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Dearest's Hideout

Robin awoke to the feeling of his head throbbing ruthlessly. He knew immediately that he had been captured and was among the enemy since his limbs were tied with something very strong and his eyes were veiled. That could have been a good thing though since any light would have corkscrewed right into his skull and split it open like a walnut from pain.

After noting all of these very important factors, Robin always heard a very quiet snarl from what he guessed was a corner of the room. Whatever the thing was, from the sound of the growl he supposed it was about the size of a rottweiler and angry. This was turning out to be a great day. In that moment he summed up the situation in a simple list:

1. A madwoman had taken him prisoner.

2. He was currently immobile

3. And couldn't see.

4. They obviously didn't provide prisoners with Tylenol.

5. Something could very possibly eat him.

6. His feet were cold.

7. This wasn't a very desirable situation he was in.

With those thoughts in mind he began to struggle valiantly against his bonds, not that it was any effect since he couldn't see them, he couldn't use his hands, and his belt had been taken so, no birdarang. Someone else obviously thought these efforts were pointless too.

"You're wasting your time, and energy." A cold voice remarked, Robin heard a door shut softly

"Dearest!" he snarled, fighting harder and twisting his head this way and that, trying to see around his blindfold.

"Wow, that was even more cliche' than what I was thinking of saying next," she commented, crossing the room in three quick steps and taking the veil off of him.

Robin gazed around, it was a plain concrete room, nothing fancy for the likes of him. He was backed up to a wall with his hands tied to a metal loop mounted in the stone behind him. Same for his feet. It took a him a moment before he remembered the snarling. He glanced around but saw nothing that would indicate what had made the sound, it must have been taken out when Dearest came in. After a minute of searching he stared back at the impatiently waiting Dearest.

"You shouldn't ignore a lady." she told him snottily, flipping her hair over her shoulder as she spoke.

"I don't see one," he answered angrily, he might've added to that but his gaze then fell on Dearest's feet

"What the- those are my shoes!" he yelled, his cold toes curling up

Dearest smirked, striking a pose and glancing towards the Boy Wonder's footwear, now on her feet

"They were you're shoes, but I think I make them more of a fashion statement than you ever did,"

Suddenly a black-suited henchmen poked his head through the door,

"Miss, you're supper has been prepared, and Scoopy has been fed."

Dearest smiled, "Lovely, bring him in when I am done dining." she tossed a demonic smile over her shoulder at Robin as she exited the room, metal toed combat boots clunking.

Robin glared after her then tilted his head back, intending to think of a plan but only one thing came to his mind,

'Who in their right mind names ANYTHING Scoopy!'

He hoped his team was having better luck than he was.

Titans Tower

Cyborg popped the ever-useful flashlight out of his shoulder and peered around the gloomy living area. Purple, green, and a set of cat eyes gleamed back at him.

"What has happened?" Starfire asked cautiously, holding a starbolt aloft in her hand

Beast Boy changed from his cat form to normal and looked around as well,

"Dudes, first my tofu, now this... it could be aliens or zombies or-"

Raven glared at him, her hands were already full of her powers so she could at least resist the urge to strangle him,

"Don't be stupid, why would aliens or zombies bother to turn our power off?"

Beast Boy started to answer but paused, sniffing the air,

"Do you guys smell that? It's like... girly."

The other Titans noticed it too before long, but the source soon became obvious, as one by one girls that appeared to be in their early to mid teens stepped out of the darkest parts of the gloom till the Titans found themselves surrounded. Each girl had a pony tail and they all seemed to have some sort of uniform.

Cyborg frowned, looking at them all, everyone else seemed ready to attack the invaders but Cyborg himself was hesitant.

"They're just girls, y'all?" he muttered, "what can they really do?"

At that moment something that distinctly resembled a paint ball was fired at him, leaving a splattering of pink paint and a red welt on his cheek.

"Never mind."

At some point during the battle of toned down Titans powers and fangirl paint ball guns, disgusting mind-altering perfume and some kind of make-up that burned like acid Raven glanced up, noting that Beast Boy was missing. She tensed considerably, they couldn't afford to have two titans gone. It may have been that initial thought that triggered an idea they could've used long before.

"Starfire!" Raven called out, moving towards the alien, who had just (gently) rendered a fangirl unconscious.

"Yes, friend?"

"Come with me, we have to get rid of them somehow, and I may have the way."

Both girls made their way down the hall, leaving Cyborg to fend for himself until they got back.

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