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The yellow light of the street lamps spilled over the sides of the building, crawling up and barely sliding over the sill of the open window, hitting the floor in a square that shined like a divine wound on the terracotta tiles – turning their shades of gray into dirty brownish hues.

It was a kingdom of shadows beyond that small misplaced spill of light. Shadows and silence.

Out of the shadows, slowly, languidly, a trickle of something dark moved in the direction of the light. It hit the edge of the square and glinted brightly, the illumination bringing out a bright red hue in the dark liquid.

It continued to make its way across the corner of the square of light until it entered the shadows again.

The trickle made its slow way trough them, as it had trough the light, but then a damn appeared in its path and it pooled against the dark sole of a shoe before finding its way around it.

The shoe did not move, making the liquid collect in the grooves under it and gather in a small puddle.

The silence gathered in the air – as potent as a poison, aimless, deathly silence.

The shoe lifted and released the pool of blood that had gathered around it and then the silence shattered around the explosion of gunshots and a yell of inhuman rage.


No, no, no, nononononononononono NO! NOT possible! Not! He had lied, yes, he had to have lied, no …his eyes…NO!

It was a lie! A last revenge! A LIE! A lie! Yes, yes, a lie…his eyes…LIE!....but….lielelielielieielilielielielieielilielielielieielilielielielieielilielieLIE!

Sow loved me, he loved me like I loved him, he would die, yes he would die, before seeing ME dead! Yes, he'd die, dead…yes, he's dead… THEY killed him!

They killed him and I killed them! I killed them and he said…NO!

Viper felt the gun click empty but his finger kept pulling the trigger, blind eyes lost in inner turmoil.

Something scurried by his perception but it didn't matter. It didn't matter at all.

But he…No! …he wasn't….NO! Sow loved me, he loved me, loved me, love, love, love love…

The gun clicked back and the clip was ejected. Viper turned away and walked, he walked out of the room, passed the livingroom and to the kitchen counter.

He sat on the high stool and blindly reached for the munitions littering.


We sat here and planned…and he kissed me…

Viper's mind flashed to those days, when he would sit n Sow's lap unexpectedly and steal kisses and more and Sow would comply…comply..


But …but …

Strong hands, hot lips , the squeak of strained metal …


We made…we made …it was…it was different , it wasn't just…sex…it..

Click! Click! Click!

He loved me. He loved me! It…

Suspicious eyes, that girl he had had to kill because Sow gave her too much attention…

Click! Click! CLICK!

He loaded the clip, and released the slide, loading it.

Then he sat there, motionless like a statue, mind numb. Finally empty. So empty it was loud.

The gun was clenched in his hand so tight his knuckles were white.

It was a nice gun, a little large in his hand , but it was comfortable to him.

He'd had it for a while now. Had killed a few people with it. It had never failed. Never.

It was quick – dieing from a bullet to the head. Painless.

He closed his eyes and the hand on the gun twitched.

He could imagine the bullet, flashing trough his head, taking all thought away. Everything, every memory, every tough, every word…

Sow hired us

Every. Word.

That attack was to kill YOU

His eyes fluttered open, empty and landed on the matte surface of the barrel.

His hand twitched again and trembling lifted the gun.


The gunshot was loud and in the silence that followed the sound if the gun falling from a lifeless hand was magnified.

The body slumped to the side and a trail of blood ran down its neck, over the expensive suit and sideways to drip on the plush carpet.

The flickering light of the television heedlessly lighted the otherwise dark room and the face of the new corpse as another news special on the Christmas bombing droned.

The camera zoomed in on the still burning fires and the orange flashes turned the death-room into a small artificially created vision of hell.


Flames of rage exploded into green eyes as he stared at the gun. The light overhead exploded in a shower of sparks as his magic lashed out and filled the room with crackling malevolent energy.

He felt the scent of blood , metallic, delicious in the air.

Sparks of electricity fall from overhead, pale flickers against the sinisterly glowing green eyes.

More. More blood would erase it all, like before, he would see death coming into their eyes, summoned by him.

The silence came back in his mind. The Shadows were playing around him, ready to respond to him.

Yes, they were always there. They would never betray him. He wouldn't let them. No, he wouldn't.

