I said move your hands!" The man screamed.

As he reached up to slap her Shinji acted.
"Leave her alone!" He screamed, as he got to his feet and lunged at the man driving the shard deep in his leg.
Releasing his grip on Rei the man fell to the ground and screamed in agony. The metal had penetrated all the way through and was protruding out where his kneecap used to be.
"Rei lets go!" Shinji yelled as he took off his white shirt and wrapped her up in it. He took her hand and began to run out of the alley. As he approached the end of the alley he took one last look back and saw something glittering in the light. Her necklace, he thought to himself. There was no way in hell he could just leave it there in the alley. Shinji wanted so badly to see her smile like that again, he couldn't bear the look she had on her delicate face right now.
"I have to back." Shinji said without looking at her.

"Wh…why?" Rei asked desperately.

He couldn't tell her, she'd never let him go if she knew why.
"Rei, I want you to go back to your apartment and wait for me."


"Rei, please." Shinji pleaded with her.

"Shinji, don't go ba…"

"Go damn it!" Shinji yelled as he turned and ran down the alley.
With tears in her eyes she began to run home.
As Shinji approached where the man had fallen he noticed he was bleeding very badly. Shinji thought he might have hit an artery and considered that the morally correct thing to do would be to help the man somehow. Then, the image of Rei half naked and crying flashed through his mind. No.
"You'll get no sympathy from me. You would have raped her. You would have raped and left her in this damn alley like she was a piece of garbage you bastard." Tears were now flowing from Shinji's eyes as he screamed at the man. "She deserves better than that!" Shinji yelled kicking the man in the ribs. He continued to beat him until he passed out.
Out of breath and bleeding himself he stepped over the man and bent down to pick up her necklace.
It's not broken, Shinji thought as he placed the silver band in his pocket and turned around just in time to see the man swing a metal pole at his head. He barely had enough time to react as he raised his arms to block the shot. Shinji escaped some of the force however he still sustained a heavy blow to the head and fell to the ground. His vision blurred and he felt like he wanted to throw up. The man lay still, face down on the ground, the bar released from his hand.
Lifting his hand to his head Shinji felt a large knot forming. Looking back at his palm he saw it was stained red. As he left the alley way he felt the rain intensify, it stung his eyes as he struggled on his way towards Rei's apartment.

It really wasn't that hard to find out where the Third Child had made the call. The only thing the section had to do was take a look at the call log of Misato Katsuragi's line. It was suspected that the children were heading for the First Child's apartment and it would have been confirmed if the Commander had let them tap the Major's line. Either way it didn't matter, thought the agent as he walked past the phone booth. There were already people waiting at the apartment and he was just walking the route the children had probably taken so as to cover all the bases. Stepping past an alleyway entrance to his left he felt something grab his foot. Instinctively reaching for his weapon he looked down to see a man facedown on the ground with a metal shard driven into his leg.

"You gotta help me pal." The man said with a pained voice. "I…I was attacked."

Without saying a word the agent kicked the man's hand away and started to walk on when he spotted what looked to be part of a ripped sailor school uniform further into the alley. Stepping over the wounded man he reached down and picked up the tattered piece of cloth and saw that it had a inner pocket. Reaching inside this pocket the agent retrieved a Nerv ID card belonging to one Rei Ayanami. Undoing the holster that was inside his open jacket he retrieved his 9mm and walked back over to the man on the ground. Grabbing him by his injured leg the agent dragged the man further into the alley, leaving a trail of diluted blood on the concrete.

"Wha…what the hell are you doing?" Screamed the man who was about to pass out from the pain in his leg.

Fixing the silencer to his weapon the agent knelt beside the man. "So you say you were attacked, yes?"

"Uh…yeah that's right, by these two kids. The boy came at me from behind and I grabbed at the girl ripping her blouse, I swear."

"The girl, she wore a sailor outfit and had blue hair. Correct? You say there was a boy with her?" Asked the agent.

"Yeah, there were two of them, you the police?"

Ignoring the man the agent dialed his cell phone and placed a call to Commander Ikari. "Sir, the children may be injured." Pulling the trigger the agent shot the man in the head. "We also need a cleanup crew on my location."

She ran the entire way back, just as Shinji told her. When she arrived at her room Rei stepped in leaving muddy footprints on the carpet. Looking at the sleeve of the shirt Shinji had given her she realized it had a small splatter of red on it.
"Shinji." She felt like crying, she felt like screaming, it wasn't fair. Tonight had been perfect. She felt that this was her fault, that if she hadn't of wandered off she never would have been abducted by that man, and that Shinji would be with her right now instead of possibly bleeding to death in the rain somewhere. Rei fell to her knees wrapping her arms around her legs when she heard the gunshots from right outside her window.

"What the hell?" The man in the car yelled as he saw a blue haired girl with a white shirt wrapped loosely around her run into the building their car was sitting opposite of. "Hey! Hey lets go!" The agent yelled at his sleeping partner. As he opened the car door it was slammed shut by someone on the outside. The next and last thing the agent and his partner saw was a gloved hand point a pistol at them on the other side of the window.
Firing until the clip was empty the man opened the door and let the driver fall out of the car. Getting inside the driver's seat he reached over and opened the passenger side door, pushing the man's partner out as well. Starting up the car and taking off his mask Kaji looked in the back seat and saw a blue haired, crimson-eyed girl staring at him blankly. "So, you're the replacement huh?" Kaji asked looking at the girl's bloodstained face.

"The Commander will have you killed for this." Rei said emotionlessly.

