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Prologue: To lose hope


The shrill scream of one Petunia Dursley echoed in the still air of that particular chilly morning.

A second ago said woman had opened the door to collect the morning paper but found something far different than it. There, on the respectable Dursleys' doorstep, lay a bundle of blue blankets. A small pink hand could be seen between the folds of it clutching a thick parchment envelope addressed in dazzling green ink. Mrs. Dursley took one look at it and did what every respectable housewife and "normal" woman would. She screamed for her husband.

The large oaf of a man came barreling down the stairs moustache sticking in every direction and his piggish body clad in pajamas too small for his bulk.

"What is it Petunia? What's happening dear?"

But his wife couldn't speak. She only stared at the bundle on the ground in front of her and the baby's hand that held a letter so similar to the one that she had despised all her life –the one that took her sister and made her the freak she now was.

Vernon, who was more in control of himself, bent over with much huffing and puffing and opened the wax-sealed letter addressed to his wife and him. He quickly skimmed it and paled drastically. Numbly he handed it to his wife. Still dazed she took it with a trembling hand and after one quick look at it she, as her husband before her, lost the little color she had left in her horse-like features. Shaking out of her moment she made an instant decision.

"No" she whispered, her voice gaining strength as she continued "No!" she spat and turned to her husband "I would not have another freak in the same house as me or my family. Burn the letter and get the car Vernon. Take that thing and leave it somewhere far from here. I don't want it anywhere near me!" With that said she picked the paper lying beside the bundle and marched inside her perfectly normal house.

In the Dursley household Petunia rarely gave orders that did not concern the house and the everyday chores in it, but when she did her husband listened to her and did as she asked. Further more Vernon could easily see her logic in this situation. They were a perfectly normal and happy family. They didn't need any freaks in their house to ruin everything they have worked so hard to accomplish! She was absolutely right! Vernon donned a coat over his pajamas, grabbed the baby and drove away from Privet Drive. Going in the general direction of London he thought over his options.

'I could leave it in an orphanage…no, they would ask questions and that is the least I need! I could leave it on another's door…no, I don't want to burden some perfectly normal people with its freakishness…no, I couldn't do that to the poor people!..." glaring at the stirring blankets on the seat beside him he made his decision ' I'll just leave it in some alley…somewhere where normal people don't go. Surely one of his kind will find him there …'

That decided he sped inside the city's outer blocks in search of a bad enough place where such abnormal beings would likely be found. He slammed the brakes in front of an alley filled with overflowing trashcans, crammed between the smoke blackened walls of two old building and dashed into and out of it as fast as he can holding the bundle with one hand as though it was toxic before leaving it on top on one of the cans. The car's engine roared and the squeak of tires on the asphalt signaled the moment Harry Potter, Savior of the wizard world, Boy-Who-Lived's destiny was changed and thousands of miles away a Deity hidden on the dark side of the Moon smiled seeing her Kingdom of Darkness will once again be.

And on Earth, in that damp alley a shadow approached the silent babe and dark onyx eyes gazed into deep emerald ones before the child was picked up and both disappeared back into the darkened corners of the street ahead.


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