Mechanically he stood up, gun still in a death-grip while his other hand reached in one of his pockets and grasped the portkey.

With a small whooshing sound he disappeared from the apartment.

He re-appeared on the edge of the Manor's grounds.

He took off at a run, uncaring that he would trigger the wards, his magic lashing around him like an angry thing, destroying everything around him while the Shadows leapt around him. It was as if his own anticipation was reflecting in them, exiting them like puppies. Bloodthirsty, malicious puppies.

They whirled around him, touching him with ghost strokes over his skin before flitting away.

They engulfed him and he stepped out of the shadows inside the main door of the Mannor.

Eagerly he looked around , waited for the Shadows to tell him where the guards were but their whispers were disappointed. He walked on , intent on his path, finger itching on the trigger.

But the house was empty , nothing moved.

He growled and the Shadows scurried around unsettled before renewing their search for anything with a pulse.

He didn't stop as he3 crossed the Mannor's deserted halls.

His magic lashed out, burning everything he touched, leaving lashes of burns behind him.

He didn't stop as he reached the door he was looking for and his magic blew the wings off the door and into the room with a resounding bang.

Viper stepped over one and grinned insanely, seeing the top of a head.


His magic blew the chair and the man in it away, almost imbedding them in the wall.

The figure didn't make a sound.

Viper scowled and stepped over to the motionless body and kicked it over .

Slack jawed and dead-eyed Goff's face looked stark white under the blood that had come from the bullet wound in his temple.

The rage in his chest expanded and with an incoherent yell he shot and shot and shot until his gun clicked empty and even then his finger kept spasming n the trigger.

The rage bubbled and his magic crackled, tearing into the furniture and walls, throwing them away.

The Shadows cowered away as the magic wild and began tearing the Manor around its master, a physical manifestation of his need for destruction.


The figure kept leaning on the tombstone, watching from about a mile away the destruction of the Manor.

At least she wasn't as bored as she had been. A smashed lump that had once been a desk fell next to her, destroying the tombstone next to her and blowing her hair in her face.

She sniffed and flicked the hair away, unflinching as she looked at it with disdain.

She waited some more.


Yes, he was coming closer, closer to her. Very soon he will be within her grasp.

The deity on the dark side of the moon ran a hand caressingly over the surface of the pool.


Suddenly there was silence, object that had been mid-flight taken by the magic fell down as if suddenly realizing there was such a thing as gravity.

There wasn't much left of the Manor.

Finally, she thought stepping away from the tombstone.

The figure moved with grace and in seemingly no time covered the distance to the remains of the structure.

She didn't care about the remains of one of the walls. Jumping she covered the fifteen foot obstacle with a single leap. It was good moving after such a long wait.

She walked past some small fires and devastation until she reached a figure in black, slumped on the ground in the epicenter of destruction.

Uncaringly she reached down and caught a hand and rose, dragging it with her and walking away, dragging the boy by the hand.

Suddenly mid-step a tear ripped open mid-air – black and growing. She didn't pause and disappeared in it without breaking stride, taking her prey along.

As soon as its feet entered it the tear disappeared.

Behind it there was silence and a lifeless body left.

Harry Potter's corpse lay in the ruins of Geoffrey Boot's Manor.


The next day the paper will trumpet the death of their hero and a few weeks later a shocking story by Rita Skeeter would rock the foundations of the wizard world as she showed them the face of their savior – son of a contract killer and a monster that delighted in killing himself.

Albus Dumbledore would refuse to comment.

Elsewhere a small bushy-haired girl would scare her parents by falling into incoherent rage and destroying her bedroom, a confetti of 'The Prophet' settling over the broken mirror and the scattered books.

There would be many more reactions to the news but none as strange as that of a man with blood red eyes who would chuckle, knowledge and amusements showing in those cruel irises.


Millenniums pass me by like grains of sand in the wind listlessly. Eons move liquid and heavy over my senses with the caress of things unknown but remain unfelt by me. Because they do not exist to me. The endless infinity of time and space forms my shape and the Universe is my child.

I am.

And I will always be.

Yet, I am a being.

Soon I will have to Sleep and I have Chosen.

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