"That may be." Said Kaji putting the vehicle in gear and speeding down the road.

Waiting was the worst part. She sat on the floor in her soaked clothes so out of it she didn't even realize she was still half naked. Staring out of the rain battered window, for what she thought was hours, she couldn't bring herself to even imagine what she would do if he never came back. Shinji had risked his life to save hers. Rei was no longer concerned with the traumatizing event that had happened to her, all she cared about was that Shinji was alive and well enough to return to her. It could have been anyone else and she wouldn't have worried nearly this much, but why, why did it have to happen to the only person she ever loved, and the only person who ever loved her? She had never been this scared in her entire life, she wasn't fearful for her own life, she was terrified that Shinji had been shot. Until she heard the thud at the door she had her eyes tightly shut. Now, they werewide open in a strange mix of fear and hope.
"Shinji?" she whispered.
When no one answered, she walked over to the door.

"Rei…" a boy's voice came from the other side of the door.

"Shinji!" Unlocking and opening the door she barely had enough time to catch Shinji, who practically fell on her. Wavering a little herself, she regained her balance and helped him into the apartment. She noticed he had been bleeding from somewhere on his head, a red stream ran down the left side of his face.
Supporting his weight the best she could she felt him lay his head on her shoulder.
He's burning up, she thought.

"Rei…" Shinji whispered lifting his head. "I…I'm sorry."

Looking over at him she asked, "Sorry for what?"

"I didn't mean to yell at you before."

She only smiled. With thathe collapsed bringing both of them to the floor.

When Shinji awoke he realized first that his pants and shirt had been removed and second that he was lying in Rei's bed with the sheets pulled up to his chin. He looked over to his left and saw his clothes in a pile on the floor. He tried to get up but found he didn't have the strength. He still felt groggy and had a splitting headache. As Shinji tried again he felt a warm hand under his neck. He looked to his right and saw that Rei was sleeping peacefully beside him. Reaching behind his head he grabbed the warm towel she had been holding for him when she fell asleep. He could no longer feel his pain; he was totally absorbed in watching her sleep.
Rei had changed into an oversized white t-shirt; she had her knees pulled into the shirt in an effort to keep warm. Shinji watched as she shivered and moved closer to him. Ignoring the pain Shinji sat up and pulled the blanket over Rei. Leaning over her he moved a few stray locks of damp hair out of her eyes. The pain in his head began to return and he lay back down closing his eyes. He reached under the cover and gently took hold of Rei's small hand.

"Shinji?" Rei said opening her eyes and looking over at him.

"I didn't mean to wake you up."

Rei slid closer to him and placed her hand on his still warm forehead. Breathing a sigh of relief she said "I…I was worried. I heard gunshots and thought…"

"Rei, I'm fine." Shinji said trying to keep his voice steady.

"Those shots sounded so close, did…did you see anything?"

"No." He lied, doing his best to hold himself together as he began to recall the gruesome scene he witnessed.

Looking down at her bare legs and then over at Shinji who was half naked, she hesitantly asked, "Is this appropriate?"

Coughing and then forcing a laugh Shinji weakly answered, "Appropriate? We don't exactly lead normal lives Rei. We risk our lives almost daily. We could be killed every time we get into one of those things. If you ask me, this is the most normal thing I've done since I've been here."

"I suppose…you're right." Rei said, she then laid down beside him placing her head on his chest and wrapping her arms around his waist. "Shinji." Rei said tightening her grip around him makinghim wince a little in pain from his injury.

"Y…yes." He said with a pained smile thinking she was a lot stronger than she looked.

"Why did you go back into the alley?"

"Oh, I almost forgot." He said as he leaned off the bed and reached into his pant's pocket to retrieve her necklace. "You dropped this." He said with a smile, holding the pendant by the small silver chain. "It's not even broken, the clasp just came undo…" Shinji felt Rei press her lips against his in a soft kiss. He forgot to close his eyes; he forgot to breath, Shinji just lay there as Rei continued to softly kiss him. He barely managed to put his arms around her as she pulled away from the kiss. Shinji again winced in pain as she shifted herself so she was lying almost completely on top of him. She just lay there staring at him with those beautiful eyes as if she wanted to say something but couldn't find the words. He reached up with his hand and touched her moistened cheek. "What is it?"
She smiled and took his had in hers leaning over so she was right by his ear she whispered "I…I love you Shinji."
He felt his heart skip a beat at her words. Shinji squeezed her tightly as he felt warm tears on his ear where Rei was softly crying. "I…I love you too Rei, I love you too."


I hope you enjoyed reading the first part of Undiscovered Feelings. I am returning home from Iraq tomorrow and then going on much needed leave. Needless to say the second part of my story will not be available anytime soon, for that I apologize. It WILL be completed, that I promise, this fiction has taken me too long to leave unfinished. I would like to thank everyone who has read and reviewed my fiction and also everyone who helped me with grammar, spelling, and ideas. About the ideas, I did borrow from the manga for the tea scene. I also borrowed a statement from Ah Yori Aoshi, see if you can find it. I think I had just finished watching 8mm and reading a little Ann Rice when I came up with the dream sequence and the mugging that happened to Rei. As I have mentioned already the chapter titles come from Last Exile. One more thing, I used to write under the handle ntdeva00, so if you wish to read anything else by me you can read the fics I wrote under that name. Be warned, they are bad. Well I'm done talking now, if you have any questions, critiques, or ideas for the second part of Undiscovered Feelings, please do not hesitate to email me. Thanks again for reading.