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They were totally, completely, utterly, out of tofu.

Beast Boy gasped in immediate panic, checking the shelf where his tofu was kept again with no avail. He just had to face the facts, he was out of tofu. Distress rising in him, he looked for some source of nutrients. There was Cyborg's assortment of meats.. no. He glanced across the shelves, Starfire' well... stuff, no way was he touching that. Then there was Robin's food, which consisted of whatever the leader actually ate besides pizza. Then there was Raven's shelf which was just about barren.

Beast Boy collapsed to his knees, hopelessly whimpering. No tofu, no tofu, no tofu, the words rang in his mind as he buried his head in his arms. He rocked back and forth a few times, looking around with big eyes at the tofu-less fridge. He wasn't sure how long he sat there until he finally toppled over in a welcomed faint.

"I did not know that Beast Boy and Robin were such... drama beans" he heard Starfire's say from somewhere above his head

"That's queen Star, drama queen" he then recognized Robin's voice correcting her, but after that he paid no attention to whether the conversation went on or not, for the most heavenly scent he had ever known had just reached his nose. Snapping his eyes open he found the source quickly, a lump of tofu held by an anxious looking Raven, who was hoodless on her knees next to him.

"Dude, Tofu" he cried joyfully and grabbed it from Raven, embracing it as if he were being reunited with a long lost lover.

"I thought that would do it." Raven muttered, standing up and pulling her hood on, masking most of her face in shadow

"You scared us B" Cyborg told the only half-paying attention Beast Boy"If we hadn't kept those stores, we could have Robin's gel fiasco all over again."

As soon as they got back to the tower Robin had ordered each Titan gather up a good deal of their favorite items so Dearest wouldn't be able to do a repeat. In the end about five bottles of gel, plenty of mustard, some herbal tea packets, a box of toaster waffles, and a large block of tofu were -thrown into a vault and securely locked up in Titans tower in case of extreme emergency. In his freak-out mode, Beast Boy had forgotten it.

Robin gave Cyborg a look that hinted he would like for his time of indignity to be forgotten before he spoke,

"We know who this is, Dearest, who else could it be"

"A twisted mutant bent on destroying the tofu world as we know it" Beast Boy stated helpfully, nibbling on his lovingly held tofu

Cyborg rolled his eyes"It's Dearest, same plot, same tactic, everything, just different target. Is she just that lazy and she thinks we won't figure it out"

"Or, perhaps Dearest wants to lure us into believing we know what shall happen" Starfire pointed out"She is not being very discrete, though she is rather flashy anyway..."

"It's a sign" Raven sated

Robin frowned"No it's not, a sign is a: noun One: a thing whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence, occurrence, or advent of something else. Two: a signal, gesture, or notice conveying information or an instruction. Three: a symbol or word used to represent something in algebra, music, or other subjects. Four: Astrology each of the twelve equal sections into which the zodiac is divided."

Cyborg looked at him oddly"Since when did you become resident walking dictionary"

Starfire gazed In the direction Raven had been looking before she had spoken,

"Excuse me, but I do believe that may be the sign friend Raven was referring to." she said slowly, pointing to a black piece of paper sitting in the fridge.

All five titans crowded around to read the light blue writing on the paper.

'THIS IS A SIGN' it said in large letters at the top (a look of understanding spread across Robin's face when he read this) in smaller scrawl it read, 'My dear Titans, you have escaped me once, with your precious leader intact, what a shame. But this time I will not fail. I shall take you down one by one if I have to. Be wary, Titans, if I must I will go to more violent measures, I'd watch that teddy bear of yours Cyborg...(Cyborg now whimpered quite audibly and murmured something about 'PJ Snufflefluff') Watch for me.' At the bottom in exaggerated cursive was the name 'Dearest'

Robin straightened, his face grim,

"Well that's that" he sighed"We know two things, she's manipulative and she isn't the least bit nervous about us knowing about her."

"And she's got it in for PJ" Cyborg announced in distressed tones.

Raven shook her head slowly and starfire offered a half-hearted grin.

Robin just deepened his 'serious face'"Titans, we need to track Dearest down, as soon as possible."

And with that their over serious 'Huh! Ha! I am the spiky haired leader of the Teen Titans, even though I am the only one without built in powers and I shall kick your butt!' leader exited the room with a swish of his cape. Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire followed suit, with Beast Boy toddling behind, humming softly and rocking his tofu slowly back and forth in his arms, happy to be with it again.

This was an alarm, sure, Raven thought in the back of her mind, and it was over quickly, but this was a bit too easy, what was Dearest planning?

In a Typically Spooky Warehouse-y Type Place Several Miles Away

They got the message" a cold voice stated into the gloom, to no one in particular.

As you may have already guessed, the voice belonged to our villainess, Dearest. The tones she spoke with now were her calmer ones, when she grew too excited her voice tended to turn to a shrill volume. Anyone who knew her would think of these instances almost instantly, then again, you would too if you had had your ear drums explode like they had been run through with a bamboo skewer during causal conversation.

Right now Dearest's face was illuminated in the pale glow of a screen that was playing back tape that had been filmed during the 'tofu alert'. Her blonde hair was tipped with electric blue and shoulder length and steely blue eyes set above a samll nose watched the screen intently. Now the tiny camera she had placed in the fridge was useless since it could now only see the inside of the fridge but it had done what she needed it to do. Suddenly Dearest reached out with a slim, pale hand and pressed a button, causing Beast Boy's joyful face to freeze on the screen before her. Zooming in on this image she chuckled quietly.

"Soon enough..." she muttered, reaching out with her free hand to delicately lift a veggie burger to her mouth.

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Oh yes, and Robin's dictionary response was from the WordPerfect 10 dictionary.